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Cobra Labs Shadow-X Pre-Workout Review Facts

Cobra Labs Shadow-X is a seriously intense pre-workout that will really help you kick it into high gear. The ingredient list doesn't contain any proprietary blends meaning you will know exactly what you are getting when you read through it. This makes it easier to stack with other supplements if you want to. The focus and energy you will get with it are much better than what you will see with a lot of their competitor's products. The side effects don't seem to be too severe and you will get a decent pump while using it. You will have your choice of flavors that are very well received and that you won't dread when getting ready to drink it on a daily basis. It mixes up easily and most report that it doesn't leave that terrible aftertaste we commonly associate with pre-workout and Protein powder supplements. Cobra Labs Shadow X will be a great addition to your daily pre-workout routine and we feel if you give it a try you will stick with it for a good amount of time. You will get the results you have been searching for in a pre-workout.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extreme Focus & Energy
  • Superior Taste
  • Stronger Than The Curse!
  • Very Fast Kick In Time
  • Decent Pump
  • Very Potent
  • Long Lasting
  • Clear Ingredient List
  • May Cause Crash
  • May Cause Stomach Upset


For almost a decade Cobra Labs has done its best to become a leader in the world of supplements. They are gaining their footing and have amassed a fairly large following. They offer some of the best pre-workout supplements on the market today. Striving to help you crush your best records in terms of focus, energy, and reps you can count on this brand to help you become your best and healthiest self. Their customers keep returning for more along with wanting to try their new products and this is because of the great results they have seen while using products from this brand. Cobra Labs takes the time to research and develop supplements that are great for runners, Boxers, wrestlers, and athletes alike. You can use their products every day and you will know it is of great quality.


People really seem to like the taste of this supplement. It is offered in a few flavors and each one tastes as it should. Now, there are a few reports of people really hating the taste but of course, there are bound to be some that really dislike it. The majority agree that this is better than most others that they have tried. It mixes up well making your fear of that gritty feeling a thing of the past. When chilled it is said to taste even better and people are actually looking forward to drinking their pre-workout. This is uncommon considering most other options really don't taste good at all.


You will have your choice between four different flavors when you choose this option by Cobra Labs. This isn't as many as some other brands but all of them are delicious and will have you wanting to come back for more instead of dreading trying to drink it. You can purchase it in Arctic Blue Raspberry, Lemon Zero, Magic Berry, and Neon Tropic. The Magic Berry and Neon Tropic are the two flavors that are preferred among users. You will have enough option so that you can mix it up if you start to get tired of one. Overall, they offer enough choice that you are sure to find one you like and more than likely you will like them all if you give them a try.


Anyone who has tried a few pre-workout supplements has probably experienced the ones that leave a nasty gritty feeling in your mouth. Not to mention, the product that doesn't dissolve and ends up sticking to the sides and bottom of your water bottle. This is not only a waste of product and money but it can also make it exceptionally hard to swallow. You won't have that when you try out Cobra Labs Shadow X. It mixes up really easily and dissolves completely. Leaving you with a smooth and silky drink that you won't have any issues swallowing.


This product is quite effective. When you add it to your daily routine you will find your focus is on point every day. Instead of dreaming about staying in bed for another hour you will be energized and ready to head to the gym to kill it on a daily basis. Your stamina will increase and you will be able to get some serious pumps. Hanging in there for an extended workout will be no problem and afterward, you will feel great and be able to move about your day. Most people don't have much of that crashing effect and overall you will get a great gym session every time you decide to use this pre-workout before getting started.


The ingredient list for this supplement is something everyone can appreciate as it lays out each ingredient and the amount for each one. Many labels use proprietary blends that don't tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is in it and this can be scary. Here it all starts with a blend of B vitamins, Folic Acid, and Protein. Then it moves into what they call the Muscle Power Matrix. This consists of Beta Alanine, Taurine, and L-Leucine. Plain and simple those ingredients work. Next, they have the Muscle Pump Fusion containing L-Citrulline and Betaine Anhydrous. Lastly, there is the piece that contributes to mental focus. It contains Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, and Olive Leaf Extract. There are a few other ingredients for flavoring and color such as Beet juice and Sucralose.


You will be getting a serious punch of caffeine when using this product. Per serving you get three hundred and twenty-five milligrams of caffeine. While this is not the highest we have seen in this type of product it is quite high. It is the reason some people will experience a crash with this product. If you are sensitive to caffeinated products you may want to lessen the serving size or start with a pre-workout that doesn't carry such a high content. For those that are used to caffeine because you love your coffee or energy drinks, this amount should suit you just fine. Finding it to be lacking in the energy category may require you to up the dosage a bit but be careful doing this or you may add some unwanted side effects.


When taking a pre-workout supplement many people worry about how much sugar they will be adding to their diet. With this option, you won't be adding any. This is due to the fact that it is sweetened with Sucralose. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is made from natural sugar. You may have tried products like Protein powders or other pre-workout supplements that are gaggingly sweet, this is because of the use of Sucralose. Additionally, any foul aftertaste that you may be experiencing is due to the use of this artificial sweetening agent. Cobra Labs has a decent blend of it in their formula and most don't find it to be overly sweet. There may be a bit of an aftertaste but it seems as if it goes away quickly.


