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best foam rollers Buying Guide
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Best Foam Rollers Reviewed and Tested
Fighters are tough, we all know that. But besides being tough, fighters also need to relax, and nothing feels better than a good, thorough massage after a match or a tough bout of training exercise. But, as me and you both know, not everyone has a personal massage therapist – but everyone needs a goo...
best Resistance Bands reviewed and tested Buying Guide
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Best Resistance Bands Reviewed
Fighting doesn’t only come down to punching, you know. You can be the quickest puncher in the world, with the best technique, but if you fail to pack some punch in your punches (pun intended) – make no mistake, even a weaker fighter will bring you down with a well-placed strike. Regardless if you’re ...
best kettlebells reviewed and tested Buying Guide
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Best Kettlebells Reviewed and Tested
Kettlebells are not entirely a new concept; in fact, they are all the rage these days. Ask any fitness enthusiast and they'll tell you that kettlebells are a perfect full-body training aid and it actually works like wonder. Well, it's a great fitness gear for an effective cardiovascular workout but i...
best jump rope Buying Guide
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Best Jumping Ropes Reviewed and Rated
In one of our articles, we discussed the many benefits of rope jumping. We don’t need to tell you, but jumping rope is one of the better exercises out there. It is almost infinitely versatile and portable, because you can jump rope almost everywhere, and it’s very small and light to carry around. The...
best medicine balls Buying Guide
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Best Medicine Balls Reviewed and Rated in 2018
If you happen to be out of shape, or have, god forbid, suffered a sports injury you must attend to, chances are - you need to start exercising in order to get yourself back into the game. Of course, you don't want to push yourself too hard if an injury is the cause of this new fitness initiative of y...
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