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Clif Whey Protein bars are known across the globe for their high-quality and great taste. This bar will give you a great amount of protein that your body will use to help with energy, muscle growth, recovery, and the maintenance of your muscle. They are full of nutrients to keep you going strong at the gym and throughout the day. This product is offered in a good variety of flavors to help keep your routine interesting and tasty. While many options in this category sport a huge sugar content and are full of artificial ingredients, this one is not. You will have a truly healthy snack option provided by a brand that has been trusted for an exceptional amount of time. The increase in energy will help you maintain the drive you need to succeed in whatever goal you have set for yourself. Trying to maintain a stellar diet and exercise routine can be difficult, especially when you are avoiding less than healthy options. When you add a product like this one in, you will see it is a bit easier than before and you won’t find yourself missing all those diet-wrecking snacks as much as before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Non-GMO
  • Low Sugar
  • High Protein Content
  • Convenient Snack
  • Excellent Flavor Options
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Helps Build Lean Muscle
  • Affordable
  • Contains Glycerine


In 1992 Clif brand was born. Its founder was tired of the same old energy bar and on an exceptionally long bike ride deiced that he could do better. Spending time in his mom’s kitchen he spent a couple years developing the Clif Bar. Since then it has taken the industry by storm as one of the leading energy bar option available to you in today’s market. Working towards a more sustainable and healthy world for everyone, this brand uses the best ingredients to ensure their products are the best possible option. They not only care about your overall health they also care about the mark they are leaving on our planet. Wanting a great place to live with healthy people in it is their drive and many have come on board to take part in their cause. When looking for a brand that his worth trusting you can look towards Clif. They will continue to develop and bring us great products to aid in our well-being.


More often than not when we will review the taste of a product it is exceptionally mixed in what people are saying about it. That is not the case with this product. Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the taste that this product has. It does not have all of the negatives we typically see with options in this category. Typically, protein bars are reviewed as being overly sweet and lacking in terms of taste. Many people say that this one reminds them of a granola bar and that it is by far the best tasting protein-boosting supplement available to you. Another common problem with this type of product is that they taste quite artificial. It is an added bonus that you will not experience this when eating a Clif Whey Protein bar.


Having some choice and flavors is important to keep you interested in your daily protein snack. When you're eating the same thing every day it is easy to get burned out and find yourself veering towards less healthy options. So, it is easy to see why mixing it up now and again is important to stay on track. While this product does not come in as many flavor options as others they do offer enough to ensure you can switch it up often. You will have four different options to choose from. They are available in Salted Caramel Cashew, Mint Chocolate Almond, Coconut Almond Chocolate, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate. It is important to note that there is no clear favorite or least favorite among this group of options.


The consistency of this product is better than most others that you have experienced if you have eaten energy bars. Often times we find them to be gritty and falling apart. Other times they are so dense and chewy they can be hard to bite into. This product offers a good texture that reminds people of a granola bar. It is a bit crispy and a bit chewy. These things help to ensure that you will enjoy consuming your protein bar on a daily basis. Many people are very textural eaters and find that typical protein bars consistency off-putting. Due to the fact that this product offers an excellent consistency that won't be a problem for anyone. Overall, it's clear that they have put in the time and research to develop their product in a way that makes its texture superior to others.


A plethora of time has been spent in developing this product over the years. What this means for you is that when you decide to give it a try you are going to be consuming a product that is very effective. The protein boost that you get well help your muscles in a few ways. First, it will help decrease muscle soreness by improving recovery times after endurance training and between sets while lifting. With reduced soreness, you'll be able to work out longer and harder which will Improve the results you have when attending regular gym sessions. Your muscles will also be better maintained which means if you're overworking them you will suffer from less deterioration. The added protein and extra work you're putting in will, naturally, lead to better muscle growth. The effectiveness of this product is not only about your muscles, however. It will also help keep you on track with your diet and provide you with a healthy snack option that you will be happy to eat on a daily basis.


As with any product that comes in a flavor variety it is important to understand that the ingredient list will vary slightly depending on which one you choose. The basic list of ingredients is the same, however, for each one of the Clif Whey Protein bar options. You will be consuming Whey Protein Concentrate, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Chicory Fiber Syrup, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavoring, Pea Protein, Whey Protein Isolate, Sunflower Oil, Cane Sugar, Rice Flour, and Sunflower Lecithin. For an exact breakdown of the ingredients lists of each flavor, you can check out Clif’s website or This will help ensure you understand exactly what you are eating. It is important to note that this product may contain Milk, Peanuts, Soy, or other Tree Nuts


The caloric intake of this bar depends on the flavor variety you choose and you can find out exact contents by looking over the nutrition facts. On average, you will be consuming about two hundred and fifty calories per bar. This is an excellent amount to give you a good boost of energy and help sustain you until your next meal. Most people like to keep their snacks under 300 calories. the intake you yield from this or going to help provide you with enough sustenance to curb your appetite and keep you on track, in terms of your diet. It is important to note this product does not contain enough calories to replace a meal. While you can add other healthy options to it if you want to use it with a meal it should not be used on its own for this purpose.