A big part of the reason that pre-workout supplements work is that of the increased circulation that they give us. When our blood vessels open up, Oxygen and nutrients can get to our muscles with greater ease. What does this mean for you? Great long lasting pumps and crushing it not only in the beginning but also at the end of each and every session you spend at the gym. This product uses two ingredients to ensure you get great circulation and increased pumps, L-Citrulline and Betaine Anhydrous. These are both commonly used for this purpose and with just one use you will notice the difference in how long and strong you can go.


There are many products like this one that causes no crash at all, however, that is not the case with Shadow X. Because of the very high caffeine content, some people experience a pretty serious crash. What is crash exactly? Well, it is what it sounds like when your energy plummets and you feel like you hit a brick wall. When working hard at the gym crashing can actually be dangerous if you are lifting heavy weights. Likewise, it can make a pretty big impact on the rest of your day if you go to the gym in the morning and may leave you needing to take a nap before moving on to the next adventure for your day. If you have experienced a crash in the past you may want to decrease your serving so you won't suffer that effect from this product.


The splendid thing about a brand that lays it all out so clearly on their ingredient list is the fact that we can see they aren't using any fillers. You will be pleased to know this option does not contain any filler ingredients. Many brands add fillers to bulk their products up or make it look like they have more nutritional value than they actually do. Additionally, some brands will add ingredients that look good on paper simply to drive the price up. Cobra Labs is an honest company that gives us an honestly clean product. They don't try to deceive their customers and that is part of the reason that so many people keep coming back to them.


A standard serving of this pre-workout is one scoop or nine grams. When looking at the grams this is a bit less than other brands. Because this is pretty potent stuff you may want to decrease the amount a bit. You will get about thirty servings per container and there is no variety in container size. If you are using slightly less you will get a bit better than a month. However, if you are used to exceptionally potent pre-workout supplements and find yourself using a touch more than a scoop you may need more. This should be taken into consideration when you are getting ready to make a purchase.

Side Effects

Pretty all pre-workout supplements come with the same list of side effects. This one carries a few less than the others and most of them are related to the high caffeine content. You may experience tingling in your face, legs, arms, or chest. This occurs fairly quickly after consuming it but it also fades pretty fast. There is also the possibility of some serious jitters because of the caffeine content. Likewise, this may make you experience a serious crash, an increased anxiety level, or headaches. Overall, these are not horrible side effects and some brands are seriously worse. All the ones listed here tend to be minor and pass quickly.


There are a good variety of advantages to this product. The flavors actually taste good and you will get a burst of energy that is unmatched by many others. With that increase in energy, you will also find a superior focus on the task at hand. Increased circulation will make your pumps better than ever and you will be able to work hard throughout your entire workout instead of losing steam at the end. Overall the biggest advantage is that this product actually works and gives you a clear list of what is in it so you will know you are getting the best of the best in the world of pre-workout supplements.


The major disadvantage to this product is the fact that you very likely will experience some sort of crash. The other side effects are pretty common and easy to handle but the crash can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Especially if you like to hit the gym early. No one wants to spend the rest of their day feeling exhausted. Other than that we can't see any real disadvantages to using this product. Some may say the limited flavor and size variety is a disadvantage but we feel it is ok because the flavors that are available are quite delicious.


Cobra Labs prides itself on their high-quality ingredients and products. This one is no exception. Users agree that when it comes to quality this one is not lacking. The flavors are excellent and it mixes really easily so you won't have to try and choke it down. The ingredients used are clear, clean, and concise. When it comes to your actual workout the quality of your focus, pumps, stamina, and drive are all going to increase which we feel increases the quality exponentially. You won't be disappointed when you make this your daily pre-workout. On top of all this you will see your muscles and strength increase more quickly then you will with other brands.


In terms of price, this product falls in the average range. Add to it the fact that it works so well and gives you a huge burst of energy that will last throughout your entire work out and we see the value rise even more. Then think of the expedited muscle growth, recovery, and strengthening and it goes up even more. Looking at all of the advantages this product brings to the table and we feel it is a very good value. The people who are currently using it seem to agree that this is an option that gives you good bang for your buck and won't leave you disappointed with unsatisfactory results as many other products like this tend to do.

Key Features

5 Calories Per Serving
Zero Fat
1 Gram Carbohydrates
Contains Protein
Good Vitamin Blend
Clear & Concise Labeling

Bottom Line

Other than the fact that you may experience a serious crash if you aren't used to this level of caffeine we feel this product is awesome. You will not only meet your current goals while using it but you will be able to raise the bar, for new goals, higher than ever. It is affordable and not only mixes exceptionally easily but also tastes pretty great. Dreaming of a pre-workout supplement that checks all of the boxes can be a thing of the past when you decide to give Cobra Labs Shadow X pre-workout a try. We are certain if, given the chance, you will see why this brand is becoming a front-runner as one of the best supplement companies in the world today.