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An In Depth Review of the Best Youth Boxing Gloves of 2018Buying Guide
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Best Youth Boxing Gloves Reviewed & Rated
There are many reasons why people like to box. Unlike most sports, boxing is a sport that actively works out all your muscles. It gives you a comprehensive workout that will hit every single muscle group and drastically improve your fitness levels. It combines cardio with strength and speed, which no...
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An In Depth Review of teh Century Bobby Bully in 2018
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Century Bobby Bully Reviewed
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The Century Bobby Bully is a young fighters dream. It offers a realistic mannequin punching bag that will help prepare them for their first time in the ring. The height of this bag is adjustable so it will be able to grow with your child. This leads to great longevity of use, especially if your child...
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An In Depth Review of the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster in 2018
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Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Reviewed
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The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster is the perfect option for your budding fighter. The height of this heavy bag is adjustable. This helps to ensure your growing child can use this option for quite some time. It is great for practicing punches as well as kicks. You will get a full year’s warranty w...
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