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The Century Versys Fight Simulator is a mixed martial artist's dream training system. You can do more with this bag than you will ever be able to do with most other bag options. It comes on a base, which makes it great for working your upper and lower body. You will be able to hone your punch and kick accuracy. This bag also transitions well for ground and pound practice. These are only a few of the many exercises and training techniques that you can work on while using this combat simulator from Century. Consumers are pleased that they can train in so many different ways. Most punching bags cannot be used for grappling and standing training, this one can. As you can imagine, this type of versatility is advantageous on the journey towards becoming your best. This fight simulator is not only good for mixed martial artists but can help every athlete work towards their goals of building strength, speed, agility, and focus. The base of this training tool is also pretty cool. It is pre-filled and offers great rebound. This makes training with it effortless, even though you will be working hard. Taking care of this bag is simple and people love how positively it has impacted their home workout experience.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Pre-Filled Base
  • Huge Variety Of Practice Options
  • Durable
  • Great For Boxers & MMA Fighters
  • Like Working W/Sparring Partner
  • Improves Speed & Accuracy
  • Enhances Technique
  • May Tip W/Heavy Blows
  • Expensive
  • Not A Heavy Bag


Century has been in business for over forty years. They provide some of the best quality items available to fighters across the globe. Whether you are simply trying to stay fit, lose weight, gain muscle, or enhance your skill in your chosen discipline, Century has a product to suit your needs. Their prices tend to be a bit higher than average, however, the quality of their products is absolutely higher than average. They understand that inside and outside of the ring you need equipment that won't fail. In fact, their products are all quite durable. It is difficult nowadays to trust that a brand is going to give you top quality items, every time. With this brand, you will get exactly that. They offer products like clothing, protective gear, punching bags, and many other things to help improve your overall fitness and training. They are led by fighters themselves which helps ensure you get products that actually work.


The bag portion of this fight simulator is filled with foam. Typically, punching bags are filled with shredded material or sandbags. In fact, sometimes it is a mixture of both. The problem with these types of fillers is that they settle. When this happens you may end up with exceptionally hard areas throughout your bag. This can lead you to injuries. The foam in this bag is high-density and can seriously stand up to a beating. This is, obviously, a good thing as combat training can get a bit rough. The foam that it is made from won't break down easily which means you will be able to use this training tool for years to come. Foam is great for absorbing impact. When you use a material that absorbs impact well, it leads to better feeling muscles and joints after strenuous workouts. Century has done the research to ensure that this filling can hold strong through years of tough training.


The bag portion of this system easily attaches to the base with a zipper. This holds it securely in place to ensure you can work on your standing exercises easily. The base of this bag comes pre-filled. It is filled with sand. Sand is excellent for the purpose of keeping this freestanding bag in place. Other freestanding bags require you to fill the base of them. This is typically done with water or sand. Most people prefer sand as it is the heavier option. Customers have noticed that if you land heavy blows on this bag it does have a tendency of falling over. This can be quite inconvenient during a long training session. Not all users have this issue but it does seem to be a fairly consistent complaint. There isn't any way to add weight to the base itself to add stability, however, you may find it isn't a problem for you at all. Overall, the base does a decent job at keeping your bag in place but it may be an aspect that Century needs to keep working on.


The bag portion of this free-standing system weighs right around 110 lbs. This makes it appropriate for a variety of training purposes. There is no specific weight given for the base of this product. However, we are sure it is quite heavy to help keep the bag in place as you work with it in a standing position. The weight of this bag allows you to practice exercises like takedowns. Groundwork is also exceptionally easy when using this bag. It is heavy enough that it will help you build strength. On the other hand, it is not so heavy that it becomes difficult to handle. It is important to note that if you are just beginning this bag may seem quite heavy but as you build muscle it will become more manageable.


If you choose to go with us you will be getting a fairly decent sized system. The bag stands At five and a half feet tall. As you can see, this is pretty large and we'll work well whether you are practicing punches or kicks. It is also a great size when you are doing floor work. You will be able to practice with it as if you were practicing with an actual partner. The diameter of the bag is just under 14 in. This is a bit larger than standard heavy bags but it is a good size and customers are pleased with it overall. The base of it does not add much to the height. there is not an exact measurement on the diameter of the base, however, it is larger than the diameter of the bag itself. In general, you will be able to use this bag for all of your training purposes and the size will fit easily in your home gym regardless of how much room you have.


