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An In Depth Review of the Best Kickboxing Gloves of 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Kickboxing Gloves Reviewed & Rated
Kickboxing is a great sport for both women and men. It is a perfect way to keep fit while learning ways of self-defense. Apart from losing weight, there are many surprising ways kickboxing can become beneficial. One of the biggest reasons is to improve your balance. Despite people not realizing it, y...
An In Depth Review of the Aqua Bruiser Bag in 2018
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Aqua Bruiser Bag Reviewed
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Body opponent bags, like the Aqua Bruiser Bag, offer some amazing training potential. It gives you a very realistic striking surface that can better prepare you for when you step into the ring. There are many uses for this bag. It is simple to fill and to drain which means you can take it with you no...
An In Depth Review of the Century Versys Fight Simulator in 2018
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Century Versys Fight Simulator Reviewed
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The Century Versys Fight Simulator is a mixed martial artist's dream training system. You can do more with this bag than you will ever be able to do with most other bag options. It comes on a base, which makes it great for working your upper and lower body. You will be able to hone your punch and kic...
An In Depth Review of Sanabul Essential Gel in 2018
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Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves Reviewed
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Sanabul Essential Gel training gloves are pleasing to the eye and even better on your hands. They offer excellent protection whether you are sparring or hitting a bag in your home gym. The form of these gloves will fit your hands very nicely and help keep them as cool as possible when you are working...
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