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The Century Bobby Bully is a young fighters dream. It offers a realistic mannequin punching bag that will help prepare them for their first time in the ring. The height of this bag is adjustable so it will be able to grow with your child. This leads to great longevity of use, especially if your child is invested in combat sports early in life. You won’t have to worry about it taking up a ton of room in your home as it is easy to move around. After use, you can tuck it back in the corner until it’s time for the next round. Century understands that children can be very hard on things, especially the items that are meant for striking. This punching bag is extremely durable and will be able to take whatever your fighter has to throw at it. There is a plethora of positive reviews on this product. Training with bob punching bags offers better advantages than a traditional heavy bag. The ability for your young fighter to train at home will enhance their skill. Training in boxing or any mixed martial art discipline improves focus and discipline. It also leads to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Durable
  • Realistic Feel
  • Improves Strike Accuracy
  • Good For Punches & Kicks
  • Easy To Move
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adjustable Heights
  • Exceptional Reviews
  • Trusted Brand
  • Expensive
  • Kids Grow Past Usefulness


Century is a brand born from fighters. What this means for you is that you will get products that work as they are intended too. Not only do they sell clothing, protective equipment, gym equipment, and more, they use all of the same things. For more than forty years Century has honed their technique and from it offers some of the very best fight-related items available in the market today. They offer great durability in all of the things they produce. Whether you are just starting a new martial arts class or you have been stepping into the boxing ring for years, you need high-quality merchandise to keep you protected and ready for your next fight. You can find everything you need with Century and know that this brand will do its best to make sure you are satisfied. For young and old, this is a brand worth putting your trust into.


The core of this punching dummy is made of foam. Unlike traditional heavy bags that are filled with material and sand, this bag won't end up settling. When the filling of a bag settles you can be left with rock-hard areas that may lead to injury. Obviously, fighters of all ages want to avoid this. The high-density foam that is at the core of this item is exceptionally durable and can take a serious hit. It will not break down easily. In fact, you should be able to get years of use out of this bag. We understand that the thought of a foam interior may make you think that this bag is going to be too soft. That is simply not the case. It is quite firm. Foam is fantastic at absorbing and dispersing shock. This means less soreness for the person using it.

Base Filling

Filling the base of this free-standing punching bag is barely an inconvenience. You can use water or sand. Some people find that using water is easier and more cost-effective. It is important to note that while water works well it does not offer the same stability as sand. When you fill this bag up with placed and it will be much more stable and consumers have said that it moves easier with sand in the base rather than water. Some people don't use either of these items to fill the base as they like something even heavier. It is been stated that customers have used pea-sized gravel and kitty litter to fill the base of their free-standing bags. This again adds to the overall stability and ensures that no matter how hard you hit it, it won't fall over.


Prior to the base being filled, all together this product only weighs about 25 pounds. The true weight of it comes from filling the base. If you Phillip with the manufacturer's suggested options, water or sand, it will end up weighing right around 170 pounds. This is plenty heavy enough that your Junior fighter should not be able to knock it over. The sturdiness of a free-standing bag is exceptionally important during training. If it is to light it will move around in unwanted ways and could lead to a poorly positioned strike and possible injury. We were pleased to see this option come in at a pretty high wait. It gives us good confidence that it will stay in place nicely regardless of the type of practice your youth participant is working on.


The first thing we should discuss is the adjustability of this item. There are two different settings. You can set it at 4ft 2in tall or 4 ft 7 in tall. The base of this product has a diameter of just under two feet and it is about a foot tall. It is rounded so that you will be able to move it easily oh, this is a major advantage for those of you that have limited space. The mannequin portion of this freestanding bag is about two and a half feet long. it is just over a foot and a half across and it is eight and a half inch deep. As you can see this is a fairly decent sized bag that will allow your child plenty of striking surface. Due to the fact that it is shaped like an actual person the size of this reflects that. It will make the accuracy of your child’s punches and kicks better than ever before.


