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Bounce Energy Ball is a bit different than your average protein bar. This snack pleases its users in a multitude of ways. They are made with natural ingredients. This product is in ball form rather than a bar. It is a nice change from your typical protein-boosting products. Bounce does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. This helps you avoid unwanted ingredients that you can't fathom why they are there in the first place. It gives you a good boost in energy levels and will give you a decent amount of fiber as well. They don't carry the highest levels of protein available but it is enough to give you a boost. This balanced protein product will help you avoid unhealthy treats and give you the energy to last through a long workout or a long day. Finding an exceptionally convenient product to take with you on a walk, jog, run, ride, or at any point throughout the day can be hard. This makes it easier than before and will give you an option you actually enjoy eating. It can help you reach a variety of goals, from weight loss to muscle building, this product is built to help you succeed.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vast Flavor Variety
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Healthy Snack
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Easy On-The-Go
  • No Bad Aftertaste
  • Small
  • Tough Texture
  • Higher Sugar Contents


Andy and Paula Hannagan started the Bounce company fourteen years ago. They want to help people achieve their nutritional and fitness goals in a natural way. They transitioned to this business venture because they wanted to make awesome snacks that were convenient and will give you the energy your body needs to succeed in any and all activities. They continue to work on their products, developing them to ensure you are getting the best possible ingredients and end results possible. They want you to eat healthily, live well, and achieve your goals. From losing weight to gaining energy they have you covered and can be trusted to give you truly healthy options.


The taste of these protein balls is basically what you expect from them. The natural ingredients are self-explanatory and will provide you with the flavor they should. Consumers say the flavor of this protein-boosting product is quite light. There are no reports of this product being overly sweet or leaving a terrible taste in your mouth after consuming. This is more than likely due to the fact that it does not contain any artificial sweeteners. They are known for causing these to negative aspects of many other protein bar options. Naturally, there are some that do not like the taste of these but overall customers are satisfied. It is important to note that customers do say you can taste the protein powder being used in this bar but that is completely normal when consuming a product such as this one.


With seven different flavor options, you are sure to find a couple that you truly love. Having flavor variety in your life is exceptionally important. It helps you stick with your healthy options and when you are eating similar foods daily, you can see why it matters. The options available to you in this product are Apple Cinnamon, Coconut Lemon, Peanut Cocoa, Superberry, Coconut Macadamia, Vanilla Almond, and Cocoa Mint. These flavor choices appeal to a variety of pallets. They are not exceptionally strong. Customers are satisfied with the number of options available to them. As this brand continues to grow we expect they will offer even more flavor varieties to help ensure your routine stays interesting.


The texture of this product is probably the least liked aspect about it. They are very heavy and thick. This makes them difficult for people to bite into and chew. As they get a bit older they become even more difficult to bite and chew. It is exceptionally chewy. This brand has some work to do on their texture. The ones that have Chai seeds in them are said to be very grainy. There are several reports of it being grainy in general and this can make this product unusable for those of you that have sensitive pallets towards textures. Overall, this brand has some work to do to improve this area as it is a major turn off for some consumers.


The ingredients they use in this protein product are proven to be effective in a few different ways. They are excellent at keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time than many other snacks. This will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day, as well as, helping keep you away from unsavory snacks. In addition, you will be getting a punch of protein that helps keep your muscles feeling and performing their best. With improved recovery times you will be able to attack every gym session from beginning to end. When you continue to work hard your muscles will be better equipped to maintain themselves and therefore your physique will improve more quickly than ever.


Obviously, the ingredients contained in each flavor variety is going to vary. It is important to note that this brand does offer one flavor option that is Vegan-friendly. If you are looking for this you will want to go with the Superberry. It contains Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Tapioca Syrup, Cranberries, Coconut, Rice Crisps, Raisins, Rice Protein Concentrate, Acai Juice Powder, Raspberries, Natural Flavoring, Goji Berries, Sesame Seeds, and Citric Acid. The other flavor options ingredient lists look quite a bit different and while they also vary, they have the same basics. They consist of a Whey Protein Blend, Whey Crisps, Vanilla Extract, Rice Bran, Sea Salt, Guar Gum, and Vitamin E. These are both great ingredient lists and the type of things we want to see in our protein-boosting products.


You will get a bit of a choice in terms of how many calories you will be consuming when you eat this product. Depending on the flavor, you will be getting anywhere between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and ten calories per serving. The options vary from these numbers in increments of ten. So, if you find you really like the taste of these protein balls, you can basically fit them in no matter what your calorie count for the day is. This is exceptionally convenient. Your body will use these calories to help improve your energy levels. In addition, these calories will help keep you full, which in turn, help you avoid eating extra snacks or picking at unhealthy options.


