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The Century Junior Throwing Buddy is a grappling dummy made for youth fighters. It is an excellent addition to just about any training routine. When you are working on throws, strikes, takedowns, or other wrestling or mixed martial arts maneuvers a dummy like this is key. It can truly help you become a better fighter.

Knowing that you are buying equipment that can withstand the challenge of wrestling or MMA training is imperative. Consumers have noted that this item is very durable. In fact, you will likely get years worth of use out of it. You won't need to worry about daily use leading to busted seams or rips in the material.

You will get a well-rounded training tool when you purchase this option from Century. They have added two straps to the back of this dummy. When you are working with your child, they will allow you to easily move this dummy around to work on different drills. It will help cover just about every base of their training routine.

Obviously, finding a tool that is this versatile is an advantage. It is going to save you time and money. Having one piece of equipment to fill several different needs will keep things moving along and you will spend less time worrying about what piece of gear to use next.

Consumers are very happy with this product, overall. They feel the design, structure, and performance is all very good. There are some negatives associated with it. However, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Holding Straps
  • Decent Flexibility
  • Extremely Versatile Use
  • Helps Improve Throws
  • Nice Weight
  • Disproportionate
  • Not Free-Stranding
  • Hard To Grip


Fighters have been trusting the Century brand for almost fifty years. Their products can be found all over the world and are highly sought after. This is due to the fact that they continue to research and develop products that are stellar when compared to others in the same category.

You will, typically, be making a larger investment when you decide to go with goods from this brand. However, the price is usually worth it because you will be getting excellent quality. In addition, they pay attention to the fine details. These details are the reasons so many people prefer Century products over others.

Whether you are looking for boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts equipment they have it all. There are many options available in punching bags, clothing, protective equipment, training gear, and more. You can truly find everything you need for your combat sports training with this brand. They stand behind all of their products with a satisfaction guarantee which helps breed trust and commitment to this brand.


Most grappling dummies are made of a few simple materials. This one is no different. Keeping it simple is a great thing. You won't have to worry too much about a tough care routine. In addition, all the materials used are high-quality and built to withstand a serious beating.

The outer material is made from durable nylon. This is a very common material for the outer covering of a grappling dummy. It is important to note that many customers have stated that the material is quite slippery. You can always put a Gi on this dummy to help alleviate some of this problem.

There are only two other materials that you'll find in regards to this item. The inside is filled with pieces of shredded fabric. This is very common among grappling dummies and punching bags. The last material found is the straps on the back of the dummy. They are also made from nylon to give you great durability and a comfortable grip.


Century martial arts is known for providing the world with high-quality options. When you receive this dummy it will be easy to see why so many flocks of this brand. The fine details are easily noticeable. From the solid stitching to the excellent design people are very happy with the quality of this product.

Due to the fact that you will be making a decent investment when you decide to go with this throwing dummy, it is important that it is of great quality. People are getting excellent longevity of use out of this item. This is due to the fact that Century wants to ensure that you are only getting the best of the best when you invest in their items.

Obviously, when you are purchasing goods for combat training, quality is key. There are no major reports of quality issues in regards to this item. If something was off with it you can rest assured that this brand will help you make it right. They truly do stand behind their products.


There is only one size available when it comes to this item. Oftentimes, brands will offer different sizes so that they can suit youth fighters, as well as, adult fighters. Some people are a bit disappointed that this only comes in one size. Children grow quickly and having a variety of sizes can be advantageous.

This option is just under 4 foot tall. As you can see, this is going to accommodate quite a large variety of fighters. If your child is quite a bit smaller they will grow into this dummy quickly. In addition, if they were a bit larger it should still fit them quite well.

It has been noted by consumers that they feel that the arms and legs are a bit short. This can make practicing arm bars and leg maneuvers quite difficult. It is something in the design that Century may want to work on to improve the overall performance of this option.


This item comes to you pre-filled. This means that you will not have the ability to adjust to the wait. There is no way to add or remove any filling. Many people find this is an advantage as stuffing your own dummy can be quite difficult.

When using this item you want to keep in mind that your child will be dealing with dead weight. It will not move as easily as an actual sparring partner would. This dummy weighs in at right around 20 pounds. Honestly, this is not very heavy.

