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Celsius HEAT Pre-Workout Reviewed Review Facts

Celsius HEAT is a pre-mixed pre-workout drink that will take your performance to the next level. It helps reduce fat and it also aids in accelerating your metabolism. You will get a serious energy boost that will keep you going from the very beginning to the very end of your gym session. This drink is carbonated and comes in a few flavors, each tasting pretty good and reminding you more of a soda than a pre-workout supplement. It also carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means if you decide you don't care for this supplement you can return it easily and without hassle. Also, it doesn't rely on caffeine completely to give you a great energy boost, it also contains citrulline to aid in your energy needs. All types of people, from soccer moms to heavyweight boxers have tried this product and they seem to be quite satisfied with their results. You will feel the effects of this product very quickly and it will give you some amazing pumps. When you need a pre-workout supplement that is as delicious as it is convenient, giving this pre-mixed drink a try may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Slightly Carbonated
  • Great Taste
  • All Day Energy
  • No Crash
  • Pre-Mixed
  • Convenient While On-The-Go
  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Quite Potent
  • May Interrupt Sleep
  • Not Good on Empty Stomach
  • Uses Proprietary Blend


Since 2004, Celsius has been making superior products for active people all over the world. Their formula has been tested and approved by a variety of studies in several universities which is something that helps their consumers have such great trust in them. This brand has earned its fair share of awards because they take their products very seriously. Celsius HEAT is one of their most recent product launches and it is loved across the globe. What once was a company that reached out to the diet industry is now a brand that has launched itself into overall fitness and well-being. When you decide to try their products you will see why so many people have added their products to their daily fitness routines.


The taste of these pre-mixed pre-workout supplements is really good. Consumers will agree that the light carbonation is helpful in making it seem more like drinking a soda than a pre-workout. That nasty gritty texture that we often associate with this type of supplement because they don't dissolve completely is not something you need to worry about with this. You will have a choice of a few different flavors and they are all well-liked. It offers a clean, crisp taste that will have you wanting to come back for more on a daily basis! Finding a pre-workout with an awesome taste isn't impossible and once you try this we think you will agree.


Having a decent variety in flavors makes it so that you won't get bored with your pre-workout supplement. A lot of brands only offer two or three flavors which may not be enough for those with a picky pallet. When you choose Celsius HEAT you will have the option to choose from seven different flavors. This is a great amount of variety and we are sure you will be able to find at least one that you truly enjoy drinking. Likely you will find several since the flavors are very well-received. You can choose from Inferno Punch, Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Dragonfruit, Cherry Lime, Orangesicle, Tangerine Grapefruit, or Apple Jacked. Again, people really like them all so give one a try and on your next order switch it up until you try them all.


We have all bought that pre-workout powder that no matter how much we shake our blender bottle leaves a gritty residue on the sides and bottom of it. This leads to an equally gritty drink that for some will be unswallowable. With pre-mixed options, this becomes a thing of the past. You will get a clear, smooth drink that is no issue to swallow at all. The slight carbonation is also really loved by the people using this supplement. It makes it go down smooth and easy. After, trying a pre-workout that is mixed for you, you will be hard pressed to use any other types. Say goodbye to gritty, chalky pre-workout drinks and hello to something innovative and quite different.


We have read hundreds of reviews to look into the effectiveness of this product. What has been found is, yes indeed, this product really works. Some report that the potency is off the chain and you really may not want to drink an entire can the first few times you drink it. You will gain serious pumps and an energy level that is unparalleled. Some pre-workout supplements fall flat leaving you feeling sluggish and unmotivated. That is not the case here. Your mood will increase as well as your energy, drive, and focus. These are all things we really love about this product and we are certain you will too.


This product does use a proprietary blend but before we get into that, they do add some other ingredients that are important to mention. They include Vitamin C, B 6 and 12, Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Chromium, and Citrulline. Then they have their blend of ingredients that make this product work. They include Taurine, Guarana Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, and Ginger Root. There are very few other ingredients in this drink but there are a few. Including Carbonated Filtered Water, Natural Flavoring, Citric Acid, Fruit and Vegetables Juice which are used for color, and Sucralose. This is slightly different from what you will see in a powdered pre-workout but that is because this is a pre-mixed drink.


This product packs a serious punch of caffeine. Each serving contains three hundred milligrams of caffeine. For those of you that are sensitive or don't drink caffeinated drinks on a daily basis, this may be a bit too much. If not used to it you may experience adverse side effects. Coffee and energy drink lovers will handle this amount without much issue. With the other energy boosting ingredients you will find yourself not only receiving a fast boost in energy but one that will hang with you for several hours to come. Compared with other supplements like this you are getting a higher caffeine count than many, however, there are options on the market that carry even higher levels.


Adding sugar content into your diet can be very difficult if you like to keep sugar counts low. When you use this product you won't have to worry about putting extra sugar in your life. This product is sweetened with Sucralose. Derived from natural sugar this ingredient is commonly used in not only pre-workout supplements but also products like Protein powders. Sucralose is overpoweringly sweet if not formulated correctly. It can also be blamed for the bad aftertaste you expect when drinking this kind of supplement. Due to the fact that it is pre-mixed, you won't have to worry about these things. It is very well balanced and most customers say, quite delicious.


