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An In Depth Review of the Best Fencing Equipment of 2018Buying Guide
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Best Fencing Equipment Reviewed & Rated
Fencing is popularly known for being an athletic sport. It has far-reaching historic roots as a weapon focused martial art. Believed to be developed in Spain in the 1450s, it wasn't until the 18th century when it made the transition over to a sport. Furthermore, it has been featured in ever...
An In Depth Review of Fencing Swords in 2019Buying Guide
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Best Fencing Swords Reviewed & Rated
Purchasing fencing gear might just be one of the most overwhelming parts of the intensive historic sport. Fencing, one of the well-known three combat sports, requires both knowledge and skill in swordsmanship and the right equipment. Although many clubs will often be able to lend you fencing swords, ...
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