The outside of the bag and bass are made of vinyl. Vinyl is exceptionally durable. In addition, it is very easy to care for. Over the years vinyl will maintain its shape and integrity. This even goes for those of you that plan on using it on a daily basis. There is a metal zipper located on the base and the bottom of the bag. These are used to attach the bag portion to the base portion. As previously mentioned, the base of this is filled with sand. All of the materials used in this bag and bass are exceptionally high-quality. They are built to last. There are also handles that are stitched onto the top and bottom of this item. They are also durable and of great quality. They are located here so that you can practice techniques including throws.


This option is a bit of an investment. Not every bank account will be able to absorb the blow. This product is very high-quality and quite durable. You can use it for many other purposes as compared to a more traditional punching bag. So, while it does cost quite a bit of money consumers still feel as if it is a very good value. We must admit, this is probably not the best item that Century produces. It does have a few flaws. However, it does not change the fact that it is a great training tool. It is appropriate for all types of Fighters to train with. When you take all of these points into consideration it is understandable that people feel that it is a very good value but not the very best value.


There are a plethora of advantages when it comes to training with this fighting simulator. As previously noted it is quite durable so I'll be able to stand up to True punishment. This is a major advantage considering all of the different things you can use this model for. Obviously, your Technique in Striking can be enhanced when practicing on this bag. This goes for your upper and lower body. It can help you hone your skill, improve your speed, maintain better balance, and seriously enhance your reaction times. As your training progresses, you will find yourself crushing your next goal more easily with the ability to train at home with a punching bag styled like this one. Overall, it can also help improve your health and fitness levels.


The biggest disadvantage to this punching bag option is going to be for you heavy hitters. It has been noted by several customers that when practicing with this bag if it is hit too hard, it will fall over. This is a major problem when you're in the middle of a serious gym session. Another problem that has been mentioned by consumers is the fact that over time the bag will no longer stay at a 90-degree angle when zipped to the base. This can leave you with an accurate strike training if you're trying to practice in a certain zone. It can also just feel downright awkward. It is important to note that it does take quite a while until this becomes a problem but again, it has been mentioned many times by the people currently using it.


You can use most punching bags for a variety of purposes, however, this one you can do even more with. Not only will you be able to work on your technique and punching and kicking you will also be able to practice throws with this bag. It is also excellent when you're working on knees and elbows. Boxers can use this bag for punch training and improvement of footwork. It also gives you a nice large striking surface which makes practicing a variety of different punches easier. With a traditional heavy bag, you can absolutely not practice grappling with it. This bag gives you that option. Groundwork is extremely important in many mixed martial arts disciplines. Due to the fact that you have the ability to use this bag on the ground is, obviously, an awesome advantage.


The quality of this bag is solid. The materials are some of the best available on the market today. Century is known for their high-quality products and this one Falls in line with them. There are some structural issues that may crop up over time. This is an aspect that we feel needs to be further looked into. Knowing how this brand handles their products it is likely that we will see this negative aspect improve in the future. Overall it is an exceptionally durable, multi-use punching bag that is good quality. Customers are pleased with how this looks, feels, and functions. Century makes a large line and many styles of punching bags. This is probably not their very best one but it does not change the fact that it is made of great materials and is overall good quality.


Taking care of this item is barely an inconvenience. Due to the fact that the exterior of it is made of vinyl, you won't have to buy any special cleaners for it. Simply wipe it down after using with your favorite disinfectant spray. you can clean the bass the exact same way as it is covered with the same material. On occasion, you will want to look over the zipper area to make sure that there are no tears. This will help to ensure your bag doesn't come off of the base during stand-up practices. You may also want to look at the handles that are sewn to the bottom of the bag. If you're working on throws and that sort of thing you will want to make sure the stitching stays intact. This is not something you need to do all the time. Overall, wiping down your bag is going to keep it in good condition.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for something that offers a little more than a standard punching bag, this is a great option. For those of you that are invested in mixed martial arts, this bag can truly enhance your training. You will have the ability to work standing up or on the ground. Most punching bags this is not even a possibility. It will help save room in your gym because it meets a variety of needs. It is a bit expensive and there are a few areas that need a little work. On the whole, it is a solid choice that can improve your home gym. Not only that but also your strength, speed, accuracy, ground moves, and more. Put as many hours in working with this bag as you please, it will maintain its quality. The proof of your improvement will be easily seen by those around you.