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The Cleto Reyes Leather Hi-Top boxing shoes are a fantastic addition to a serious boxers gear. They are exceptionally lightweight which means you will be able to move around in them easily. You will get a decent amount of impact absorption from the insole and the outsole of this boot. With a tall pair of lace-up boots, taking them on and off can be a major pain. With these, you won't have to worry about that as they sport a convenient side zipper. Entering a boxing ring means needing the proper footwear. Improper footwear can lead to injury, sloppy footwork, or slipping during a critical moment. These boots will help you maintain a great grip, keep your feet moving properly, and give you the support you need to crush your opponent. You also need a comfortable, yet snug fit. Consumers are pleased with the fit these boots offer. When you make an investment into this item you will be getting exceptionally high-quality material. This leads to great durability and longevity of use. What this means for you is a great fitting pair of boxing shoes that will last for a very long time. Overall, you will be getting style, comfort, and functionality when you go with the boots by Cleto Reyes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Genuine Leather
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Quite Supportive
  • Very Flexible
  • Great Fit
  • Form To Your Feet
  • Hand Made
  • Longer Break-In Time
  • Insole May Slide Out
  • Expensive


More than seventy years ago, Cleto Reyes found that fight sports seriously needed a make-over in terms of gloves. His boxing gloves have been being used in the ring for so long that this brand is synonymous with the world of boxing. While they produce some of the best gloves available in the market today they also offer a plethora of other items to help take your combat sports training to the next level. Whether you are interested in boxing or mixed martial arts you will be able to find the gear you need to stay protected, train hard, and reach your goals. Their equipment is some of the best quality you could ask for. It offers longevity and excellent attention to detail. When you need to be ring ready, you can count on this brand to provide you with amazing products that won't let you down.


The insole of this product is made of polyurethane. This is a very soft material that does a pretty good job at absorbing impact. You will get a good level of comfort with this type of insole. It also offers great durability. Obviously, this is a great aspect when you spend hours in the gym on your feet and moving. Customers do have a small complaint when it comes to the insole of this boot. It is not secured inside of it. What this means is that when you are putting your foot in or taking it out you may end up with your insole moving. If it slides out when taking your boots off its not a big deal but if it bunches up when putting your foot in it can be. Not only is that very uncomfortable it can be difficult to adjust, leaving you feeling frustrated. Overall, it is a decent insole that will give you a comfortable fit, you may just need to fiddle with it on occasion.


The outsole of a boxer's shoe is very important. It is what give you grip on the canvas. When it comes to your footwork it also plays a huge role. This boot uses a rubber outsole which will give you a very good grip. The design is perfect for the boxing ring. It is important to know that wrestling shoes and boxing boots are not the same things and it is mostly because of the outsole. The pattern of this boot is made for boxers and the way their feet move during a bout. It gives you the appropriate traction to move quickly and easily about the ring. Customers are very happy with the way these boots perform inside the ring. Another nice thing about rubber outsoles is the durability they offer. You will get years of use out of these which is awesome, especially after you get them broken in.


These are a very lightweight option. Coming in at just under two pounds it will feel as if you aren't wearing shoes at all. There are some major bonuses to wearing such a lightweight boot. You will be able to move more quickly as you won't be weight down. It also plays a role in the overall fit and feel of this option. Customers have frequently noted that they love how light these boots are. It does not take away from the quality and can help you to continually move fluidly without worrying about extra fatigue from heavy footwear. Finding a lightweight boot made of stellar material can be very difficult. It is nice that there is a brand out there that pays attention to this type of thing and truly does keep their boots nice and light.


You will be coming into contact with a few different materials when you decide to go with this item. The upper of the shoe is made of Genuine Leather. It is important to note that these boots are very light so the leather is quite thin as to accommodate keeping them as light as possible. This does not take away from the quality of the leather that they use. The feel of them is soft and supple. You will also have regular shoe laces and metal eyelets. There is a zipper on the side of the boot that is also made of metal. The only other materials you will see are the rubber on the outsole and the polyurethane insole. All of the materials used to build these boots are of the best quality. You can tell when you put them on that they are made to last and built for comfort.


