Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes

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Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes Review Facts

When thinking of all the martial arts gear one might need to train, shoes probably aren't going to be on the top of that list. After all, when it comes to most forms of Japanese martial arts you will commonly see people practicing barefoot while wearing a karate gi or judogi.

Though certain forms of martial arts are practiced barefoot all of the time for various reasons, shoes have a few roles of their own within some of the other forms as well. Some of the more ideal reasons for the use of martial arts shoes may not be reasons that are commonly thought of, others may be more obvious than not.

Introducing a product that could change the way you’ve geared up to practice martial arts. The Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes, a product bringing realism into the way martial arts training has been done for centuries.[easyazon_link keywords="century lightfoot martial art shoes" locale="US" tag="fightingreport.com-20" local-identifier-CA="B00T6HSD8Y" local-tag-CA="fightingreport-20" local-identifier-US="B00T6HTFOK" local-tag-US="fightingreport.com-20" local-identifier-FR="B00T6HSOT2" local-tag-FR="fightingreportfr-21" local-identifier-DE="B00T6HSOT2" local-tag-DE="fightingreportde-21" local-identifier-IT="B00T6HSBWC" local-tag-IT="fightingit-21" local-identifier-ES="B00T6HSBWC" local-tag-ES="fightingreportes-21" local-identifier-UK="B00T6HT1Y4" local-tag-UK="fightingreport.com-21"]century lightfoot martial art shoes[/easyazon_link]

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non-marking soles


Larger Fit

Minimal Support


Since 1976 Century Martial Arts continues to be one of the best when it comes to all things martial arts. Starting out as only one man with a love for martial arts, a dream and a van it quickly grew to the jack of all trades within the martial arts world it is today.

Inventing, designing, personalizing and so much more this brand is always searching for new ways to help push the limits when practicing. From safety gear to uniforms and beyond their products all have quality and durability in common.

To this very day the Century staff not only indulge in various ways to bring us new martial arts supplies regularly but they also regularly practice martial arts as well!


The Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes are made up of pliable and breathable materials. The fabric of the shoes is made up of a lightweight yet tough synthetic leather and the no-mark sole is rubber for a slip-proof grip.

These materials work together to provide a comfortable and dependable alternative to bare feet. From a beginner in martial arts to an experienced professional, these shoes definitely meet the mark.
These martial arts shoes are a product that is made in China.


The materials that make up the Century Lightfoot Martial Arts shoes are exceptionally durable and also can withstand going that extra mile. From the gym to the mats these shoes are not restricted within their main use.

The fabric of the shoe itself is made of synthetic leather and is lightweight and very breathable. This is to encourage airflow through your shoes as you work up a sweat and will help avoid any issues with fungi issues that may occur with sweating.

The soles are a solid yet thinner rubber material to protect your feet yet discourage the shoes from causing your footwork to feel off due to the addition of shoes.


When these shoes are first worn you may find they feel a bit more firm and need to be broken in some. The best way to break in shoes is simply to wear them, practice in them and get the materials used a bit. The shoes will adjust to the pressure points of your feet as you push through training.

One suggestion is to wear thicker, ankle-length socks during the breaking in process to alleviate any discomfort. These martial arts shoes will become more comfortable as they are worn in. The pliable materials make for a nice fit once they adjust to your pressure points.


Comparable to an adult male US shoe size it should be taken into consideration that these shoes do have a larger fit. Wider than most, once the correct size is sorted out this is an all-around reliable shoe.

Some of the online websites offer children’s sizes as well as other color options to pick from. The color options include black, white and there’s also a pink and black mix of color. Availability and sizing for different design colors may vary.

There is a sizing chart available on the brand’s website for reference to the size you may be. The only part about this product that might be found to be a bit puzzling to figure out is the sizing. Once the correct size is sorted out it’s smooth sailing.


Picking out the right shoes is not only important for comfort but for hygiene reasons too. Snug shoes cannot allow airflow around your feet or toes and may also contribute to discomfort as well.

Working up a sweat can make lengthy practices slightly uncomfortable and leave you with an unpleasant smell to not only your feet but your shoes afterward. This is where breathability is not only important for a uniform but shoes too.

The Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes are constructed to be a wider/larger fit to provide enough breathability to remove any cause for concern with neither hygiene or discomfort.


This truly is not the run of the mill average pair of shoes, the highlights of this design truly flow from top to bottom. The soles of these lightfoot martial art shoes not only provide an excellent grip that won’t mark up a floor or mat.

They are also equipped with pivot points. Pivot points on the bottom of the shoes are helpful for faster pivotal movements in either direction. Great for advancing your footwork in general, and won’t alter your movement.

Non-marking soles are great for gym floors and mats. One of the reasons for going barefoot in martial arts is to protect the mats from being worn down and because shoes can sometimes leave those dreadful marks.

Century has provided a lightweight martial arts shoe with soles that won’t be harsh on surfaces. These soles are a nice added bonus to the entire shoe design.


Century Martial Arts pricing is not only fair it’s almost a steal for the quality products they offer! Generally, athletic gear can be a tad pricey sometimes, but these lightfoot martial art shoes are worth the bang you get for your buck!

All of the potential long-term use that these shoes have to offer to make them worth their price. Often times it can be hard to find products that match their price with their quality.

Century martial arts absolutely goes above and beyond to provide the Martial Arts community with great products at a fair price!

Why Wear Shoes

Outside of fashion and how well these martial art shoes are put together there’s a handful of highly sensible reasons why someone may want to invest in a pair to wear during practice. A few of the more important reasons aren’t as obvious as you might think.

One of the not so commonly thought of reasons behind always practicing while wearing martial arts shoes is for more authentic practice. In a real self-defense type of situation where someone may need to protect themselves, chances are they’re going to be wearing shoes.

Another good reason behind wearing martial art shoes as apart of your essential gear is you may find that not every place you’re able to practice has suitable floors. An older uneven wooden floor can easily become an injury waiting to happen.

Century lightfoot martial arts shoes are a simple solution to a variety of potential setbacks that could distract you from training.

Bottom Line

All around these are a solid pair of martial arts shoes. They are worth their value and are quite stylish too! A great addition to your favorite martial arts training uniform as well as a nice gift idea. These Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes truly are a purchase you’re sure to enjoy!

The features packed into this deal may strike you as too good to be true, especially with how normally shoes may not be thought of as an ideal part of a martial arts uniform. Although not all forms of martial arts allow shoes to be worn there is still a large area of various forms whereas shoes may be more helpful than not.

One of the more helpful features is the pivot points within the sole of the shoes. This addition to practicing footwork will help anyone from beginner to an experienced person advance within their training. The realism this product brings to the training itself is a great reason to add these martial arts shoes to your routine.

Not to mention the durability this product offers along with comfort and breathability is phenomenal. These shoes are well a well thought out design and could easily become your new favorite piece of martial arts gear!