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Syntha-6 Protein Crisp is a protein supplement bar brought to us by a brand that is trusted by millions. As mentioned in its title, this bar is crispy and reminds many users of the famous marshmallow treats we all know and love. This product works well as a snack regardless of if you find yourself hungry prior to your gym workout, while on the go during the day, or for an evening bite.  It gives you a great amount of protein with very little sugar which is something we do not commonly see with these types of products. Consuming a protein bar on a daily basis can help reduce your recovery times, muscle growth, and overall muscle maintenance. Not only this but the fact that it is a balanced supplement Aitkin age you in weight loss goals as well as improve performance in a variety of activities. Customers agree that this product tastes great, as well as, improves how they feel and makes achieving short-term and long-term goals more easily. When paired with an excellent diet and structured exercise routine adding proteins and throughout your day really will have a great impact on your overall health, diet, and physique.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Flavor Variety
  • Trusted Brand
  • Superior Sugar to Protein Ratio
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Great Texture
  • Crispy Instead Of Chewy
  • Convenient
  • Contains Soy
  • Low Fiber Content


Syntha-6 products are made by a company named Bio-engineered Supplements and Nutrition, better known as BSN. They have been creating top-tier supplements for almost 20 years and people across the world trust them because of their exceptional quality. They spend an exceptional amount of time and money on their development and research to ensure that you are getting the best ingredients and products available on the market today. From everyday soccer moms to professional athletes this brand is creating products that will make your fitness journey a little less of a difficult road. Regardless of what you're looking for, in terms of nutritional supplements, you can trust that BSN will have something to pair with your diet and exercise routine to help you along the way.


In general, the taste of these protein bars is exceptionally well-liked among users. While, naturally, there are people that don't like certain flavors or don't care for this particular brand most people only have good things to say about the taste. You are not going to find them overly sweet and they are well-balanced. For many of us, we expect our protein supplements The Taste quite artificial and nothing as the described flavor variety suggests. Customers concur that it is a welcome surprise that this brand offers such a great tasting protein-boosting product. We understand that when using this type of product the taste of it is not the most important thing. However, it is an aspect that everyone can appreciate when trying to eat in a healthy fashion on a daily basis.


You'll be getting a fairly large variety of flavor options when you decide to give this brand ’s product of chance. For many people, having Variety in what they're eating on a daily basis is an exceptionally important aspect. You will have 9 different flavors to choose from when you decide to go with Syntha-6 Protein Crisp. The options available to you are Salted Toffee Pretzel, Chocolate Crunch, Cold Stone Mint Mint Chocolate Chip, Smores, Peanut Butter Crunch, Salted Toffee Pretzel, Strawberry Crunch, and Vanilla Marshmallow. There is no clear front-runner for favorite flavor nor is there and easily found the least favorite. Consumers seem to be in agreeance that these are some of the best flavors available and today's protein bar options.


People are quite surprised with the consistency of this product. When you're thinking about protein bars you may have tried in the past there typically quite chewy. These offer a crispy texture. It has been noted that they are a bit crumbly, however, there do not fall apart as easily as others. Another consistency issue with this type of product is the chalky mouthfeel that you are left with after consumption. After reading what customers have to say we have not seen any reviews discussing this being a flaw of this option. As previously mentioned, customers frequently relate this product to crispy treats. this type of consistency is not often found and is exceptionally well-liked among users.


This product is exceptionally effective and a couple of different ways. When you are searching for a snack that will help provide you with clean energy, extra protein, and the ability to take your results from exercise to the next level this product will check all of the boxes. It does not carry enough calories to substitute a meal, hence, why it makes a perfect snack. The superior ingredients will give your body the energy it needs to power through the most grueling workouts. You will also find a reduction and soreness, improved muscle growth, and enhance muscle maintenance while using this product. Boosting protein levels has many advantages and this far makes it exceptionally easy to get your daily allotment.


The ingredient list for this product is full of what you would expect to see in a high-quality protein bar supplement. It is important to note that each flavor contains a slightly different ingredient list and each one can be found easily with a quick search. In general, when consuming this bar, you will be getting a blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Sory Protein Isolate, Isomalto-oligosaccharide, Vegetable Oil, Polydextrose, Glycerin, Tapioca Starch, Maltitol Syrup Sugar, Flavoring, Calcium Carbonate, Dried Egg White, Rice Starch, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Nonfat Dry Milk Solids, Gum, Coloring, and Sucralose. Some of you should be aware that this product is made in a facility that handles nuts and wheat.


The calorie content in your protein bar plays a huge role in whether or not you can use it as a snack or as a meal replacement bar. This Brand’s bars range from 230 to 250 calories each. While for many people this is a bit more than a snack it is not enough to constitute a meal. Depending on which flavor you decide to go with will depend on the number of calories that you are consuming. It is important to note that if you want to use this as a meal replacement you should add other healthy snacks like fruits or vegetables to it to ensure you are getting enough to sustain you throughout your day. Customers are satisfied with a caloric intake this is providing as it is fairly easy to work into a variety of different diets.