If you are a child has been in the world of mixed martial arts for quite some time they may not find that this dummy is heavy enough. There are many other options for youth size dummies that weigh around 50 pounds. Obviously, this is going to provide them with a bigger challenge.


Due to the fact that the outside material of this product is made from nylon, you will have a very simple care routine. You'll be able to use any disinfecting spray that you currently have. You won't have to worry about it detrimental in the material.

Many people choose to put clothing on this dummy in that helps to keep the material and even better condition. If you choose to do this then you would simply need to remove the clothing and wash them. If you find it was an especially sweaty training session than you still may want to wipe it down between uses.

In today's busy world that can be a burden to add another piece of equipment to your cleaning routine. Due to the fact this item is so easy to care for people to find that fitting it in is barely an inconvenience. Consumers are very happy that they don't have to spend a plethora of time taking care of yet another piece of home gym equipment.


It's very rare that you will have to worry about durability when you are purchasing an item from this brand. They understand what it takes to withstand the constant abuse that comes with training in sports like wrestling, Muay Thai, and Judo.

The outer material that they chose is better quality than many other nylon options that are currently available. You won't have to worry about it tearing during use. Inferior materials will break down quickly with consistent use. You won't have to worry about that here.

A huge issue with grappling dummies is, typically, the durability at the seams. This is especially true at the joints and areas that bend. Century has, naturally, reinforced the stitching to ensure you get great durability in all areas.

Consumers have said that their young fighters are getting years worth of use out of each dummy. It is nice to know that this product can be used even when skill levels increase. The size also plays a role in being able to use it for quite some time.


One of the things that parents love most about this option is that they no longer have to be the wrestling partner. The extra energy of your young fighter can be taken out on this grappling dummy quite easily. They will be able to use it for hours on end without worrying about it falling apart or becoming tired.

Another great aspect in regards to this item is the awesome durability that it offers. Not only is the nature of this type of activity brutal but so are kids. They tend to be very hard on their belongings. So, finding a product that is going to stand up to the challenge of both the sport and the child is a major advantage.

The fact that this item comes pre-filled also works in your favor. Your child will be able to start training with this dummy right away. In addition, filling dummies can be quite a lot of work. It is also very time-consuming. Consumers love the fact that there is one last step in using this option as compared to others in the same category.


Discussing the disadvantages of a product is just as important as discussing the advantages. For some people, it is even more important. There are a few downfalls associated with this product that may be deal breakers for some users.

The first complaint that consumers have is that this product is not free standing. This means that your fighter will not be able to stand it up on its own and train with it. However, it does have straps on the back for someone to be able to hold on to it for standing drills.

Another thing that customers are not so thrilled with the fact that this dummy is disproportionate. The arms and legs are quite short as compared to the body. This can make training with this item difficult especially when working on armbars and leg maneuvers.

The last disadvantage that we feel needs to be discussed is that consumers find this product to be slippery. This can make it difficult to grip while trying to train with it. As noted, putting clothing or a Gi on it can help improve your grip.


As far as training tools for young fighters go, this one is an excellent value. It is going to stand strong against grueling training sessions and rough fighters. You won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

The cost of that is associated with this product is quite reasonable. It should fit into most budgets relatively easily. If you do find that you need to save up some money it shouldn't take very long. It won't take a giant chunk out of your budget.

The cost of a product is only part of what we consider when determining the value. You need to look over all of the different aspects to figure out how well it is going to suit your individual needs. This product satisfies many people's wants, needs, and budget quite nicely.

Bottom Line

Finding a brand that you can consistently trust is quite difficult nowadays. With all the experience that this one has to offer it becomes easier. Once you start to use their products you will see why so many people will only buy from this brand.

You will get great durability and longevity of youths when you decide to go with us grappling dummy. You will also find that it fits into your budget more easily than any other options in the same category. It is a truly personal training tool that can help minimize the amount of equipment you need to purchase for your home gym.

This product is also of high quality. The design and structure of it make that easy to see. The materials that were chosen we're all a very smart decisions. Overall, consumers are very happy with the performance this product provides and how it has improved the performance of the fighter using it.