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The Century Versys VS.2 grappling dummy has a better design and structure than many others. They use a third leg so you won't have to try and balance it when you want to stand it up. This is going to allow you to use it for all different types of training activities. While we typically, do not use our grappling dummies as punching bags you can actually use this one for striking exercises. In addition, you will be able to practice takedowns, throws, submission moves, or ground and pound techniques. As you can see, this is a pretty versatile grappling dummy that can help to improve your performance in a variety of ways.

Century does a great job in making sure you get durable products that will withstand the tough nature of combat sports like Muay Thai. This item is going to give you good longevity of use. You won't need to concern yourself with issues like seam durability. Many options out there will start to pop and leak their filling with frequent use. So, the fact that you don't need to worry about this when purchasing this option is a pretty big benefit. It is heavy enough to stay in place nicely, however, it is not so heavy that it becomes a burden to reposition it when you need to. Overall, consumers are quite pleased with the design, performance, and materials used in this option from Century.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stable Design
  • Extremely Versatile Use
  • Has Third Leg
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Good Durability
  • Improves Takedowns, Throws, & Grappling
  • Easy To Reposition
  • Expensive
  • Imbalanced Weight
  • Zipper Not Covered


Century has been a leader across the globe in the world of martial arts for more than forty years. When a company has been around for that length of time there has to be a reason. Consumers have found that the options from this brand tend to be a step above the rest. They back all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that makes it easy to handle if you find your item to be less than perfect. They offer options for fighters of every variety. Whether you are a boxer looking for gloves or a heavy bag or if you are into mixed martial arts and need to work on your grappling they have options to suit everyone. Their products are made with better materials and more attention to detail. Which is why so many people keep coming back to them for their combat sports-related needs. It is important to note that their prices do tend to be a bit higher, however, this is due to the fact that their products are better quality. Overall, people are very happy with this brand and the options they have to offer.


We are a bit surprised to find that the materials used for this product are not listed. Looking at it closely we believe that the outer material is probably made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is going to hold up well to the consistent abuse that comes from fight Sports training. It is also extremely easy to take care of. This item also does not provide information on what it is filled with. However, we are very confident and feeling that it is spelled with cloth material. It is likely to cut into strips. This is a very common filler for this type of item so we feel that it is a safe bet to say that this is what it is filled with. The only other real material you're going to come into contact with is a zipper. The bottom portion of this product zips on to the top. The zippers made of plastic which could cause some durability issues, however, there are not a lot of complaints surrounding this piece of this item.


When you decide to invest in a product from this brand you know that you're going to be getting something that is good quality. People are very happy with the structure and design of this item. They are also happy with the durability that it has. You'll be able to use this grappling dummy on a daily basis without worry of it falling apart. Obviously, this is a major bonus considering the hard-hitting nature of these types of sports. Century pays attention to the small details and it is easily seen. The stitching is all reinforced so you won't have to worry about bursting seams in the middle of a training session. Overall, customers are very pleased and impressed with the quality of this item. We are not surprised to see this as again, this brand is known for providing higher quality options than others that are currently available in the same price range.


You'll be getting a fairly decent size grappling dummy when you decide to invest in this option. It stands at approximately 5 ft tall. This is going to accommodate a large variety of Fighters. It is going to help simulate a more realistic fighting scenario. Working with dummies that are extremely small is not advantageous as it is not realistic. So, the fact that this item is Sizemore like a real human it is going to help you perform better during actual sparring sessions or competitions with a person. Obviously, you may find yourself with an opponent that is quite a bit larger than 5 foot, however, this dummy is going to help prepare you for a variety of different scenarios due to its size. You will be able to seamlessly practice a huge variety of training exercises. So whether you need to improve your takedowns, throws, or submission moves this item will help you get better.


