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BSN No Xplode Pre-Workout Igniter Review Facts

BSN No Xplode has been helping men and women all over the world increase their performance. When you are training, whether it is for a marathon, bout in the ring, or a sport adding a product that will add to your focus, energy, strength, and intensity is exceptionally helpful. Limits will become a thing of the past when you decide to give no xplode a chance as your daily pre-workout supplement. This is one of the first pre-workouts to come onto the market, it has been reformulated to make it even better than before. The nutritional science behind this product is unparalleled and its ingredients are of the highest quality. You will have an easy time getting it mixed up and they offer enough flavor choices that it should stay interesting for quite some time. You may have thought you knew your potential before but after adding this into your routine you will unlock new and higher bars that you may never have been able to reach without it. This product is tested and trusted for its quality and its ability to help you crush it at the gym on a daily basis.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Original Pre-Workout Variety
  • Fast Kick In Time
  • Intense Pump
  • Good Any Time of Day
  • Contains Vitamins
  • Aids in Recovery Time
  • Seriously Increases Circulation
  • Great for Daily Use
  • Affordable
  • May Increase Bowel Movements
  • Causes Flushing
  • Not as Potent as Others


BSN stands for Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition. They have been in business for about a decade and people all over the world trust them because of the results they provide time and time again. They believe in innovation and with their advanced skill in nutrition, you will have your choice from a wide range of products that will help improve your performance. When you decide to add their products to your daily regimen you will show results quickly and with less effort than you have ever had to put forth before. Athletes and active people will tell you they stick to BSN because they are honest and provide truly superior products.


In terms of taste, the reviews are seriously mixed. Some really like the taste and others say it's one of the worst on the market today. Each flavor has a different review and some flavors are better received than others. Ultimately, the taste of your pre-workout is not the most important piece. The effectiveness is. No one has reported the taste to be so awful that it is undrinkable. They do say it is very sweet but it mixes up pretty well which is something people like. You may have to try a few flavors before you find one that you like and honestly you may not really like any of them. After you see the results we feel you won't really care that it is lacking in the taste category.


Some brands only give you one or two flavor options and this is disheartening, especially if you find you don't like them. When using BSN no xplode you will have seven different flavor options and while the taste may not be the best we are sure there is at least one that you will like fairly well. You will have your choice from Fruit Punch, Blue Raz, Cherry Limeade, Caffeine Free Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, and Watermelon. A caffeine-free variety is something we don't often see and for those of you that don't handle caffeine well it is an awesome option. The Blue Raz and Grape seem to be the best-liked flavors but they both still have pretty mixed reviews. Overall, this is a decent flavor variety and while they are not loved by everyone there are enough options that you should be able to find one that you like.


This product offers great consistency. One that you will not have to worry about that nasty gritty feeling. It is simple to mix in a water or shaker bottles. It dissolves completely and with minimal effort. Some pre-workout supplements leave part of your dosage clinging to the sides and the bottom of your bottle which means you aren't actually getting your whole serving. Because of the ease of mixing that is not the case with this one. You will get a smooth clean drink that is easy to swallow and doesn't leave a chalky or nasty aftertaste in your mouth.


Effectiveness is another category with very mixed reviews. If you are new to the pre-workout game this will be a very effective place to start. However, if you have been taking these types of supplements for years you may not find that it is potent enough to give you the results you are looking for. Additionally, consumers say that if you use this product for an extended period of time you will adjust to it and probably find yourself increasing your dose. It does contain high-quality ingredients that are proven to work. It is just that this product is not as potent as others you may find on today's market.


BSN no xplode's ingredient list starts with a decent list of vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. While these are a welcomed feature they aren't what pre-workout is all about. So, let's look at the blends that make this product work. It starts with the blend for enhancing your performance. This blend contains a blend of Creatine, Taurine, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Di-Sodium Phosphate, and AstraGin. Then we move into the endurance-boosting ingredients. These are a BETA Composite blend, Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Oxide, and Cholecalciferol. You will gain energy because of N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Grapefruit Bioflavonoids, and Caffeine Cocrystal. Circulation is also something that the ingredients improve. This is done with L-Citrulline Malate, Danshen Extract, Grape Skin Extract, Hawthorn Extract, and Folate. They also include BMAE Bitartrate, DL-Phenylalanine, Niacin, Calcium D-Pantothenate, Toothed Clubmoss Extract, Thiamin, and Cyanocobalamin.


You will get two hundred and seventy-five milligrams of caffeine per serving when you make no xplode your pre-workout supplement. This is a fairly decent amount and while there are many brands that use more there are just as many that use less. This amount will greatly increase your focus and your overall energy levels. If you are quite sensitive to caffeine this may be way too much and you should consider lessening the dose until you start to adjust to it. On the other hand, if you are a daily coffee or energy drink consumer you may not find a single serving to be enough. You can increase it a bit without much worry but you should always try a standard dose before increasing. This will ensure you don't succumb to terrible side effects or extreme jitters.


There are no natural sugars included in this product. It gets its sweetness from Sucralose. Sucralose is derived from sugar but it is an artificial sweetener. Those that watch their sugar intake closely will adore the fact that they don't have to take their pre-workout into consideration for that factor. There are two major downfalls to sweetening with Sucralose. First, if the balance in the formula isn't good you will end up with an overly sweet product. Secondly, it is known for leaving a terrible aftertaste. While there aren't a ton of reports of either of these things some do notice the aftertaste. With a quick healthy snack, you won't have to worry about that taste anymore and it is pretty easy to get past.


