YUP Brands B-Up Protein Bar Reviewed

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B-Up Protein Bar Is loaded with protein, fiber, and flavor. This product will help you increase your energy levels making your performance in every activity improved. It does not contain much sugar nor does it yield a high carb content. It is low in sodium and free from unwanted ingredients like Sucralose. This convenient bar can be used at any time you have a craving for something sweet. Only top quality ingredients are used that will help aid your overall nutrition rather than detriment it. When you are trying to stick to a meal plan, using products like this can be very advantageous. It is a healthy option that will help you avoid diet-wrecking snacks. Whether you are trying to enhance your muscle growth, improve energy, or just a full throughout the day this product can help you in a variety of areas. It comes in a decent array of flavor options which should make it simple for anyone to find a couple that they like. This will keep you interested as you will more than likely want to consume one every day. Eating a balanced diet doesn't need to be lacking in items that satisfy your sweet tooth. This product goes to show that not all delicious sweet snacks are bad for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 20G Protein/Serving
  • High In Fiber
  • Good Flavor Variety
  • Balanced Taste
  • Improves Energy
  • Keeps You Full
  • Excellent Any Time Snack
  • Short Shelf Life
  • Odd Texture


B-Up is brought to us by YUP Brand. With over 40 years of experience with nutritional supplements, this brand provides products that not only taste great but work better than you would expect. They understand that the ingredients used within each and every one of their products really matter. Keeping things as natural as possible and ensuring that you get a palatable flavor can be difficult. This brand hits the nail on the head. They don't hide filler ingredients in their products. This is appreciated, considering so many brands put extra sugars and other added ingredients in that can lead you to negative effects. Overall, consumers are pleased with this brand and the way their products are developed. In addition, they are happy with the results they provide when paired with clean eating and frequent exercise.


There are mixed reviews in regards to the taste of this product. This seems to be because some people are receiving orders that are very close to their expiration date. Due to the nature of this product, as it approaches its expiration date that changes the flavor and can make them unusable. When they are fresh people really love them. They are not excessively sweet and there are no reports of it leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth. The flavor options actually taste as you would expect them to. So, if you get this product fresh you should be more than pleased with the taste. If not, you may be left with a product that is difficult to eat and does not taste it all as you would expect it to.


Having some flavor variety is an important factor when thinking about nutritional supplements. Most of us eat them on a daily basis and therefore have the ability to change up your routine is important. If you become bored with what you're eating on a daily basis you're more likely to have extra cheat days or consume unhealthy options more frequently. When you decide to go with this far you will have six flavors to choose from. The options that are available are chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie dough, sugar cookie, cookies and cream, and vanilla peanut butter. The chocolate peanut butter seems to be the most well-liked among the group. On the opposite end, the sugar cookie seems to be the least-liked option.


Consistency is typically the area where most protein bars needs some work. This one is included in this category. When is product is at its freshest it is quite soft and chewy. This is not terrible and honestly, it's expected with this type of product. On the other hand, as this item nears its expiration date it can become totally inedible. Consumers have noted that it becomes exceptionally hard and dry. It is even been said that it is impossible to chew as it gets older. This is, obviously, a major problem if you are someone who likes to stock up. It can also be difficult while purchasing online as you won't have the ability to check the expiration date.


Naturally, the ingredients used within these bars will vary based off of which flavor variety you choose. They do all contain some common ingredients. If you want to look at a certain ingredient list you can find the complete breakdown on Amazon.com or on the brand's website. Consuming this bar does mean that you will be ingesting vegetable fiber, milk, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, glycerin, Xylitol, natural flavoring, soy lecithin, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, and Stevia. It is important to note that all of these bars are made and may contain peanuts, soy, or a variety of other tree nuts. Obviously, if you have an allergy to one of these things you will want to avoid this product.


The caloric value of each flavor very slightly. At the low end of the spectrum, the cinnamon roll has 170 calories per serving. This makes for an exceptional snack that is a bit lighter and easier to fit into your routine. Most people do like to keep their snacks right around 200 calories. In fact, almost all snack-sized protein supplements yield somewhere between 190 and 230 calories. If you're looking for something a bit heavier some of their bars contain more than 200 calories. For example, the chocolate peanut butter has 240 calories per serving. Depending on your allowance for snacks throughout your day you should be able to easily fit this product in.