When most people are looking for a grappling dummy they want one that has a decent amount of weight to it but they also don't want it to be overly heavy. Using one that is extremely heavy can wear you out as you're trying to reposition it. This option comes in weighing right around 50 pounds. Some consumers have noted that this is not the actual weight when you receive it. We have only found one report of a consumer stating that there's only weighed 35 pounds. Most of them are wearing right around 50 pounds which is a great weight for this type of training tool. It is heavy enough to stay in place when you are working on standing drills and it is light enough that it won't wear you down as you reposition it. Overall, customers are pleased with the weight of this item and feel that it works well for all of the situations they find themselves working on.


There are a plethora of different styles of grappling dummies. The two most common are ones found in a standing or kneeling position. This one is in a standing position. As noted, they use the third leg to help keep this item upright while you are working on standing moves and strikes. It does not inhibit taking this dummy down. You'll be able to easily transition into working on ground and pound exercises or other down on the mat drills. Consumers have mentioned that they find the arms of this item to be a bit odd. They stick straight out from the dummy and they are relatively short. This can be good for some training exercises but some find that they get in the way. Overall, people are very happy with a structure, style, and design that they have chosen for this product even though the arms are a bit awkward.


On the whole, this item is very durable. One of the major issues with grappling dummies tends to be the durability of the seams. When you are training with an item like this the durability of the seams plays a big role. You are not going to have to worry about them bursting during a training session when you decide to go with this option. They have reinforced the seams and you can definitely tell. There have been a couple of complaints from consumers about the durability of the zipper that attaches the bottom piece of this item to the top. The zipper is made of plastic and, therefore, it is more susceptible to breaking if it is taking strikes in this area. Not everyone is having problems with this. In fact, we have only found two consumers that have found it to be an issue. Overall, this is a very durable item that will stand up to the constant impact that comes with training for sports like boxing, Muay Thai, karate, and other mixed martial arts.


The exceptional versatility and use that you will get from this item are one of the biggest advantages. Many grappling dummies are only good for practicing ground exercises. This one, on the other hand, can also be used for standing, throwing, and striking drills. Obviously, you'll be getting a better bang for your buck when you decide to invest in this item as it will fit into your routine more frequently. With that being said it is also an advantage that this product has exceptionally durable. If you're going to be using it for all these different training activities it's going to need to be able to stand up to the challenge. The structure and design of this item are also more stable. You won't have to worry about constantly repositioning it. In addition, it's not overly heavy. So as you are making adjustments you don't have to worry about added fatigue that could dampen your ability to perform your best.


As with all items, there are a few downfalls related to this one that should be thought about before deciding to make your purchase. The first one has to do with the weight of this item. Consumers have noted that it is heavier at the bottom. This makes the weight of it imbalanced and some people really don't like that. It can make finding a good position and solid placement during drills a bit difficult. Another issue that comes some consumers have is with the zipper. It is not covered which could tear up your skin if you're not wearing protection. In addition, it is made of plastic which could lead to durability issues. This is especially true if you find yourself striking this area frequently. These are truly the only real disadvantages that we have found in regards to this item. As you can see they are quite limited which is great but they should be given time and consideration before making the decision to call it your own or not.


We consider this product to be a pretty great value. The cost of that is associated with it is pretty high. Many budgets will have to do some saving before they can call this grappling dummy their own. If you are on a very strict budget it could be exceptionally hard to purchase this item. With that being said, it does offer great durability. In addition, you will get such versatile your side of it that you may not have to buy other pieces of training equipment that may be required if you went with a different option. In the long run, using this product could save you money. While it can be hard to make the initial investment we don't believe that you will be disappointed. It can be hard to put your trust and hard-earned money into a brand nowadays, however, this one has been around so long and has instilled so much confidence and people that we don't feel you can go wrong. If you can work this item into your budget we believe you will be truly satisfied with its performance.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect grappling dummy to fit your routine can be difficult. There are a variety of different styles available. This one is going to stand up better than most. This is due to the fact that it does use a third leg and it is a bit heavier in the bottom that it is in the top. What does is going to do is provide you with extra training opportunities. Obviously, the more you so you can get out of a piece of equipment the better. As noted, it is quite expensive but with great longevity of use, you will be getting a good bang for your buck. We believe that making an investment with this brand is a safe bet. There are a few negatives, as with all items, that should be considered. However, we believe that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.