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The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster is the perfect option for your budding fighter. The height of this heavy bag is adjustable. This helps to ensure your growing child can use this option for quite some time. It is great for practicing punches as well as kicks. You will get a full year’s warranty which helps to protect your investment. This bag is truly durable and made of materials that can take impact easily. Whether looking for a healthy outlet for your young one’s emotions or finding they have taken an interest in combat sports, this is a great solution. Giving your children focus and discipline is never a bad thing. Encouraging them to work on boxing or a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines is a great way to lead them down a healthy and good path. This bag weighs enough that even kids that pack a lot of power will be able to use it without knocking it over. From beginners to intermediate users, this bag is a great training tool and can help you seriously hone your child's skills. When you are able to practice your strikes at home, as well as in the gym, reaching your full potential is easier than ever.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Insanely Durable
  • High-Quality Material
  • Good For Punch & Kick Practice
  • Adjustable Height
  • Large Striking Surface
  • Trusted Brand
  • One Year Warranty
  • Great For Improving Health & Mood
  • Pricey


Century is a brand that has been trusted by people, young and old, for more than forty years. They offer a variety of fight gear to suit all of your needs inside and outside of the ring. Whether you are just starting a boxing class or you have been practicing a mixed martial arts discipline for years, you need great equipment. This brand provides everything from punching bags to trunks. So what you need they have. They are great at creating durable options that will keep your training progressing nicely. Trusting a brand is a difficult thing to do in today’s world. This one is worth investing your time to. Consumers are more than pleased with the items they purchase from Century. If you decide to give them your business, we feel that you will also be happy with all of the items you purchase from them.


You won't be dealing with normal feeling like you would with a standard heavy bag. This bag is not stuffed with sandbags or shredded textile material. The wave is free-standing bag is built is with a foam inner. The foam used will keep you well protected and it absorbs impact gracefully. Your fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders will feel better than ever while training with this bag. You won't have to worry about the filling settling and leaving you with hard areas. This is also an advantage because hardened areas in your bag could leave you more susceptible to injury. Overall, the foam is fantastic at keeping you protected and maintaining its shape through years of abuse.

Base Filling

Filling the base of this product is pretty simple. This brand suggests that you fill the base with water or sand. These are the standard fillers used for this type of punching bag base. Water does not offer the same heaviness as sand. What this means is that if your child is a heavy hitter they may move or knock over this heavy bag. So, if you are having trouble with it moving around you can switch the water for sand and it is likely you will notice less movement. It is important to note that even sand may not be heavy enough for some fighters. In this case, you can use something like kitty litter or pea-sized gravel which will offer added weight. Ensuring that this bag stays where you put it keeps everybody safe.


When the bass is filled with water and it is completely full, this will weigh about 170 pounds. Typically, you want the weight of your heavy baggage will be about half of your body weight. Now, when dealing with a free-standing bag if it is heavier than half of your bodyweight it should not be a problem. Where you'll run into problems as if it is to light as you may notice excessive movement. Prior to filling the base, this bag is exceptionally light. It weighs less than 20 lbs. It is important to note that even after the base is filled you'll be able to relocate this punching bag easily. It sits on a rounded base which is very simple I move without help. Overall, customers are happy with the weight and feel that it stays in place very well.


The size of this bag is not overly large. It is, however, large enough to provide ample striking surface. It is just over two feet tall and has a diameter of ten and a half inches. When you add the base of it you will have a total height of up to fifty-two inches. It is important to note that the height of this option is adjustable. It is adjustable between thirty-seven and fifty-two inches. The base has a twenty-two in diameter and is about a foot tall. The base is this size to ensure you can add enough weight to it to make it stable for use. Overall, customers are satisfied that this bag does not take up an exceptional amount of room but it also offers plenty of striking surfaces for their children to practice.


Century always uses excellent materials in their products. This one falls into that same category. As previously mentioned, the feeling of this bag is made of high-density foam. It absorbs impact very well and will help protect your child. The cover of the foam is made of nylon. Nylon is exceptionally durable and will be able to withstand the beating your young fighter will end up putting on it. The base that it is mounted on is made from Polyurethane and is also exceptionally durable. The only other material really involved with this bag will be whatever you use to fill the base. More often than not this will be sand or water. While the materials may be simple they are exceptionally effective. Not only that, they all offer superior durability.