You will be able to adjust these boots easily to ensure you get a great fit. There are also features built into them to help them give you the best fit possible. Over time the leather and insole will mold to your feet which provides not only a great fit but also added comfort. While these boots zip up the side so that you can take them on and off easily, they also lace up. The laces are there to help with your overall fit. You can, obviously, tighten or loosen them to meet what you are looking for in terms of fit. The upper opening of this boot is also nice and wide. This allows your ankle and lower calf to fit into it nicely. You won't have to worry about them being too snug and you will be able to adjust them with the laces throughout the day. People who are wearing these boots are truly happy with the fit.


These boots offer great durability. The fact that they are made of genuine leather speaks volumes in this area. It is an exceptionally durable material. It is important to note that the leather used is very thin so it is not going to hold up forever, however, with proper cleaning and conditioning it can last for years. The bottom of these shoes is made of rubber which is also quite durable. It is a very thin layer to keep them light and it does decrease the overall durability some. Keep in mind that if you work with your coach, spar, and do individual exercises in the ring you will wear these down faster than someone who isn't quite as serious about boxing. Overall, the longevity of use with this option is very good and you will get long-term comfortable wear when you decide to invest in them.


These boots are pretty awesome in terms of comfort. As previously mentioned, they are exceptionally lightweight which means you will experience less fatigue in your lower half. They are also very flexible. The materials used are made to move and this is great to help keep you comfortable during training. They are also quite adjustable. Due to the fact that they have laces, you will be able to loosen or tighten them to meet your preferred tightness and comfort level. The insole, while annoying when it moves, is also very comfortable for the wearer. They offer good impact absorption so your feet will feel less and continue to feel great regardless of how many hours you spend in the gym. The larger top opening also plays a role in the comfort level you get from these boots. Their great fit helps lead to exceptional comfort. Overall, customers are very happy with the comfort level they are getting when wearing these for their boxing training sessions.


You are not going to get great breathability when you go with this option. There is not a liner inside of this boot to help with sweat-wicking. This can lead to a wet soggy area where your foot is sitting. Some boots offer ventilation holes or mesh panels to ensure your feet can breathe. These, however, do not. There are a variety of problems that can crop up when your feet are sitting in a wet, hot, dark environment. Not only will they become uncomfortably hot more quickly you may also experience skin breakdown. On top of these, you may also end up with a serious case of athlete's foot, other fungal or bacterial infections and growth, or ingrown toenails. Obviously, no one wants to deal with any of these things. The lack of breathability is a bit of a letdown from this brand.


Due to the fact that these are a hi-top boot, you will get great support. This is not only concerning your feet but also your ankles. The height of these boots adds additional support that you won't find with others. In addition, the lace-up style will allow you to improve the support of your feet and ankles easily. These boots mold easily to your feet which will allow them to be supported in the best way possible. The insole of this item is also fairly supportive. It does not offer much in way of arch support but it is great with impact absorption. The rubber outsole also plays its part in support. It will support your foot nicely and also plays a role in absorbing impact. Overall, customers are quite satisfied with the support that this boot offers even when wearing them on a daily basis.


These all leather, well-built boxing boots are going to cost you a pretty penny. Not every budget will be able to afford them easily and some won't be able to at all without first saving up. There have been consumers who have stated they aren't sure if these boots are worth the money. We feel as if they are and so do the majority of users. They are made of great materials that are built to last. Sure, they aren't perfect but find a product on the market today that is and we would certainly be shocked. Overall, this brand is worth trusting and they know the ins and outs of fight gear. When you have done business in the same field for almost a century you learn a thing or two. This product is high-quality and can keep you dancing around the ring in comfort and style.

Bottom Line

This is a solid set of boxing boots. They offer good support and a great level of comfort. You will have to make a bit of investment to call them your own. However, if you do we don't think you will be disappointed. They are very light and quite flexible. These features really help to keep your feet comfortable, even when you are wearing them for an extended period of time. This brand has built a great foundation in the community of fighters. They are respected and provide excellent equipment and gear to ensure you have everything you need to succeed while training for your next fight. Overall, these are good boots if you can afford them and they will allow you excellent grip on the mat and a reliable piece of footwear for daily use.