Cleto Reyes Nylon Gym Bag Review

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The Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is a great option if you are looking for a breathable gym bag. It offers mesh paneled pockets at each end to ensure you get good air flow. This will help your items dry more quickly. In addition, you will notice a reduction in the foul odors we associate with sweaty gym routines.

You can easily organize with this bag. It offers a variety of different pockets to suit all of your needs, regardless of your stature. Some are small and some are large, it's nice to have so many options. The size of this bag is pleasing to consumers, overall.

There have been some reports of durability issues. Some consumers have found that the shoulder strap has a tendency to break. Additionally, there have been reports of the zippers popping open or losing teeth. Obviously, this is a problem that the Cleto Reyes brand needs to work on to make sure their customers are truly satisfied.

People truly love how the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag looks. The stylish design is sure to get noticed around the gym. The look of your gear bag isn't the most important factor, however, it's nice to know you can find an option that really does look good. You will be happy to carry this bag on a daily basis.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easily Accessible Compartments
  • Stylish Design
  • Good Material Choices
  • Highly Breathable
  • Small Pocket Options
  • Quite Spacious
  • Zipper Durability Issues
  • Strap Durability Issues
  • Handles Not Padded


The Cleto Reyes brand has been around for almost eighty years. In that timeframe, they have truly made a name for themselves among fighters of every discipline. Whether you are into boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, or other mixed martial arts it is likely you know this brand.

Their products tend to cost a little bit more than others, however, you also get better quality. When you decide to invest in the products from the spray and it is very rare that you are going to end up disappointed. In fact, people continue to flock to this brand because they know that they'll be getting better items than what competitors offer.

Regardless if you are searching for gloves, trunks, protective gear, bags, or other pieces of gear and equipment related to combat sports you'll be able to find them all here. With a variety of different options in each category finding the products that suit all of your needs as simple. Not only will you be able to check off all the boxes of your wants but you should also be able to pinpoint a product that will easily fit into your budget.


The bulk of the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is made of nylon. It is quite durable so you should get decent longevity of use out of it. You won't have to worry about all of your gear and equipment causing damage to the outer shell of this bag. In addition to the bag itself, the handles are also made from this material.

There is a mesh panel built in at one end. This is going to help the level of breathability for that pocket. They have not worked a lot of mesh into this product, however, the mesh they do use is quite durable.

The materials used in the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag are relatively simple and they are also typical among items in this category. There are zippers located throughout the design. It has been noted by consumers that they have had some zipper durability issues. This may be an aspect that this brand needs to work on to improve this bad.


The Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag offers you a pretty wide variety of pocket options. There is, obviously, a large compartment for your bigger pieces of gear. It is going to house items like your shin guards, headgear, shoes, and gloves. It offers substantial room to fit all of these pieces easily.

In addition, there are several smaller pockets. People like to have a few small pocket options in their gym bags for items like their keys, mouthguard case, hand wraps, and other items that are easily lost in a large compartment.

There are also pockets located at each end of the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag that have mesh panels. After a truly sweaty training session, you can put your wet items in here to help them dry more quickly. In addition, you won't notice as much foul odor coming from your gym bag because these wet items will be able to dry out fast.


Overall, people are pretty happy with the size of the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag. It is a bit smaller than a standard double styled bag. However, the large compartment will hold a good variety of items. There have not been many people stating that they feel this bag is too small.

The length is really where this bad comes up a bit short. Most gym bags like this one have a length of around 24 inches. With this option, you're only looking at about 18 inches. So, if you have very long pads you may have a bit of difficulty fitting them into this option.

The width and height of the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag are fairly standard. They both come in around 12 inches. This is going to give you quite a bit of space for your belongings. Here again, the customer seemed to be pleased with the overall size of this option from Cleto Reyes.


There are areas of the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag that are quite breathable and others that aren't. The bulk of this bag is made from nylon and this does not breathe exceptionally well. As noted, there are two pockets located at each end that have mesh panels. This is where you're going to find a good level of breathability.

When you put your wet items into these mesh panel pockets they are going to get a higher level of air flow. With added air flow comes faster drying times and fewer odors. You will likely still need to invest in some deodorizing products for the main compartment of this bag.

