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The Century XXL Wavemaster is excellent for kicking and punching drills. It is quite a bit larger than the original Century Wavemaster. The added surface area makes training with a heavy bag easier than ever. The base is not as large as some freestanding bags which means you won’t have to worry about tripping over a bulky base and injuring yourself. You will get a one year warranty with this item so you can rest easy knowing if there are any defects you haven’t wasted your money. Century has made the base of this bag very easy to fill which is, obviously, appreciated among users. This bag will take up a bit more room in your home gym but it is easily moved to different locations freeing up space when you need it. Whether you are into boxing, mixed martial arts, or you simply want to let off some steam, this heavy bag is an excellent option. From a brand like Century, you know you will be getting a top quality product that will be able to stand up to the toughest fighters frequent practice with ease. Overall, customers are very satisfied with this bag and feel it is an excellent investment.


Customers have been putting their needs for top of the line fight gear into Century's hands for more than forty years. Over this time Century has spent the time to develop stellar options to suit your lifestyle and fight preference. This brand is not built of businessmen, they are founded and run by fighters and combat sports enthusiasts. When the gear you are buying is made by people who actually know what you need, it makes a big difference. Offering options for clothing, protective gear, training equipment, and fitness essentials you will be able to find anything you need. You will be able to take solace in the fact that you will be getting high-quality merchandise. Their products are built to last. You may end up paying a bit more but they back all of their products with a satisfaction guarantee.


This freestanding bag is not filled. It is made with a high-density foam that is amazing at absorbing impact. Due to the fact that this bag is not filled with material and sandbags means you won't have to worry about settling or your bag pitting. When this happens you can end up with very hard areas throughout your bag. This can actually become so dense that when you strike it you end up injuring yourself. You could experience fractures or even breaks. The foam used in this bag will help you avoid these adverse aspects of typically heavy bags. This foam is exceptionally durable. You, obviously, need a durable material when you plan on striking something repeatedly. This will stand up to the heaviest hitters beautifully. You will get great use out of this bag for years with no issues with the inside breaking down.

Base Filling

The base of this bag is not nearly as large as others we have reviewed. It is low-profile and very easy to fill. The heavy-duty plastic can be filled with several different things. You can easily fill it with water or sand. If you use water it won't be quite as stable as compared to using an item like sand. This means you may notice a bit more motion while you are working your bag. Using sand is a great option and offers a ton of stability while training. There are reports from customers stating that they have also used kitty litter and small gravel pieces to fill the base of this bag. They are both good options that will help keep your bag right where you are working with it. It is important to note that if you go with one of these heavier options it will become more difficult to relocate your bag when you aren't using it. Overall, there are lots of options and you can go with whatever you feel will suit you best.


When the base of this bag is filled with water or sand it ends up weighing about two hundred and seventy pounds. Before the base, if filled the entire set up weighs less than twenty-five pounds. This makes it very easy to handle before filling the base up. It is important to note that if you put a heavier item in the base it will increase the weight of the bag, overall. This can make it more difficult to move but the base is shaped to be conducive to relocation. The fact that this bags weight comes from the base means you won't have to worry about making sure your heavy bag is half your body weight. The striking surface is very lightweight but also exceptionally durable. Regardless of your weight or strength, you will be able to use this bag with ease. In addition, this means you won't have to worry about sustaining injuries from striking a bag that is too dense for your size.


As you can imagine, with a name like the XXL Wavemaster, this freestanding bag is a bit larger than normal. It stands at almost six-foot tall. This gives you ample space for landing punches and kicks. Not only is it longer than most punching bags, but it is also wider. Typically, punching bags are about a foot in diameter. This one comes in at eighteen inches in diameter. This again gives you more surface area to work while you are training. The base is low profile and the diameter is about two and a half feet. Only fifteen inches of the length is due to the base. This is great for those of you practicing mixed martial arts disciplines that require upper and lower body workouts as there is plenty of bag for you to abuse. Altogether, this bag will fit well in most spaces. Even if your home gym is relatively small you should be able to use this with no problem.


