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The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) XL will give you a realistic punching bag that helps to hone your speed, accuracy, and technique. A large variety of people can benefit from training with this freestanding bag. The torso of this life-like punching bag is larger than it’s original Century BOB. What this does is give you more area to work. You will be able to practice any punch with ease. In addition, you will be able to work on your kicks more effectively. This makes this bag great for boxers, as well as, mixed martial artists. A standard heavy bag can be a challenge for MMA participants to practice lower body techniques. The ability to do this at home can seriously change your game. You will get a one year warranty with your purchase so if there is something wrong with it you will easily be able to get your money back or replace the item. Another advantage of bob punching bags like this is that it doesn’t take up a ton of room. It is also easily relocated so you can use your floor space for a variety of equipment and routines. The durability of this bag is great and it will stand up to the heaviest hitters plus the test of time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Realistic Feel
  • Adjustable Height
  • Larger Striking Surface
  • Offers Great Impact Absorption
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Simple To Fill
  • Practice Wide Strike Variety
  • Expensive
  • Back Screw Durability Issues


Century’s brand has been more than forty years in the making. Most companies are headed by greedy businessmen but this brand does things a bit differently. It is led by fighters and combat sports enthusiasts that actually understand what fighters need to succeed. With hard work and dedication, Century provides some of the very best clothing, protective gear, and equipment you need to become the best that you can be. From boxers to advanced Kung Fu masters, they offer a product to fit your need. In addition, they have you covered in and out of the ring. Offering truly durable options you can trust that you are not wasting your hard earned money when investing in their products. Overall, customers love this brand and it is due to the continued success they have while using their products.


This is not a filled bag like a traditional heavy bag as it is not really a bag at all. The body of this bag is filled with foam made of urethane. This type of phone is exceptionally resilient and will not break down easily, even after continually striking it. It offers stellar impact absorption. What this means for you is less soreness in your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Unlike traditional filling, that is made from shredded up pieces of fabric or sand, you won't have to worry about it settling. When the filling of your bag settles it can lead to pitted areas and places that are exceptionally hard. Those hard places can lead you to injury. You will not need to worry about that with this bag and it is something people truly appreciate.

Base Filling

Filling the base of this bag is not difficult at all. Located near the top of it is a screw-on cap. Simply remove the cab and start filling it up. There is a variety of items you can use to fill the base of this product. The most common filler items are water and sand. Water is, obviously, the cheapest option. However, it may not offer enough weight to keep your bag and stationary. Sand will absolutely weigh it down more but it can be a little more difficult to get it into the base. It is important to note that some customers like to use other items to fill the base. They use things like kitty litter or pea-sized gravel. These two options are quite heavy and do a good job at keeping does body opponent bag where you put it. However, they may make it more difficult to relocate.


Prior to filling the base, this bag doesn't weigh much at all. Altogether it is just under 50 lbs. Now, after filling the base it is a completely different story. When you fill it with water or sand it will end up weighing right around 270 lbs. This is excellent for a large variety of people as the bag will not move even when you're giving your most devastating blows. It is important to note that for some, even at 270 pounds, you will notice some movement while striking it. If you feel that it is too much movement you can apps for a different base filler that will make it even heavier. Overall, 270 lb is normally enough to ensure that you don't have excessive motion while practicing with this lifelike heavy bag option. Consumers seem to be pleased with the minimal movement they experience with this.


The base of this body opponent bag is 2 foot in diameter and about 20 in tall. For the size of the bag that is rather streamlined and should make training with itch no problem. Some bags that are freestanding use larger bases which can become a trip Hazard or impede your overall training technique. You should not have a problem with this while using the Century BOB XL. The dummy part of this bag is quite a bit larger than its original counterpart the Century BOB. This bag is three and a half feet tall. The width is almost sixteen inches and the thickness of the bag is right around ten inches. As you can see, this is a pretty beefy bag. It provides you with plenty of striking surfaces which makes training easier. In addition, there are good details to help you with head and body shot accuracy.