As previously noted, this product carries a fairly low sugar value. Each variety only contains 5 g of sugar. This is simple to fit into just about any diet and you won't have to worry about experiencing a sugar crash. Due to the fact that this product is primarily sweetened with natural sugars, you will not notice the overly sweet taste that we associate with artificial sweetening agents. It is important to understand that this product does say that it does not contain any sugar alcohols, however, it does contain Glycerin. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol does not add any actual sugar content to a product. The reason we mention it is because a large number of people have difficulty in digesting sugar alcohols.


Only a fraction of the energy received from this supplement is due to its sugar content. While it will provide you with long-lasting energy it is not done with stimulants. When we eat our bodies use that sustenance to help fuel us for the rest of our day. Even more so, the protein that this product contains will help give your muscles the energy they need to crush it at the gym or just keep you active throughout your day. With sustained energy, you will find that every activity you participate in is performed at a higher level. When you're feeling tired and sluggish, obviously, that is going to have an impact and how your body will perform during fitness routines. Adding a healthy snack, like this one, will ensure that your energy levels stay high and you are able to accomplish your most strenuous activities more easily.


One whole bar is equal to one serving which is the most common serving size among this type of product. One bar equals 56 gram which is a bit more substantial than others you may have tried in the past. This amount of sustenance will help keep you fuller for longer and avoid extra snacking throughout your day. Surprisingly, this product does offer you a few different size options for purchase. You can buy this bar in a single serving, an 8-pack, or a 48 pack. This will allow you to give each of the flavors a try before you decide to stock up. Consumers are pleased by the fact that they can give these products a try before committing to an increased purchase.

Side Effects

As far as side effects lists go protein bars carry the fewest amount. They are very safe products and while we usually suggest talking to your doctor before adding any nutritional supplement to your diet you are probably pretty safe to use these without doing so. As previously mentioned, this product does contain sugar alcohols which are exceptionally difficult for some people to digest. This can lead to excessive gas, upset stomach, bloating, and nausea. Other than these couple of things you really should have no worry about side effects when using this product. It does contain milk and tree nuts so if you're allergic to those types of ingredients you'll want to avoid this product.


Adding a healthy snack option like this one to your routine comes with a variety of advantages. In terms of your diet, it has an acceptable calorie count that is easy to fit in. It will also help keep you full throughout your day so you avoid less desirable snack options. There are also quite a few benefits in adding protein in throughout your day. Protein will give your muscles what they need to feel less fatigued and sore. With that, you will perform better and be able to work out more frequently. Your body will effectively use the protein in this product to support muscle growth and maintenance. as you continue to work your muscles hard, this product will help you avoid deterioration if you overwork them. The fact that this product taste so good is also an advantage even though we consider it a minor one.


This brand’s protein bar has been around for a long time and they have spent that time researching and developing it to a point where there are very few disadvantages in using it. We feel one of the biggest downfalls is the fact that it contains sugar alcohol. While it does improve the taste of the product some people will not be able to use it because of this ingredient. The common disadvantages we see in protein bars are simply not seen here. Overall, this product comes with almost no disadvantages which is exceptionally appreciated among the users. It is uncommon to find a product that we don't have a lot of negative things to say about.


Due to the fact that this product is so popular, we expected it to carry an exceptionally high price tag, however, this is not the case. These are one of the more affordable options available in this category. Most budgets will be able to fit them in fairly easily which will allow you a healthy snack on a daily basis that doesn't break the bank. We understand that price is important however it does not constitute the entire value of a product. Looking over the different aspects and features of this protein bar and taking into consideration the brand, it is easy to see why so many feel it is a great value. We agree that this product is a great value and will add benefits to your life when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Bottom Line

It is easy to be fooled by smart advertising and Fab products. Knowing there are still items available that carry the high-quality ingredients and formula used here is reassuring. You can purchase this bar and know that you'll be getting something that is not only healthy for you but is made by a brand that is concerned about both your and the world's health. It tastes great and provides you with a variety of flavors to keep it interesting. The proven ingredients aid your body in a variety of ways and make achieving your weight loss and muscle growth goals easier. consumers really stand behind this product after using it for years and we can see why. If you decide to give it a try we do not feel that you'll be disappointed in the slightest.