The sugar contents, like the other aspects, varies depending on which flavor you choose. Here again, if you like a variety of the flavors you will be able to fit this product to your sugar consumption wishes. The Vegan option, Superberry carries the highest sugar value, with sixteen grams per serving. This is from the fruits it contains and it is not surprising that it is a bit higher. The Vanilla Almond has the least amount with only three grams of sugar per serving. These protein products do not use any artificial sweeteners. This means you will avoid overly sweet products with terrible aftertastes when consuming this product. The sugar levels are not high enough to cause any sugar crashing effects which is appreciated among users.


As previously noted, the caloric intake that you get when consuming this ball will help give your body the fuel you need to kill it at the gym or simply make it through a busy day. Due to the way, your body will break this product down you will get sustained energy that lasts longer than other protein bars have to offer. In addition, the protein that this product provides your body will also help enhance energy levels. Your muscles will use it as energy to help them perform at their top level. With improved energy levels you will get enhanced workouts. This leads you to better muscle growth and a decrease in fat. As you continue to use it, these effects will become more and more prevalent.


Oddly enough, the serving size varies based on flavor. This is not common, most products like this one have the same size throughout. So, one ball is a serving regardless of flavor and they are somewhere between forty and forty-nine grams each. Forty-nine is close to the average of fifty, however, forty is quite low and may leave you still feeling hungry. The Peanut Cacao holds the highest amount weighing in at forty-nine grams per serving. Each box contains twelve balls. There is no other option for box size which will mean if you want a month's worth you will need to grab a couple boxes.

Side Effects

Products that contain Whey protein have the chance of causing you some uncomfortable side effects. We have not seen many reports of this product affecting people negatively, however, this does not mean you won't have some sort of adverse reaction. Whey proteins have been known to cause gas, bloating, nausea, upset stomach, or an increased frequency of bowel movements. These are typically minor but for some may be strong enough to make them stop using this product. The vegan option of this product has a similar list of effects as plant proteins are known for causing upset stomach and extra gas. Overall, this is a pretty small list. Most protein products are very safe and this one is. You will want to be careful if you are allergic to tree nuts as many of the options contain them and they are all made in a facility that processes them.


This product will benefit you in a variety of ways. They are individually packaged and small so, they won't take up much room in your car or bag. This makes them exceptionally convenient. When you need a healthy option that will give you some energy and help hold you over to your next meal, these can be a perfect choice. They don't contain the unwanted ingredients that we can't pronounce that are so often seen in this categories items. They promote your muscles in terms of recovery. The decrease in soreness allows you to perform better and work harder more often. You will also enhance your muscle growth and your bodies ability to maintain your newly growing muscle. Overall, this product fits into most diets easily and is full of ingredients your body needs to ensure you meet your daily nutritional goals.


This product does have a few shortcomings. First, the texture has to be considered. It is certainly lacking in this category and if you are a textural eater, it may be very difficult for you to try and eat on a daily basis. There is then the fact that the weight of this product really varies which can throw some people off. When you are looking for enough food to hold you over, forty grams may simply not be enough. The sugar content of some of the options is also quite high and can be difficult to fit into your diet on a routine basis. While a minor complaint, customers don't love the fact that they don't have an option in container size. Many like to try a single product before they commit to a twelve count box.


This product is a good value. While it definitely has some areas in which it can improve, overall, customers are very satisfied with it. When it comes to the cost of it, well, that depends again on which flavor you go with. Some of them are exceptionally reasonable in terms of price. Others are going to be a bit out of reach for some bank accounts. This is especially true if you plan on eating one every day. The price brings the value down a slight bit but then, if we take the time to look at the aspects it is brought right back up. Overall, there are more positives than negatives and you will be getting a convenient, wholesome snack that can aid you on your fitness journey. consumers agree that this product is a good value and most are very pleased with the effect it has had on their diet.

Bottom Line

People really like the fact that they have some choice in how many calories they are consuming when they go with this product. This is a cool feature, as long as you like a variety of the flavors. They contain top quality ingredients and work as intended to. There are plenty of protein enhancing products that are larger and carry the same sugar values and caloric values. It is a solid option and provides the energy and sustenance you need to succeed in a variety of activities. When you pair it up with a good exercise schedule and healthy eating habits it can help you meet fitness goals more easily. You won't be consuming a product that is full of detrimental filler ingredients. This brand is trustworthy and continues to work on their products which is encouraging. We are sure they will continue to work out the kinks as they continue to research and develop their items.