There are several different materials that are used to create this body opponent bag. As previously mentioned, the inside is made of urethane foam. That foam is surrounded by a material referred to as plastisol. Plastisol is very durable and will truly stand up to the kind of punishment a bag needs to. It feels a lot like rubber but is actually a type of plastic. This material is what gives this bag it's realistic feel. There is also a Polyethylene base. This is more durable than plastic and very easy to maintain. The adjustable portion of this heavy bag is also made of the same Polyethylene. Century knows that when you are constructing something for people to practice their chosen discipline with it has to be crazy durable. This bag really is. Customers are exceptionally pleased with the overall materials used for it. It is important to note there are also two large screws in the back of this unit that holds the bag portion on to the base portion.


Customers feel as if this is an incredible value. Now don't be mistaken, that does not mean that it is inexpensive. In fact, this bag will take a pretty serious investment to add to your home gym. Many budgets will not be able to afford it and many others it will take some serious save up time. We can not only take the price of an item into consideration when we discuss its value, however. When you look at this product, overall, it is easy to see why so many feel that it is such an incredible value. It will promote your speed and accuracy with all fight related sports. You will be able to hone your skills outside of the gym and you will be able to use this bag for years. So, while it is a bit of an investment you won't need to replace it anytime soon. most find that they start to see a difference in their technique, strength, and overall goals rather quickly once they start using this body opponent bag.


Training at home, regardless of the style of heavy bag you are using, comes with some serious advantages. What are you are trying to lose weight, build strength, enhance muscle, or hone your skills within your chosen discipline this bag can help. You do not need a large space to accommodate it. It is exceptionally durable and can handle a daily beating if that is what you decide to give it. You will be better prepared to step into the ring when you fight against something that is quite realistic. Unlike a standard heavy bag you will be able to Zone your strikes in which is a major advantage inside the ring. There is very little maintenance that goes into this bag and you can push it off to the corner when you're finished using it. While we have listed many advantages there are many other ones that come with using this type of training apparatus.


There are a couple things about this bag that can be seen as a disadvantage. What we would consider the largest disadvantage would probably be the price. This is because a lot of people will not be able to afford this item. Even if they can, it can take a major chunk out of a monthly budget. You will be investing in a high-quality bag and it makes the price more understandable. It simply does not change the fact that some will not be able to afford it. The other disadvantage that comes with this bag is that the hardware that holds the mannequin on to the base will fail. It takes an exceptionally long time but this seems to be the area that people notice problems with. Obviously, this depends on how much you use this bag and what type of training you are using it for. These are the only two real disadvantages we see in training with this body opponent bag.


In terms of quality, there are not too many that are better than this one. Century has been providing some of the best quality goods for decades. They understand that when you are going to make this kind of investment at better be for a product that is worth it. From the base to the filling and the outside liner you really can't ask for much more. Yes, it is true that the bolt will over time cause some damage to the baguette self and may end up failing altogether. However, we do not feel that this is a quality issue it is simply an unfortunate side effect to serious training on this type of structure. The quality of your training will also increase as you will be able to practice hitting certain strike zones with extreme accuracy. As you can imagine, this will play a big role during competition fighting. Overall, we, as well as customers, feel that this bag is exceptional quality.


You won't have to invest a lot of time in a care routine if you decide to purchase this option. You'll be able to simply wipe this mannequin down in between uses with your favorite antibacterial spray. Let it dry and it will be ready to go again. You may find that over time the base collects some dust and here again, you can simply wipe it down. On occasion, you will want to check the bolts in the back to ensure that the quality is still good. If you notice that your bag is sliding around or causing detriment to your bag you may want to replace them. It has been noted by customers that over time it may not be able to maintain its height positioning. Some customers have dealt with this by pudding a belt or other material at the height adjustment they prefer it at. Overall, you will need to do very little to maintain this bag appropriately.

Bottom Line

For those of you that can afford it and choose to spend your money on the Century BOB XL, you will be left with an exceptional option in heavy bags. As previously stated, it is very durable and will last through your toughest training sessions with ease. It will improve your overall accuracy, strength, and technique. The base is easy to fill and the overall item is easy to maintain. If you have limited space this bag will fit nicely. It is large enough to give you plenty of striking surface, but small enough to shove into a corner until you're ready to use it again. The reviews on this product are consistent, customers are very pleased with it. Overall, this is a stellar option from a stellar brand and will fit nicely into a plethora of workout routines.