This product contains L-Citrulline which is known to increase your blood flow. By doing this your muscles will receive higher levels of Oxygen and nutrients. You will notice the difference in your performance after using this product for the first time. Your pumps will be better than ever. On top of that, you will be able to sustain a serious workout from beginning to end without feeling like you just can't push out one more rep. The overall benefit of increasing circulation is imperative to giving you faster results in muscle building and strength increase. Promoting your workout every day, get ready to make this your everyday pre-workout supplement.


If you have spent any time trying different supplements like this one then you have probably experienced a product that causes you to crash. This effect can be devastating to your entire day if you like to spend your mornings at the gym or working out at home. A band crash or massive decrease in energy is often caused by exceptionally high caffeine content. This brand does carry quite a bit of caffeine. For those of you that drink energy drinks and coffee, you won't have much to worry about. There are very few reports of crash, however, if you are caffeine sensitive you may not want to start with an entire serving. Reducing it can ensure you won't have to worry about going home and needing to take a nap before heading out for the rest of your day.


Unreputable brands add filler ingredients to their products to make it look like you are getting more than you are and therefore they can charge you more money. Additionally, they do it to fool third-party testing into saying their product is nutritious than it actually is. This again allows them to charge more money. Brands like Celsius do not use filler ingredients. They know to give you products that will aid you in your fitness goals need to be free of fillers. Only putting ingredients in that you actually need is something they make sure of in every one of their products. Customers trust this brand and part of that is because they don't have to worry about fillers.


A serving of this product is sixteen ounces or one can. This is a standard size for energy drink options. Keep in mind it does have quite a bit of caffeine in it, therefore, you may not want to start with the entire can. Also, due to the fact it's pre-mixed and completely dissolved, you are going to feel the effects faster. This means you can drink about half or a bit more and see how you fee. Not quite enough to get you the boost you desired? Simply drink more and you will be able to achieve you preferred energy level without worrying about becoming too jittery or it being too potent.

Side Effects

Any supplement used to increase energy will come with side effects. You are stimulating your body and therefore it may react differently than you are used to. The high caffeine level in this drink may lead to a bad case of the jitters, increased heart rate, or headaches. Headaches are common for those that are not intaking enough water and taking a supplement like this. There are a few other effects that are sometimes seen when using this product. They are stomach upset, nausea, and problems sleeping when taken too late in the evening. These all tend to be mild and with a few uses tend to fade but if you experience extreme side effects you may want to discontinue use.


One of the biggest advantages of this product is how convenient it is. No more worrying about extra water and a decent blender bottle. This also means no more worries about nasty gritty drinks. You will have a slightly carbonated drink that is delicious and easy to take any and everywhere. While we say this is one of the biggest advantages it is not to say it is the most important one. The fact that you will get real results and notice the difference in your performance upon your first use is probably the best thing about it. You will crush it at the gym and you will be amazed by the increase in stamina as you work through your routine. You get a decent variety of flavors and again the outcome of using this product speaks for itself.


There are couple things to think about when talking disadvantages of this product. It does cost more per serving than most other products of this variety. There is also the list of side effects that you may encounter when using it. Another minor disadvantage is the lack of size variety. If you find drinking a full sixteen ounces to be a bit much it can be hard to store the other portion. This may lead you to dump it down the drain. Not only does this waste your time it wastes your money. Overall these are pretty small disadvantages for a product that really works well.


The science behind the formula of this product is solid and will show you how well a pre-workout supplement can work. The ingredients involved are tested and scrutinized over to ensure you are getting a truly top quality product. While all products have their advantages and disadvantages we think you can clearly see this product has many more things to be said in the advantages section. They undergo advanced testing ensuring you are getting a great product. Focusing on quality is important and Celsius holds up on their end of the deal.


As previously stated, this product is going to cost you more per serving than many other pre-workout supplements. This may end up being a bit much for some budgets to afford easily but for most, it won't be a huge deal if you are already buying these types of products. We don't feel that the only piece of overall value is simply the price of it. A variety of considerations must be had when thinking about overall value. The decent flavor variety and excellent taste certainly pay their part. Even more so the fact that it kicks in so quickly and it will help take your fitness goals to the next level. We feel this product is a pretty great value and believe that given the chance, you will agree.

Key Features

300 Milligrams Caffeine/Serving
Extra Citrulline
15 Calories
1 Gram Carbohydrates
Zero Sugar

Bottom Line

Consumers have been flocking to products made by Celcius because they are backed by science and truly work very well. You may pay a bit more but you will be getting what you pay for. The flavor options all taste good and will keep this product interesting for some time to come. You won't have to worry about whether or not it is going to mix decently or not because it's all ready to go. Making this one of the most convenient pre-workout supplements on today's market. Customers agree that using this product will help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently than with other products.