This free standing bag is a bit pricey. When you compare it to the adult version it is absolutely more affordable but as your fighter grows eventually they will need a larger one. Some budgets will not be able to afford this bag easily. If you can work it in, you will have an outstanding practicing tool that can help improve technique, strength, and accuracy. Price plays an important role in the value of an item, however, it is not the only thing that we should be looking at. This bag is built to last and the height is adjustable which means it will suit beginning fighters for quite some time. It won't take up a lot of room in your home and it is quite sturdy for those of you that have heavy-hitting kids. consumers feel that this product is a very good value due to the fact that it is versatile and seriously improves their children's training potential.


There are a ton of advantages that come along with practicing strikes. If you have a kid that has too much time on their hands this can be the perfect outlet. It can help get them away from the TV and get active. Finding that already found an interest in boxing or mixed martial arts and are participating in the gym may also lead you to want to make this type of purchase. Allowing your children to practice at home is very beneficial. It not only offers great activity but it will also help them improve their technique for their chosen discipline. This is an advantage to overall health and well-being. Due to the fact that it doesn't take up much room, you'll be able to find a great place for your child to enhance their skill. Patience, discipline, and a drive to become better are all things that you will find children can learn while practicing combat sports.


This bag really doesn't come with any major disadvantages. The price is a little bit lofty which can make it difficult for some people to afford. This can be seen as a disadvantage. The adjustable base is nice and sturdy, however, as your child grows, eventually, they will need a larger one and this one will no longer be useful. If your child is already pretty big and Strikes very hard you may end up noticing a lot of movement with this bag. It is unlikely that they will knock it over, however, it is something to watch out for. there have been comments from customers that the base is a little bit large and that has led to their children tripping over it. This does not seem to be something that is happening all the time but again, something you may want to watch out for.


There are a plethora of suitable uses for this bag. It is perfect for beginner and intermediate youth Fighters. Regardless of their passion lies with boxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, or any other mixed martial art they will be able to train with this option. It is good for punches and for kicks. It is also good if you are just trying to give your child an outlet for emotions they don't know how to deal with. Sometimes, pent-up anger and frustration can lead to outbursts. When they have a constructive way to deal with those emotions it can lead to serious attitude Improvement. Even if your child is not passionate about fight sports, this bag can still be a great addition to your home gym. It is excellent at improving overall fitness and activity levels.


Century provides high-quality products. We are never very concerned when discussing the quality of the materials and overall items that they offer. This is due to the fact that there are very few complaints across the board about their quality. This item is exceptionally durable which means you're not going to need to replace it anytime soon. It truly is a Sound Investment. It is understandable why people are concerned to trust companies nowadays with things like quality. There are so many poorly made items that end up costing us way too much overtime. That is simply not the case here. Century gives us products that can be trusted to survive the punishment that combat sports require. Customers are exceptionally pleased with the overall quality of this free-standing punching bag and feel that it is a Sound Investment that they are pleased they made.


You won't have to worry about investing a lot of time into taking care of this bag. Due to the fact that the outside cover is made of nylon, you will simply be able to wipe it down. You can do this with a variety of all-purpose cleaners and will probably want to use something that is antibacterial. Depending on how messy your kids are you may need to wipe it down pretty frequently. This will also depend on how often it is being used. The only other cleaning maintenance you'll need to do is wipe the dust from the base. It is known to collect a bit of dust but it wipes away easily. On occasion, you will want to look over the quality of the material for the bag and the base to ensure that it is staying in good condition. Other than this there is really no maintenance required.

Bottom Line

Century products are known for being some of the best in today's fight equipment market. this bag is exceptionally durable and can seriously take a beating. Your young fighter will be able to practice punching and kicking which in turn will enhance their overall technique. As previously mentioned, even if your child is not super into boxing or mixed martial arts there are other great reasons for them to use this punching bag. It will take a small investment, however, your child will be able to use it for an extended. Of time. It is simple to move around and you won't have to worried about taking up a huge space in your home. Overall, customers are very satisfied with their purchase of this item and we feel that if you decide to go with it you will be too.