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The Century Cardio Wavemaster is a fantastic option for people that are looking for a lighter weight bag. It is not made to be used as a heavy bag. This means laying a heavy blow on it may knock it over. It is perfect for fitness boxing and cardio training. You will be able to increase your heart rate and burn some serious calories while laying into this punching bag. The smaller stature of this bag also makes practising precision strikes better. This bag will improve your speed and allow you to work on accuracy easily. Whether you are a boxer, fitness enthusiast, looking for boxing gifts ideas or a mixed martial artist there is great training potential when using this bag.

Finding that you are lacking room in your home gym for a bulky heavy bag is ok. This bag is smaller and extremely easy to move around. The base is build so that it is easy to relocate it. In addition, this bag does come with an adjustable height. This opens up more training possibilities and accommodates people of varying heights. Overall, customers are very pleased with this cardio punching bag and feel that it is an excellent item that has aided them in achieving many fitness goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable Height
  • Helps Increase Heat Rate
  • Great For Aerobics
  • Easy To Move
  • Fits Well In Small Space
  • Excellent For Young Fighters
  • Can Practice Punches & Kicks
  • Difficult To Fill Base
  • Not For Heavy Strikes
  • Covering Has Rough Texture


Century covers the needs of all types of fighters. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or become more advanced in your chosen discipline, you will need gear to accomplish your goals. For more than forty years, they have developed a plethora of products that can fit not only into your routine but also into your budget. Practising in the gym requires different gear and equipment than working out in your home gym. They provide everything you need for either occasion. This brand has taken the time to ensure their products are great quality by dedicating time to the research it takes. It is also encouraging that the people that own and operate Century are fighters themselves. When looking for a brand that truly knows what it takes to become your best, choosing Century is a good choice.


The padding of this bag is not really a filling, not in a traditional punching bag sense. Instead of using a bag full of material and/or sandbags, this is a solid piece of high-density foam. It is important to note that the padding used in this is not as thick as heavy bag padding. This means you could injure yourself if you land a heavy blow with bare hands. You will want to wear gloves while practicing with this bag. It is thick enough to offer good impact absorption and it gives you plenty of striking areas. The foam used is quite durable. This means you will be able to exercise and train with this bag for years before any deterioration happens. You also won't have to worry about settling filler that leaves you with lumpy hard areas on your bag.

Base Filling

There are plenty of options for filling the base of this freestanding cardio punching bag. It is suggested that you use water or sand. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both of these options. Water is very simple to get into the base and you will be able to fill it up rather quickly. Water, however, does not give it as much weight. This means you may notice more movement when using this bag. Sand will offer better stability for the bag but it has been mentioned several times that it is difficult to get into the small hole. You will need to use a funnel. The process is slow. On the upside, once it is full, you shouldn't have to worry about it again. Overall, either option will work.


Once the base of this bag is full it will weight approximately one hundred and seventy pounds. This will vary slightly depending on what you fill the base with. The unit unfilled is exceptionally light. It weighs under twenty pounds. This makes it cheaper to ship and easy to handle. It is important to note that this is quite heavy after the base is filled. It is not nearly as heavy as a heavy bag would be. Even though it is heavy you should still be able to move it very easily from place to place. This gives you more room in your home gym. The base is structured for easy moving. Some people try to really wail on this bag and it causes it to move a lot. This is not the intended purpose of it. We should also mention that if you have it sitting on carpet, you may notice it slides some. You can correct this by placing a rubber mat under it.


This is not a huge heavy bag, which means you will be able to fit it in smaller spaces more easily. The height of this unit is adjustable. It ranges between just under four and a half feet to about five and a half feet. This makes it perfect for most people whether they are short or tall. The bag has a diameter of less than a foot. For comparison, a standard heavy bags come in at twelve inches for diameter. It is also a bit shorter coming in at about three and a half feet. The base does add a foot to the height of this product. Base diameter comes in at just under two foot. So, as you can see, this bag is going to fit easily just about anywhere and give you a great training option.


