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The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) is a punching bag that will give you, extremely realistic training time. You will be able to adjust the height, this makes it accommodating to a large number of people. It is exceptionally durable and very convenient. When you aren’t using your bob punching bags you can put it in the corner, allowing more space in your home gym for other equipment. The ability to train at home gives you a serious advantage over other fighters. So, whether you are into boxing or mixed martial arts this bag can seriously help your performance. It is also great for a variety of other purposes. It is easy to fill the base and it is sturdy enough to handle your most devastating blows. Training with this bag will help to hone your technique in striking. Consumers love the realistic look and feel of this bag. It can make getting into the ring easier as you will know what it will feel like. In addition, working this bag feels more like working with a sparring partner. Overall, this bag provides great training potential and is made by a brand millions have been trusting for quite some time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Realistic Training
  • Easy To Move
  • Simple To Fill Base
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Enhanced Focused Strike Training
  • Adjustable Height Settings
  • One Year Warranty Included
  • Expensive
  • Bolts Loosen Over Time
  • Some Have Difficulty Putting Together


Century has been providing fighters with the gear and equipment they need for more than forty years. Rather than being run by people looking to make money this brand has been built buy martial artists that have turned their passion into their business. Don’t misunderstand, they do, of course, want to make money and further their business. This, however, is only a piece of the equation instead of the whole thing. There is a satisfaction guarantee on all of their products which helps promote trust in this brand as they truly stand behind their items. Offering everything you need including clothing, protective gear, home gym equipment, and more, Century is a leader in the world of fight sports. This has stood the test of time due to stellar customer service and superior products.


This bag doesn’t really have a filling, per se. The interior of it is made from a high-density foam. This foam is excellent at absorbing impact. What this means for you is a reduction in soreness for your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. When you spend hours pounding away on your punching bag, what it is filled with can make or break your next workout. Keeping as much impact away from your joints as possible will keep you feeling great and help keep your training routine on track. This high-density foam will not only do this but it is also very durable. It is built to take a serious beating time and again. You will be able to train with this dummy for years and you won’t have to worry about settling sandbags or filling material.

Base Filling

You have a couple of different options in what you use to fill the base of this free-standing bag. Some people like to use water only. This will make it weigh about 270 lb and is a good option for filling the base of this body opponent bag. Some customers have mentioned that they do not like to use water because then there is a possibility of mold build-up. Another option available would be to fill the base with sand. Sand is quite a bit heavier and offers more stability. You also won't have a worry when it comes to mold. It is also been noted by some consumers that they have filled the bottom of their bag with kitty litter or pea-sized gravel. These options are legitimate. They are quite a bit heavier so you will have less movement in your bag when you're really working hard. It will, however, make moving it around more difficult.


The weight of this bag varies. It is stated on the Brand's website that wants the bases filled it weighs in at approximately 270 pounds. This is when the base is filled with water. If you use other items to fill the bass the weight of this could be drastically different. We were unable to find information on how much the actual bag peace ways. But this is really neither here nor there. It will function as a heavy bag and again, depending on what you use in the base will increase or decrease the weight. If you find that your bag is moving a lot you may want to use a heavier filler. Customers are pleased with the fact that they can basically make this bag is heavy and stable as they needed to be.


This bag is a great size. The base of it is twenty-four inches tall and has a diameter of nineteen and a half inches. The bag, or body portion, is just over two and a half feet in length and it is almost two feet wide. This gives you plenty of surfaces to practice a variety of striking exercises. It is important to note that this bag offers an adjustable height. This is an amazing aspect that not many punching bags offer. You will be able to adjust the height between five and six and a half feet. There are seven different height settings. This bag is quite customizable so it will work well in a plethora of training routines. The size of this bag does work well in smaller home gyms because of the fact you can move it when you are finished using it.


There are a pretty big variety of materials that are used in this body opponent bag. As previously mentioned, the inside of the dummy itself is made of high-density foam. The covering of that foam is made of vinyl. The type of vinyl they use does make it feel very realistic. The base and the adjustable piece of this free-standing bag is made of plastic. It is thick and durable and offers great longevity of use. In addition, the bag itself is also extremely durable and we'll be able to be used for years to come. There are also screws that are used to secure the outer covering to the bag itself. All of the materials used to make this product or high quality and built to last. When you take combat sports seriously you need a bag that can stand up to the challenge and the materials used here truly will.