Each bar only contains 4 grams of sugar which are exceptionally low. It is important to note that natural sugars are not the only thing being used to sweeten this product. It also contains the artificial sweetener Sucralose, which can be a problem for some customers as it can be difficult to digest. We did find it interesting that there were zero reviews stating that this product was overly sweet or any statement that it left an unwelcome aftertaste in their mouths. The reason we found this interesting is because it contains the artificial sweetener sucralose. What this means is that BSN has done their research and provided us with an exceptionally well-formulated product that has a great balance of sweetness.


Using this protein supplement can help support your energy throughout the day. This is done through the carbohydrates that it provides you. Each serving yields About 24 grams of carbs. If you find that you are on a diet like, the Keto diet, that seriously restricts your carbohydrate intake You may have a bit of trouble fitting this into your daily routine. Obviously, any zero carb diets will not be able to consume this. For those of you that can fit it in, you'll get the long-lasting energy that makes working through your routine at the gym easier. You will have the energy you need to make it through to the end as strong as you started. Many powdered supplements that increase your protein content use stimulants to increase your energy levels which can lead to devastating crashing effects. That is not the case and this brand’s bars and something that need not be worried about upon use.


As with basically every protein bar, a serving is equal to one whole bar. This one, in particular, equals out to about 60 G, which is slightly larger than what you may have experienced in the past. When going with this product, if you plan on buying online, it only comes in a twelve-count box. It is important to note there are no other size options and they do not offer a choice that gives you a box of mixed flavor variety. For some customers, this is a bit of a letdown as they like to change their routine up and they like to do it often. It is important to note that some brands do offer sample packs so that you can give a couple of flavors to try before you decide what you want to buy. Consumers agree they hope to see this in the future of this protein option.

Side Effects

Almost every nutritional supplement that we add into our daily routine comes with the potential of causing adverse side effects. On the whole, protein bars come with fewer negative effects than others you may have used in the past. Syntha-6 Protein Crunch does contain soy which means that some customers may experience gas, bloating, upset stomach, or nausea. In addition, there are also sugar alcohols present. some people cannot digest these easily and may experience increased bowel movements, as well as, the previously listed side effects. It is also important to know that this product does contain peanuts, eggs, soy, and milk so if you are allergic to any of these you will want to avoid this product altogether.


One of the main advantages to this product is the healthy snack option and energy at offers two people trying to boost their protein levels. In addition, boosting your protein levels will allow your muscles to grow at a faster rate when putting in time at the gym. on top of that, when you are working hard, you will find less muscle soreness and fatigue. This will allow you to work out longer and harder which in turn will give you better results. It can help suppress your appetite in the afternoon so rather than eating a large meal you can have a healthy snack to sustain you until supper time. While we understand it's a small Advantage, there is also the fact that this product actually tastes good and you'll look forward to consuming it every day you decide to partake in one.


Probably one of the biggest disadvantages of this product is the carbohydrate count. We understand that first some of you this is actually a good thing but for many, who are on zero carb or carb restricted diets, this product is unusable. Some would like to argue that the side effects list is also a major disadvantage, however, we disagree. As previously stated pretty much every supplement we take causes some sort of side effects and this product comes with an exceptionally small list as compared to others. A minor disadvantage is a lack of a variety pack option. This forces you to stick with one flavor over a period of time and it could end in a waste of money if you don't like the option that you first choose. Overall, this is an exceptionally short disadvantages list which we find exceptionally respectable about this product.


You will pay a bit more for this product than you would for others in its class. When you consider the fact you only get 12 bars per box, if you plan on consuming them daily, they can become quite expensive. What this means is that some supplement budgets will not be able to absorb the cost. When discussing value we absolutely need to consider more than just the price. This product not only tastes great and gives you a good variety of flavor options it is also very effective when paired with a strict exercise routine and a generally healthy diet. Your body will feel better and be able to perform at a heightened level all while increasing the size of your muscles more easily. We, as well as consumers, feel that this is a very good value and that if you can fit into your budget you will not be disappointed.

Bottom Line

Many of us have tried protein bars in the past to be left completely unsatisfied with the flavor, ingredients, or overall quality. This product will not let you down in these ways. This brand is not only trusted but has become that way because of providing superior supplements to the masses. extra energy, decreased muscle soreness, and increased growth is part of the reasons why customers have been flocking to this item for so long. Finding the snack of this quality that gives you so many health benefits is not always a thing that is easy to do. It has, with this product, become an exceptionally simple thing to do. If you can fit it into the budget you will not be disappointed with any aspect of its quality or effectiveness.