The materials used in this fitness punching bag are high-quality and there are only a few of them. As previously noted, the inside of the bag is made of high-density foam. It is springy and durable. It is covered with a poly-denier material. This is similar to polyester, in terms of feel. It is a bit of a rough striking surface and if you practice with it too long while not wearing gloves it may tear up your hands. It is exceptionally durable and quite easy to care for. The base and neck of this are made of thick, durable plastic. Plastic, obviously, is very durable and the thickness of it offers great stability. Overall, these materials are great options for a freestanding bag. The only other material is whatever you decide to fill the base with.


This bag is a pretty good value. It carries a decently high price tag but it is not exceptionally expensive. It may take a bit of saving but most people will be able to work it in. Looking at every aspect of an item is the best way to determine its true value. Price is absolutely a piece of the puzzle but it is not the only factor. This bag is durable and does not take up a huge amount of space. Consumers trust that this brand is going to deliver high-quality equipment and this absolutely is. They feel as if it is a great value. While it is pretty versatile it is also pricey. It is not made for heavy hitters or exceptionally advanced fighters and that does take away from the value a bit. In our opinion, this is a great bag for fitness kickboxers and young or beginning fighters.


This training bag comes with some different advantages as compared to a heavy bag. This bag will help fighters hone their skills in when thinking about accurate striking. In addition, it will help increase your overall speed as you won't be landing heavy blows on it. You can use it for punching or kicking exercises which will benefit your entire body. This bag is very durable so you will be able to use it for training frequently and for years to come. Your heart rate will increase while training with this option. What this will do is provide you with an excellent aerobic workout. This helps burn calories and promotes overall health. Your speed and strength will increase. You won't have to worry about having a large space for this bag as it is relatively small. It is easy to move around which is very convenient for those of you that are working with limited space.


The disadvantages of this bag are actually pretty limited. It is not going to be the best option for those of you that are heavy hitters or seriously advanced in your training. This bag is not as heavy as others. You may experience a lot of movement in it while training if you are an advanced fighter. It is not made to take hard blows it is more for speed and accuracy training. Again, it is great for those into cardio kickboxing or in general aerobic bag work.

This Century Wavemaster cardio bag is also a bit pricey. It can be hard to work into some budgets. The last thing people really complain about is filling the base of this freestanding cardio punching bag. The hole is quite small and can make putting sand in it feel like an impossible task. As you can see, these disadvantages are quite minor. They are mostly targeted towards people that would do better training with a heavy bag. Overall, customers are satisfied with this punching bag.


This bag is not quite as versatile as a heavy bag but it will help a lot of people in a lot of ways. In terms of general fitness and weight loss, this bag can really help you along the way. It accomplishes this by increasing your heart rate while you are practising with it. As previously mentioned, this bag is great for cardio boxing or kickboxing.

You will be able to easily move it around and it will fit into your routine nicely. When you or your children are just starting out in boxing or mixed martial arts this can be a nice option that is easy to use whenever and where ever you, please. While it may not be great for advanced fighters and heavy hitters, it can help them with speed and accuracy while striking. They will just need to be careful to keep their power at a reasonable level. This will ensure the bag doesn't fall over or go flying across the room.


This product is very good quality. When you use it for the intended purpose it will withstand the test of time. The materials used for the bag portion are built to take a beating. It is important to note that this bag is meant for fitness training and is not a heavy bag. If you continually land heavy blows to it you may end up damaging the bag or its stand. The adjustable center piece is susceptible to bending and breaking if you are too rough on this item.

Customers are satisfied with the overall quality of this bag. The foam interior is resilient and will not break down quickly. You won't have to worry about your bag pitting or sandbags settling. These things can actually lead you to injury so, it is nice that you won't have to worry about it when using this punching bag. Keep in mind that the cover of the foam is a bit rough so you will want to wear gloves while training.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent choice for a lighter weight bag. If you can work it into your budget it can take your fitness goals and help you crush them. Whether you are trying to stay in shape or enhance your striking technique, this bag can help you do it. Consumers across the globe have put their trust in Century for years and there are some very real reasons why. When you train with this bag you will see the true quality and understand completely why people trust them the way they do. You will get great longevity of use with this option.

Heavy hitters may want to look at heavy bags but honestly, a lightweight one like Century Aerobic Wavemaster can even be advantageous to them. Moving this item around is barely an inconvenience and it truly is a space saver. Overall, we don't believe you will be disappointed with this product if you decide to add it into your routine.