For some people, the cost of this bag will make it impossible for them to own it. It is very expensive and will not fit into all budgets easily. This does not mean that the value of this bag is bad. Consumers feel as if it is well worth the price tag that it carries. When determining the true value of a product we need to look at all of the aspects of it not only the price. So, when you take into consideration the durability of this bag and the realistic training experience you get you can see the value increase. In addition, you will be able to work all the way around this bag which improves footwork and coordination. It will also help you improve accuracy while striking. These are only a few of the examples of why we, as well as consumers, feel as if this product is a great value.


Throughout this article, we have stated several advantages to using a body opponent bag. Honestly, there are many more. Your training will be taken to the next level by the simple fact that you'll have the ability to work at home. This bag is also exceptionally convenient if you have a smaller home gym. It will give you a realistic sparring partner that you won't have to worry about hurting. It is very adjustable in terms of height and weight. It is constructed of the highest quality materials and will withstand the test of time. Century has done a great job developing this bag and people have been using it for years. It is backed by a guarantee and we believe once you start using it you will see why so many people are switching to body opponent bags.


The biggest disadvantage to this product has got to be the price tag. It is, as previously mentioned, very expensive. This will make it impossible for some people to purchase. When you are very serious about combat training this is the kind of heavy bag you want to be working with. The fact that it is so pricey is a bit of a letdown. Consumers have also mentioned that it can be very difficult to line the screws up and get them incorrectly. On this note, they have also stated that over time the screws become loose and may even fall out. This just takes a simple replacement of these loosened parts. Overall, we feel that these are pretty small negatives when you compare them the plethora of positives you get when you decide to make the investment and go with this bag.


Body opponent bags probably offer the most versatility of use. while hanging heavy bags are great they can make it very difficult to work all the way around the back. You won't run into this problem when using this free-standing option. This bag will work wonderfully for those of you that participate in boxing, kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or really any mixed martial art discipline. You'll be able to hone in your striking skills. you will also be able to work on some kicks and your footwork. Consumers have noted that this realistic bag is also excellent when practicing self-defense. It can help prepare you for what it will really feel like it and when you need to defend yourself. This bag is also great if you are simply working on becoming more physically fit or if you are trying to lose weight.


In terms of quality, this bag cannot be beaten. It is made of the highest quality materials and is ridiculously durable. Obviously, when looking for a punching bag you want one that is able to stand up to even the hardest training sessions. This one will do it with ease. Many free-standing bags, that you fill the base with water, and up leaking and causing a mess. There are no reports of this occurring and knowing this brand you will never have an issue with it. Customers are more than pleased with the overall quality of this free standing bag. It is realistic and helps take your training to the next level. The realistic quality plays a huge role and why so many people love this option. The fact that it is so well put together and there is good attention paid to the fine details is an ass back to the everyone can appreciate.


Taking care of this bag is pretty easy. It is not quite as easy as caring for a standard heavy bag made of vinyl or synthetic leather but it is still rather simple. The exterior is made of vinyl which can be cleaned with most antibacterial cleaners. You don’t want to use something crazy harsh that may detriment the material but most all-purpose cleaners are just fine. Where it takes a bit more work is in the detailing. Due to the fact that this bag has features, it also has nooks and crannies. Dust and dirt can build up in these areas and require a bit more elbow grease to get it clean. This is barely an inconvenience. Overall, the care routine doesn’t take much time. You will want to check the integrity of your body opponent bag on occasion and wipe the base down but that is about it.

Bottom Line

If you can afford this bag you will be getting a seriously great training tool. It is very durable and gives you a realistic fighting partner at home. You will be able to advance your skill to its highest reaches. This bag offers features like an adjustable height, that we don’t commonly see in punching bags. You will be able to train in just about any combat sport with this heavy bag. It will also fit nicely in any home gym regardless of the size. Customers have trusted that this brand will provide excellent products for generations. The reason this is a trusted aspect is that Century always comes through. You really can’t go wrong when choosing this heavy bag and you are sure to notice the difference in your skills as you continue to use it.