Many people don't realize it but a big part of the reason your pre-workout works so well is because it increases your circulation. When people talk about their pre-workout making their veins pop this is what they are talking about. Improving circulation allows Oxygen and other nutrients to reach your muscles more easily. This helps with your pump, endurance, and overall crushing ability at the gym. It will help you last longer and stronger all the way to the end of your fitness routine. BSN uses a proven blend of ingredients to increase circulation. Consumers agree that when using this product you will get stellar pumps and they will last.


It doesn't look like too many people experience a hard crash after using this product. While it does carry a pretty high caffeine content and could cause those that are sensitive to feel the dreaded crash it simply isn't the case for most people. We have all been there, you buy a new pre-workout, take it and kill it at the gym, just to feel like you have hit a brick wall and that you won't make it through the rest of your day without a nap. The lack of crash in this product is appreciated and something top of the line products offer. You know you are getting a high-quality product that won't cause you to waste valuable time with sluggish feelings. You will have a gradual decline of energy and be able to function throughout your day with no problem.


Fillers are another category that seems to be under some debate. In terms of pre-workout ingredient lists, theirs is quite lengthy and honestly contains things you don't always see in this type of product. Some people say they have added in extra elements to drive the price up but honestly, BSN is a trusted brand that does believe in keeping their ingredients relevant to the product. Most products that contain fillers use them to make the nutrient counts look better than they are or make it look like you are getting more product than you actually are. Neither of these are the case in this choice and we feel they add a plethora of vitamins and minerals because they aid in overall health in so many ways.


One scoop like pretty much every other pre-workout is one serving. You may want to decrease this a bit if you are sensitive to caffeine or increase it a bit if you find you aren't getting the kick that you are looking for. You will have a couple of sizes to choose from. Buying this product means you will get to pick from a thirty or sixty serving container. These options ensure you will be able to get a full month's supply even if you are using more than the recommended serving size. Knowing you aren't going to have to purchase your supplements several times in the same month is convenient and people greatly appreciate it. Additionally, when you order the larger size you do get a bit of a discount which is also appreciated.

Side Effects

There are some side effects you will want to watch out for when using this product. It does contain Niacin which is known for giving you flushed skin that feels hot. This can affect your neck, face, arms, and chest. You may also get quite itchy or look as if you have a rash because of this ingredient. Caffeine also has its list of issues when taken in doses that are too high. You may suffer from insomnia, increased heartbeat, excessive sweating, anxiety, nausea, or irritability. All of these symptoms are usually relatively mild and pass fairly quickly but if you run into a situation where they are extreme you will want to either discontinue use or seriously reduce the amount you are taking.


There are quite a few advantages of using this product. BSN is trusted because of their proven results among athletes, weightlifters, Boxers, mixed martial artists, and every day people like you and me. They offer enough flavor variety that you should be able to find a couple you like and switch it up as often as you like. It is quite affordable. You will get great energy with little to no crashing effect. There is also the fact that your pumps will be stronger and you will be able to work out longer than ever before. This will help you annihilate your goals and move the bar ever higher in regards to your fitness dreams.


Taste is a pretty big disadvantage in this product as the reviews are so mixed over them that you may be spending a bit of time finding a flavor you can stomach. Also, there is a decent list of side effects that have been associated with this product. Wanting to avoid side effects is something we all wish and honestly, when using the recommended dose you don't have much to worry about. It is when you decide to increase the dosage that you really need to be careful of these things. Lastly, there is the question over filler ingredients. While we trust this brand to not include filler ingredients in their products it does raise a red flag and make us ask some questions.


One category BSN never struggles in is quality. While the taste may be lacking the overall quality of this product is good. They use great ingredients and scientific evidence to promote their formula. They want to continue the journey of innovation which means their products are always getting better. You can trust that what is on the ingredient list is of the highest quality and you will notice the effects almost immediately. For most people, this product works very well and will give you the drive to do your best each and every day which is what we are all looking for when choosing a pre-workout supplement.


We feel that BSN no xplode is a very good value. It is more affordable than many other products in its class and most budgets will be able to fit it in easily. You will have no issues mixing it up which means you aren't wasting your product with it sticking to the sides and bottom of your water bottle. The taste is at least decent and the effect that it gives you is great. Add to that the lack of crash and we just continue to watch the value of this product increase. We think if you give it a shot you won't be disappointed and you will be happy to make it part of your weekly pre-workout regimen.

Key Features

20 Calories Per Serving
275 mg Caffeine Per Serving
Nice Vitamin & Mineral Blend
Contains Creatine
Technologically Advanced Formula

Bottom Line

There are some mixed reviews about this product but the general consensus is that it is a pretty good pre-workout. If you are new to this type of supplement this may be a really good place to start. You get a good variety in flavor and size options. It is more affordable than many other products in the same category. You will get the focus and drive to go the extra mile which we can really stand behind in a supplement like this. We feel if given a try you will be pleased with the results and come back for some more the next time you're ready to purchase a pre-workout product.