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An In Depth Review of the Best Belly Pads of 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Belly Pads Reviewed in Detail
Investing in a well-made belly pad will not only make your training more effective, it will also protect your partner. If you are training in Muay Thai, Boxing, or Kickboxing a belly pad is essential. You will be able to practice moves and combinations with ease. Handheld pads can inhibit some of the...
An In Depth Review of the Best Karate Gloves of 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Karate Gloves Reviewed & Rated
Karate gloves are an essential when you are thinking about protective equipment. As a beginner in this ancient martial art, unless practicing with no contact, you should always stay protected. Inexperience can lead to injury. Don’t get us wrong, you should expect some bumps and bruises along the way,...
An In Depth Review of the Best Groin Protectors of 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Groin Protectors & Jockstraps Reviewed
Many people greatly dislike wearing a jockstrap or a groin guard, mainly because an ill-fitting groin protector will hinder your performance greatly. The elastic straps may cut off circulation or restrict movement in a certain direction, and they may feel bulky and uncomfortable as many people are si...
best hand wra[s Buying Guide
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Best Hand Wraps Reviewed and Rated in 2018
When it comes to fighting sports, we can say without exaggeration, that the boxing is one of the most physically demanding. Not only that your head and body are taking the beating, but also your hands can get hurt from beating the opponent.It’s very important to use the best hand wraps you can get ev...
Check out our selection for the best mouthguards on the market Buying Guide
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Best Mouthguards Reviewed and Tested in 2018
  Ah, mouthguards. A tiny, but important, maybe even crucial piece of fighting gear. Keeps your teeth in the mouth, and makes you feel safer – and with that, more daring. More confident. More efficient. You’re all set and ready for a good fight then.But without it? There’s that itch in th...
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