Keeping your sugar to a minimum can be difficult with all of the treats available today. This product does an excellent job at keeping actual sugar content to a minimum. Regardless of which flavor variety you choose you'll be consuming no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving. It is important to note These Bars do contain Stevia which is a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols can be difficult for some consumers to digest. The advantage of it, is that it does not add actual sugar values to the product. In addition, it helps with the flavor and overall sweetness of it. The Limited natural sugars in this product will give you a bit of energy but not enough to cause any crashing effects.


Commonly, we associate products like energy drinks and pre-workout with providing excellent boosts to our energy levels. We do not often think that are protein bars going to help in this area. It is simply untrue, as they really will help improve your overall energy. Naturally, our bodies use calories as fuel to help us maintain energy levels throughout the day. On top of that, the protein that is included in this product will help provide your muscles with energy. Your muscles will use less energy and feel less fatigued whether you are at the gym, out for a run, or just working your way through a busy day. The advantage in this type of energy is that is long-lasting. This product does not contain any stimulant ingredients and therefore you will never experience a crash that can make you feel as if you need to go home and take a nap.


These Bars weigh 65 grams each. One bar is equal to one serving. At 65 grams this is a larger portion then you will typically get with other protein bars. For example, most snack-sized protein bars are 50 grams each. What this means for you is that you will become Fuller when consuming this product. With the added fullness you will be able to go longer without extra snacks or your next meal. In addition, it will improve your energy levels for longer. When you purchase this product you'll get it in a 12-count box. It appears as if there are some other size options available, however, 12 is the standard size. If you are receiving it in a different amount it is likely not coming from the actual brand. This may be the reason people are receiving products that are close to their expiration date.

Side Effects

There are some common side effects associated with protein-boosting supplements. Consumers have noted that this product has caused them to experience some digestive issues. This is likely due to the fact that it contains sugar alcohols and as previously mentioned they could be very difficult for some people to digest. This has led to an upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, and increased frequency in overall bowel movements. There is also a chance that when consuming this product you will experience headaches or fatigue. More often than not the symptoms are exceptionally minor. If you find they are negatively impacting you consistently you may want to discontinue use and try a different product.


There are some really great advantages that you will gain when using this product. First, it does an excellent job of killing your craving for sweets. This will help you avoid options that may bring your diet down. The protein that you consume while eating this product will add your muscles and several ways. It will enhance the recovery time you experience muscle soreness. From this, you will be able to work out longer and more frequently giving you improved gym results. Next, your body will also be able to more effectively maintain your muscles. Meaning you will not suffer as much deterioration when you are overusing your muscles. Lastly, when you pair this with a great diet and frequent exercise you will notice enhanced muscle growth. More lean muscle means a better-looking physique.


There are a few disadvantages that come with using this product. The first that we need to mention is the overall consistency. While at its freshest, you basically get what you expect from a protein supplement. however, as it ages it becomes incredibly dry and hard. Eventually, this leads to making them inedible. As you can imagine this mainly due to wasting your time and money. This product also contains sugar alcohols, which some people actually like about it, but others have such a difficult time digesting it that it makes this product unusable for them. Overall, these are the only major disadvantages that we see in terms of this protein option period when compared to others it is quite limited and fairly easy for most people to get past.


These bars are a bit pricier than others available on today's market. The price depends on which flavor variety you choose. However, they are all a bit more expensive than what you make Expect. Not every bank account will be able to absorb the cost of this product especially, considering the fact you only get 12 bars per box. While the price does play its part in value it is not the only aspect to consider. Most people feel that these protein snacks are in an average value. They do have a few negatives that you may not find elsewhere which brings its value down a bit. It does pack a good dose of fiber and protein which in turn helps its value. As we weigh this out we can see why so many are feeling as if it is simply an average value.

Bottom Line

This snack is sweet and will help keep your appetite at bay. It isn't a healthy option that will be able to fit easily into your daily routine and activities. It does cost a bit more but it carries a high protein content which you may not always find in protein-boosting supplements. It will absolutely help improve your energy and performance. Your muscles will be getting the nutrients they need to feel better and grow faster. They offer a decent variety of flavors so, it should be easy to find at least one that you truly like. The ingredients are all high-quality and this product will work as you intend it to. Overall, it will fit in nicely to most routines.