As previously discussed, the padding of the bag is made from high-density foam. This is covered with a very tough layer of vinyl. Vinyl is super easy to care for and will last a plethora of time. The bag itself is attached to a plastic base with a plastic cap. The cap is removable for easy filling. All of the materials used in this heavy bag are made to withstand the test of time and punishment. When you are going to be practicing striking drills you need a bag that is up to the challenge. This one won't pit or fall apart due to the fact that Century knows what materials will last. These are the materials they decide to use in each and every one of their products. Obviously, if you are going to make an investment in a heavy bag you want to make sure you are getting great material. It is nice to know there are brands out there that are truly trustworthy to provide this.


This option is very expensive. It is built to last and will take your training to the next level. There are, obviously, a ton of advantages in using a large freestanding bag like this one. It will not fit into every budget and you may find that you need to take some time and save up for it. You do have a lot of other options on the market for cheaper punching bags but they don't offer the size and quality that this one does. So, while you will be making quite an investment it is still a great value. Once you can afford to buy it, you can rest easy knowing it will last you for years to come and offer you advanced training options.


There are a variety of advantages that you will have when you decide to purchase the Century XXL Wavemaster heavy bag. Not only will you be able to practice your punch technique but the long body of this bag will also allow you to practice kicks. It is freestanding so you will be able to fit it into limited space with ease and then relocate it to use that area for other workouts. The extreme durability that it offers will ensure you have a practice bag at home for years to come. If you take fight sports seriously then you know training at home is imperative to reaching your highest potential. The base is simple to fill. There is also the fact that you won't have to worry about hard spots in your bag that could cause injury. This is due to the foam interior of the bag itself.


There is really only one major disadvantage to this product. As you can probably guess, it is the price. It is very expensive and can be completely unaffordable for many budgets. While you won't need to purchase anything to hang it, you will need to buy base filler (unless filling with water). You will also require gloves before you can start working this bag. Some choose to use it with bare hands but understand this could leave to injury from improper technique or a poorly landed blow. Other than this fact customers really don't have a bad word to say about this bag. There are very few products out there that this can be said for and it plays a role in why so many people continue to give their business to Century.


You will be able to use this bag for a plethora of different purposes. Obviously, boxers, mixed martial artists, and people that do some bag training during their fitness routines can use this heavy bag option. It is also excellent for people that have pent up aggression and need a healthy outlet for it. It really can help decrease stress levels. Those of you that don't have much space in your home or home gym can also benefit from a freestanding bag like this one. It's increased size gives you plenty of striking surface. You will be able to work on upper and lower body techniques. In addition to all of this, the slim base is sturdy and not as bulky as some.


The quality of this bag is stellar. The materials that it is constructed of are some of the very best available in today's market. Century has been in business for a long time and has a seriously vast following. They did not get there by creating inferior goods. The base is solid and does not leak. This is a common problem with cheaper options that offer freestanding bags. The interior foam won't break down quickly and you will be able to use this bag for years. Consumers are more than pleased with the quality of this bag and if you can afford it, we feel you will be too. As previously mentioned, customers truly trust this brand and it is because they continue to give us products that are a step above the rest.


This bag option really doesn't require much care. The tough vinyl exterior is a cinch to clean. You can use your preferred antibacterial cleaner and simply wipe it down. There is no real maintenance to do on the foam interior. The base may get a bit dusty from time to time. Here again, all you need to do is wipe it down. The most difficult thing may be to clean the indents in the base and this, honestly, is barely an inconvenience. Users are pleased with the fact that they don't need to put much time or effort into caring for this heavy bag.

Bottom Line

Choosing to go with this large freestanding bag is a great choice. Yes, it does take a pretty serious investment. However, if you are committed to your training this bag will give you many advantages. It is also a great option for just about anyone. If, of course, you can afford it. You will have an extremely durable bag that you will be able to use for a vast variety of purposes. There isn't much time you need to invest in its care and you won't have to allot a large space in your home gym for it. Consumers have exceptionally positive things to say about this freestanding bag. If you are looking to lose weight or hone your skills in your chosen discipline this bag can help you get there. Overall, we stand behind Century and their products and if you go with them you will likely stick with them for all your training needs.