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When you are looking for a pair of boxing trunks that will keep you cool and comfortable all while giving you great longevity of use, the Cleto Reyes Satin Trunks may be a perfect choice. The material will hold up for years of use brilliantly. They come down to just above the knee so that your movement will not be restricted while wearing them. It is important to note that customers love the feel of the material used in these trunks. They are flowy and comfortable yet slim fitting. You can choose to wear them during grappling practice but you may end up with them around your ankles. They will be a great choice inside the ring, during bag practice, and sparring sessions with your coach. In addition, consumers are pleased while wearing them during their cardio routines. They come in a nice variety of colors to suit your style. You won't have to worry about scratchy Velcro or a bad fit. These shorts rock an elastic waistband to keep your shorts where you put them. In addition, this adds to the overall comfort level you have while wearing them. These shorts are not exceptionally bulky. They offer a slimmer fit. Overall, you will be getting an excellent quality pair of boxing trunks when you invest in these ones by Cleto Reyes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Color Options
  • Good For Amateurs & Professionals
  • Great Quality
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Loose-Fitting
  • Room For Groin Protection
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Excellent Comfort
  • A Bit Pricey


Cleto Reyes spent a bit of time as an amateur boxer but quickly realized that he could make a difference in the world of fighting in a different way. Making boxing gloves from the start, his brand continued to grow. Now, for more than seventy years, Cleto Reyes has been providing gloves, trunks, head gear, protective equipment, and footwear to fighters all over the world. This company is devoted to quality. They have been from the beginning and we don’t forsee it ever changing. Customers have been pleased with their products because they are truly durable and made of the best materials. The passion that is put into the products they provide is top notch and not seen frequently in the market today. With old-school beliefs and attention to detail, you will not be disappointed with products made by this brand.


The bulk of these shorts are made of satin polyester. This gives a beautiful shiny finish to the shorts. Unlike silk, that is restrictive, the satin polyester stretches and moves with ease. It will allow you to wear these shorts for a huge variety of activities. They will transition easily. The waistband of these trunks is elastic. It is 4 inches thick to guarantee a secure fit. This large piece of elastic is also more comfortable while you are wearing groin protection. There is a patch of material in the center of the waistband that sports the company logo. Overall, these shorts are put together very simply. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as all of the materials that are being used are exceptionally good quality. You will be able to wear these shorts for years to come. not only will you be able to wear them for a long time, but they will also stay comfortable and maintain their shape.


The fit of these trunks is slim yet flowy. They are not exceptionally bulky so you won't have to worry about them getting in the way. The large waistband gives them an exceptionally secure fit. As previously mentioned, they will fit very well even while wearing groin protection. The material of these trunks will really move with you. This improves the overall fit. They are a bit looser through the thighs then other short you may have tried in the past. Overall, customers are exceptionally satisfied with the fit of the shorts. They come just above the knee. this again is to ensure that your movement is not restricted. When moving around the ring or practicing your strikes being able to move unrestricted plays a major role in your performance. Knowing that you can wear these shorts without worry of them moving around or splitting at the seams due to an incredible fit is a relief.


The fact that these are a little bit looser through the thighs means that you will get a better level of breathability. The material that the majority of the shorts are made of is also quite breathable. Polyester is excellent at absorbing moisture and then quickly drying. When your shorts do this you will be more comfortable. Obviously, the dryer your clothes stay the cooler and more comfortable you will be. It has been noted by consumers that they are a bit heavy around the waistband because of the thick piece of elastic located there. You may notice that this area does not dry as quickly and you may find it to be a bit warmer than other pairs of shorts you've worn in the past. In general, consumers are pleased with the breathability that the material of these shorts offer.


Polyester is known for the long use people get out of it. It is an exceptionally durable material. When you are training for a high-impact sport like wrestling, boxing, Kung Fu, or other mixed martial arts disciplines you need clothing that is going to withstand difficult training situations. Working on the mat, in the ring, with your coach, or a sparring partner means that the gear you are using is going to take a beating. The use of a material like polyester means you won't have to worry about rips or tears. In addition, they will handle being washed and dried easily. When you wear the same shorts frequently that means they also get washed frequently. This can lead to unraveling seams, shrinking, or stretching. You won't have to worry about any of those things with the material used in this pair of trunks.