In terms of material, Century uses some of the best we have seen in their products. As previously mentioned to the core of the punching bag portion is made of foam. Covering that foam is a realistic feeling shell that is likely made of a mixture of rubber and polyurethane. There is a dearth of information on the actual material used to make the shell. What we do know is that it is exceptionally durable and will maintain its Integrity regardless of how much abuse it takes. The base of this bag is made of a heavy-duty plastic. This again is exceptionally durable and you really won't need to worry about it breaking down. There is a tube inside of the mannequin that slides down easily onto the base so you won't have to worry about metal pieces.


Consumers feel as if this product is an exceptional value. It truly will help improve a young fighters skill. This is not to say that it is cheap. In fact, this free-standing body opponent bag is quite expensive. You'll be making a fairly large investment if you decide to buy it. What this means does that not every bank account will be able to absorb the blow. You may need to save for some time before buying it. Once you do make the investment you will have a superior training option for your child. Century is a well-trusted brand that makes some of the best fight products available and that is part of the reason it is so costly. When you look at the overall aspects of this bag it is easy to see, however, why consumers feel that it is such an exceptional value.


There are a plethora of advantages that come with your child training with this body opponent bag. When you are new to the world of fighting, it can be intimidating thinking about striking another person. Training with this bag will give them a good feel for what it will actually be like during their first interaction with a partner. It is exceptionally durable and will handle all types of training. It is an advantage to those of you that are working with limited space as it is easy to move around. It is also very stable so you won't have to worry about your child getting hurt. Your fighter will be able to practice punches as well as kicks. They will also be able to work all the way around this bag so they can hone in their accuracy. Training in boxing or martial arts helps children gain focus, skill, and determination. Overall, there are a ton of advantages and these are only a few.


There is really only one disadvantage to purchasing that's life like punching bag. The price. While many people feel it is well worth it, and we agree, it does not change the fact that many people will not be able to buy this punching bag. It comes with a ton of advantages and is a very well-built punching bag. Again, we understand why it carries such a high price tag but it would be nice if more people would be able to work it into their budget a bit easier. Other than this, there are really no disadvantages in purchasing a Bobby Bully for your young fighter. It truly can help them progress in their chosen mixed martial arts discipline or other fight related sports. Consumers don't seem to have a bad word to say about this product and that is an aspect everybody can appreciate.


There's a pretty vast variety of purposes that this punching bag can be used for. Obviously, if you have a young fighter or participant in mixed martial arts they will be able to work on their punches and kicks using this back. While those are the obvious uses there are some less obvious uses for it. If you have a child that has a ton of energy or some pent-up aggression a punching bag can be the perfect option. it is also great for improving activity levels. Using a punching bag for fitness and to help maintain a healthy weight is a great option. When your child is looking for something new and different this is also a perfect fit as there are so many advantages and using a body opponent bag.


This product is exceptionally high-quality. It is very durable and will last for years even if it's taking daily abuse. The materials used are some of the best available in the market today. Century has been building fight related products for decades and understand what it takes to build a truly great product. Consumers are more than pleased with the quality of their purchase. Honestly, with the price of it if it was anything less than stellar it would be unacceptable. We are impressed with basically all of the products that this brand makes and the Bobby Bully is a perfect example of why. So, if you make this investment you can rest assured that there are very few products out there that can match it in terms of quality.


Parents are relieved that this product takes almost no care to maintain great integrity. We all live very busy lifestyle so finding the time to add something else to the routine can seem daunting. With this bag, you will simply need to wipe it down on occasion with an antibacterial cleaner. There are no special cleaners that you need to worry about purchasing. You may notice on occasion that there's some dust on the base and you can simply wipe that down to. This is about all it takes to take care of this bag. You may want to on occasion look it over to make sure that the outer piece of material continues to maintain its Integrity. This is not something that you are going to need to do very often. It seriously takes very minimal effort to just keep this relatively clean.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for one of the best quality body opponent bags available on today's market for your young fighter, look no further. It will take a bit of an investment but your child will be able to practice at home with this realistic mannequin. Once this starts happening you will see their skill level improve and for a lot of people it will improve drastically. They will have the ability to work on the areas that they are struggling in. There are so many advantages and while we have covered quite a few of them they're honestly even more. Allowing your child to box, participate in mixed martial arts, or just take aggression out on this bag is seriously advantageous. They will be healthier and ready to jump in the ring when that time occurs.