There are other options out there that are basically completely made of mesh if you are looking for a truly breathable bag. The Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag does offer a better level of breathability than many other words that don't use any mesh panels at all. Overall, in terms of breathability, this bag is average.


The Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is styled like a classic duffel bag. It is rectangular in shape and offers a decent variety of pockets. One of the main attributes to this style of gym bag is the fact that it offers a pocket of each end and a large compartment in the middle. This can make the organization fairly easy.

The other main style of gym bags is a backpack style bag. These work best for consumers that like to walk to the gym or ride their bikes. Obviously, carrying a large duffle bag while riding your bike may not be advantageous. So, this bag is going to work very well for some but not as well for others.

Choosing a double style gym bag provides you with more room. When you are carrying a plethora of different pieces of gear and Equipment the ability to carry them all in one bag is a pretty big advantage. Using the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag allows you to fit all those items more easily than you would with a backpack.


While the outer nylon material is quite durable, the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag does have some issues in the realm of durability. As we looked through all of the reviews from consumers we have noticed a trend with durability issues. There are two areas of this bag that you are going to need to worry about as they may not hold up very well.

The first area that you need to keep an eye on is the zippers. They are made of plastic and apparently, they break quite easily. If you overstuff your bag you may notice that your slippers are busting open. Obviously, this is a disadvantage that could leave you missing important pieces of gear or equipment.

Consumers have also noted that they have had strap durability issues with the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag. While using this bag and carrying around all of their gear they have found that the strap tends to break away from the bag itself. When you're making an investment into a piece of gear you want to make sure that it's going to hold up and this bag may end up letting you down.


There are a few advantages that come along with choosing the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag. The mesh pockets located at each end will allow you to dry out your sweatiest items quickly. In addition, it can help to keep the main compartment of your gym bag smelling better.

This bag also makes organization easy. They provide you with plenty of pocket options to ensure that there is a place for everything you need to carry. It's very convenient to have small pockets for your smaller items. You won't have to waste time digging around in the large compartment.

You also find that the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is pretty roomy. Fitting all of your items it is not as difficult as it would be with others. It will be able to handle your sparring gear, gloves, shoes, clothes, a towel, and more. Overall, people are pretty impressed with the size of this bag.


There are some obvious disadvantages associated with the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag that could end up being deal-breakers for many people. When you have a product with durability issues it is a major hit against it. This product definitely does have some problems in certain areas with durability, as noted.

Another issue that consumers have with this bag is the fact that all the descriptions you read say that the handles are padded. They are not. So, carrying this bag with a lot of gear and it could be a bit uncomfortable. You may find that the straps dig into your shoulder if this is how you prefer to carry it.

Obviously, some of these disadvantages are pretty major. You'll really need to take them into consideration. If you plan on using the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag on a daily basis for a whole bunch of different pieces of gear you may be disappointed with the longevity of use that you get out of it.


It's surprising to say this about an item from this brand. However, we feel as if the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag has a less than average value. With some major durability issues, it is unknown how much use you will get out of this bag before you need to replace it. This is a major hit against what we consider its overall value.

Obviously, the price of a product does play a role in determining its value. You'll be looking at a price tag that is fairly average among items in this category. It shouldn't take you much time to be able to call it your own if any at all. In addition, it's not going to take a large chunk out of your bank account.

Weighing the pros against the cons and looking over all of the different aspects with feel like it's pretty easy to see why we say the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is slightly less than the average value. Every product that is related to fight sports needs to offer great durability. This is especially true for fighters that take it very seriously and train on a frequent basis.

Bottom Line

For the most part, this is a very trustworthy brand that puts out excellent items. The Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag is just not quite up to par. Typically, we all want items that are built to last so the fact that this item has such prominent durability issues is a pretty major problem.

A lot of people that are buying this option are pretty happy with it. They like the style and design. In addition, they enjoy the fact that they have so many different options and pockets. Staying organized, as mentioned, is easy with this option.

If you were going to invest in the Cleto Reyes nylon gym bag it is probably best that you don't plan on using it daily. While it will hold all of the things you need you may find that it simply breaks down too quickly with daily use. There are many other options, even some from this brand, that may suit most people's needs better than this one in terms of gear bags.