These shorts look more like a traditional pair of boxing trunks. While there are many styles of shorts available these give you that retro look and feel. They are available in a good variety of color options to suit your wants and needs. You can buy them in solid black, solid red, solid blue, or solid white. They also offer a pair that is black with a white waistband and white stripes down the sides. In the same style they offer a pair that are red with a white waistband and stripes, black with a gold waistband and stripes, white with a white waistband and a green and red stripe, and blue with a white waistband and white stripes. As you can see, this will suit a variety of needs. If you're looking for a couple of pairs it's easy to coordinate the colors to your preference.


You will be able to use these boxing trunks for a variety of training purposes. While they are geared and most Well suited towards boxers they will also fit well into the routines of active people. Due to the fact that you cannot cinch the waist, you may find yourself losing your shorts during grappling practice. Consumers have noted that they love to wear these shorts not only while in the ring but also during sparring sessions with their coaches, while working the heavy or speed bag, and even during weight lifting sessions. They will work well for kickboxing as they will not inhibit movement and the fit offers an excellent range of motion. Overall, you'll be able to wear these shorts for most activities without them falling down or inhibiting your performance.


Consumers are very happy with the sizing of the shorts. They actually run true to size. A frequent complaint when trying to buy boxing trunks is that they run too big or too small. This can lead to a very frustrating situation. No one wants to have to return items and then wait for new ones to be delivered. So, the fact that the measurements of this product are accurate is a major advantage. Due to the fact that they have an elastic waistband, there will be a bit of stretch to accommodate sizing. These shorts are available in a 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, or 44-inch waist. It is important that you take your actual waist measurement before ordering your shorts. This will guarantee you get the size that is appropriate for you and will be left with a great fitting pair of trunks you can wear right away.


These shorts offer great durability which is a major advantage. When you're working hard in the gym on a daily basis you need a pair of trunks that are going to last with you. These ones wash and wear very well. In addition, the material that this brand uses is also an advantage. It moves with you and while they are slim they are also a bit flowy. When you have a very comfortable pair of shorts that don't inhibit your range of motion you will notice it in your performance. The waistband is thick and comfortable. You will have a great fit that is secure even when you are wearing different elements of protective gear. The fact that these shorts transition nicely between different training elements like weightlifting, bag practice, and sparring sessions is also an advantage to your active lifestyle.


If you're a boxer, there really are no disadvantages to these shorts. They are going to move with you and hold up really well. If you are somebody that works down on the mat, you may want to look for a pair of shorts with a different style of waistband. So, wrestlers and those working on grappling, beware. The elastic-style waistband means a less secure fit. This could lead to you losing your shorts in the middle of a critical training moment. As you can see, this is not a disadvantage for everyone and these trunks are meant for boxers. Overall, there are no complaints in regards to this item and that is a major plus. It is very rare to find an item that doesn't come with at least a few disadvantages. We are impressed that Cleto Reyes has made such a great product.


When you decide to go with these shorts, you'll be getting an exceptional value. The price tag that they carry is a bit higher than other trunks you may have looked at in the past. Even with a slightly inflated cost, they are still quite affordable. Most people will be able to work them into their budget with ease. You may not be buying several pairs, to begin with, but over time you can definitely acquire them. These shorts offer great durability which improves their overall value. When you can wear the same pair of shorts for a few years before needing to replace them you know you are getting a good bang for your buck. Consumers love the way these shorts wear throughout most of their gym activities including things like jumping rope and working with resistance bands. You really will be getting a stellar value when you make the investment into this product.

Bottom Line

This brand has been in the world of boxing for a plethora of generations. They truly know what it takes to do become successful in boxing as well as other combat sports. Looking at the quality and craftsmanship of these boxing trunks proves that this brand knows what they're doing. They are comfortable and well made. You'll be able to easily find the correct size. This shouldn't be difficult and the fact that this brand makes it easy is something we greatly appreciate. The style is pretty traditional and there is enough color variety to suit most people's wants. You really will not be taking much of a gamble when you decide to go with these shorts. The reviews make it very clear, they are excellent and will offer you great use. Overall, we are impressed with these shorts and truly believe that you will be too if you give them a chance.