Choosing a Muay Thai Gym

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym Choosing a Muay Thai Gym

As the popularity of fighting and martial art sports had increased over the years, gyms multiply all over. Since that is happening, it became difficult to find the appropriate-fitting gym for yourself. Essentially there are few options to be considered. Few things that are important and might be crucial are the gym’s location, coaches, price, classes offered, skill levels, amenities, and training.

The thing is in identifying which of these are the most important to you, so this text is going to guide you through the process.

About the Location

The location is a common reason for most people in making decision to start visiting a gym. Many people would rather pick a good location than a good training, so they will spare their time in doing so. Money requires time and practice, and to the most of the fighters fighting isn’t the main source of money. If you are searching for a serious training and high fighting level, you should probably look a bit further than your hometown or country for a proper service.

Most people claim that Thailand is the heaven for Muaythai fighting, because of many high-rated quality gyms, and for Thailand is a place where the sport originated.

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym


Price can cause a problem for some fighters. If you have never had experienced any type of martial arts gym, for some that might be shocking.

It varies from 20-25$ to 200-300$ per month. So the ones with the high-quality equipment, large staff, well-known gyms will be with the higher prices, of course. Unlike ordinary gyms, you are not paying only for the equipment, but for the instructors’ effort and time.

These gyms usually have payment plans and contracts. Make sure you read the content carefully for there could be a possibility of them having a right to sue you, if the contract is canceled before the deadline. You can either pay one year in advance, which is going to spare you a lot of money if it’s a long-term plan. There will also be a half- year contracts and payment methods, and a single term training, which is the most expensive for a long term period.

In many countries, fighting for the gym’s fighting club, you might train for free as long as the gym takes the part of your earnings. But that doesn’t always happen to be the scenario, smaller the chances if you are not taking it seriously.

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym


Finding out that you’re spending a lot of money in the gym, and for the trainers, you could do some research before you join some. Try making time for speaking with head coaches or trainers to see if you can get along with them. Here are few things that you could ask them:

  • For how long they are coaching?
  • About their fighting record?
  • Where were they training?
  • Do they have some achievements as trainers?
  • What is their style?

Even if their answers seem good to you, to make sure that it fits you, you should go to one of the classes yourself.

Offered Courses

Once you get along with the coach you chose, you should check and pick some of the training offered. Everyone is specific when it comes to training. be sure that the gym fits your needs and schedules.

Depending on what gym you pick, there can be several types of classes: Beginner, advanced, clinching, sparring or conditional and strength classes. If Muaythai is new to you, you could probably ask some of the employees in the gym if there are some classes to go to.

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym

The Content

Muaythai is focused on agility, swiftness and on striking your opponents with brute force. Unlike many, you cannot go far with this sport only by practicing techniques without appropriate equipment. Every gym is supposed to have a variety of exercise equipment to provide for their customers, and not all of them will have the proper equipment, so be wise when you are making this decision.

Among many required things, one of them is heavy Thai bags, traditional heavy bags or pole bags. If they are missing punching bags, see if they at least have some training pads. Thai pads are the ones you are looking for, and also focus mitts, kick shields, and belly pads.

If they do not possess any of this equipment, you should continue searching.


Some fighters are looking for gyms where they can learn to fight from the mature students besides coaches. Training with an experienced fighter should also increase your skills, no matter the techniques currently applied.

On the other hand, there might be people ahead of begging classes, able to help less skilled people. Anyway, try finding a place where gym “skill level” fits your needs and expectations.

You cannot know that if you are about to fit there with other people in the gym. You will share that place with these people for a long-term, so you should work on that too.

Choosing a Muay Thai Gym

Training Classes

So this should affect you the most in making a decision when choosing a gym. If you are a beginner, you should look for someone place where they can teach you some basics about Muaythai. It surely helps if you observe few classes before joining, in order to see how fast they can turn a beginner into the apprentice. Good coaches and trainers will make sure that the techniques performed by their students are correct, rather than letting them practicing that way, or paying attention only to experienced students.

You should already have in mind what type of training do you want, and to make sure that it matches your goals. If you are going there only for working out, then look for a gym focused on cardio with condition classes. If you want to know about the techniques, see if the gym can afford that to you.

Kicking it

To make sure if it’s any good is to try it yourself. You should look for a place that is offering a free trial. Some of them are offering a great service. Look forward to seeing the training level.

If they do not offer free trial period, then sign up for one month, in order to check the classes, and to see if the gym is any good for you, in case you don’t like it, to make sure you don’t have to be there for a long time.


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