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Cobra Labs The Curse! Reviewed Review Facts

Life can be so exhausting that finding the gumption to get up and head to the gym can be very difficult. With Cobra Labs The Curse! Pre-Workout you will not only get a burst of energy to motivate you to crush it at the gym, it will also improve your focus and your drive while working out. You will find yourself being able to lift more and increase your reps exponentially. You won't have to worry about flavor as the options available are all well-liked by the people who are using it. They also offer a decent variety in size so you can make sure you have exactly what you need every day before heading to the gym. This product contains no sugar and zero carbs so fitting it into your diet will be simple and without worry of taking in more than your daily allotment. It is very affordable for pretty much everyone and you will love the fact that you won't crash after taking it. You also won't have to worry about the cramps or headache that is sometimes associated with products like this.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gives High Energy
  • Increases Focus
  • No Crash
  • Excellent Flavors
  • No Flushing
  • Dissolves Easily
  • Contains Creatine
  • Affordable
  • May Cause Jittery Feeling
  • Too Little Liquid = Chalky


Cobra Labs has been in business for about eight years and their supplements have taken the world by storm. Since this company has come to be The Curse! has won a ton of awards and is regarded as one of the best pre-workout supplements available on today's market. Cobra Labs wants to help you beat your personal best in reps, energy, and focus. Becuase so many have found these things to actually occur while using their products they keep coming back for more and this brand is growing each and every day. As their customers asked for new and different things, Cobra Labs spent the time to do excellent research and started providing a variety of supplements to ensure you get the best workout each and every day.


All in all, people really like the taste of this pre-workout. It comes in a few flavors and when mixed with enough water it won't leave your tastebuds disappointed. It is important to note that if you do not mix it with enough water it is quite chalky, however, this is easily avoidable. The taste may also seem overly sweet if you do not mix it with enough water. Dissolving it is easy and you won't have a gritty mess left on the bottom and sides of your shaker bottles. While most supplements like this taste decent this one is a step above.


Cobra Labs The Curse! comes in four different flavors. You can purchase it in Tropical Storm, Green Apple Envy, Blue Raspberry Ice, and Lemon Rush. Customers have noted that the Tropical Storm has a Coconut taste to it. Some really like it and others feel that it has no place in a Tropical blend as they are expecting something more like Hawaiian Punch flavor. Blue Raspberry Ice has been said to be very sweet and the blue coloring in it will stain your lips and tongue blue so be careful with it. Overall, each flavor is well liked and the variety will keep it interesting.


In the world of pre-workout, we don't think too much about the consistency but we should. Many options available do not dissolve well at all or leave a very chalky feeling in your mouth after drinking. The Curse! dissolves beautifully when mixed in a blender or shaker bottle. You won't have to worry about the grit that tends to get stuck on the sides and bottom of the bottle. You also won't feel like you are swallowing water mixed with sand. Also, when you use the correct amount of water you won't notice the chalky feeling nearly as much. Overall, it is smooth and silky making it exceptionally easy to swallow.


Globally this product is loved and that is due to the fact that it is extremely effective. Within twenty minutes to a half an hour after taking this product you will notice an increase in your energy levels and excellent focus. You can take that focus and point it at meeting your fitness goals. A huge problem that comes along with this type of product is the crash that you may experience when it starts to wear off. When choosing this brand you won't have to worry about a huge crash as it simply doesn't happen. The energy level will taper off but not make you feel like you ran into a wall. Needing something to help you work harder and focus easier can be had by simply giving The Curse! a try.


The Curse! doesn't carry a huge ingredients list which is appreciated among users that want a clean product that will help increase their energy before hitting it hard at the gym. It starts with the energizing factor which consists of Beta-Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, and Citric Acid. This mix will get your going but help you avoid the crash. They also include L-Citrulline and L-Arginine AKG. This is to increase blood flow and make your pumps amazing. This brand boasts that it will help with focus and they accomplish it with Caffeine Anhydrous and Olive Leave Extract. There are a few other items included such as natural and artificial flavors, Calcium Silicate, Sucralose, and Acesulfame Potassium. These are all common things to see in a pre-workout and they will give you the boost you are looking for to kill it on a daily basis.


The caffeine content for this product is one hundred and forty-seven grams per serving. This is equivalent roughly to a cup of coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine this should not be enough to cause any negative effects. Finding that you are a caffeine junky may mean that you want to double up your serving size, increasing the caffeine content to two hundred and ninety-four grams. This will give you that extra boost that you are looking for. If you are used to caffeine this amount will not cause you to crash, however, if you aren't into caffeine you will want to be careful and watch that it is not affecting you poorly.


Sucralose is the artificial sweetener used to sweeten this product. It is very common for brands to use this as the sweetening agent. Derived from sugar it does really add a ton of sweetness to all the products it is in. In fact, when you read that a Protein powder or pre-workout is overly sweet it is likely due to the fact that they sweeten it with Sucralose. Another common comment about Sucralose is the bad aftertaste it leaves in your mouth. It would seem that Cobra Labs has found a good balance as there are few reports of it being overly sweet and it seems the only flavor that is, is the Blue Raspberry Ice.


When talking about pre-workout a common term is muscle pump. This has to do with your ability to increase reps by increased circulation and getting extra nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. Different brands use different ingredients to help with this. The Curse! uses L-Citrulline and L-Arginine AKG. These two things help to open blood vessels which will allow your muscles to function better. You will notice the difference immediately and find that you are able to increase reps easily. The more oxygen your muscles get the better they will be able to perform and this is something those who are working hard at the gym love about taking a pre-workout.


When pre-workouts first became popular the crash effect was terrible. With time and research, many brands have found mixtures to ensure the crash isn't so bad. The crash is directly related to caffeine content. Those who are very sensitive to caffeine may experience a crash regardless of the pre-workout they use. Most of us, however, have a decent tolerance for caffeine and can handle quite a bit without crashing. This brand carries a good balance of caffeine that will help get you motivated and moving but without the worry of feeling like you need a nap within a few hours of taking it.


A lot of the big brands that produce pre-workout add fillers to bulk up their product and make it look like you are getting more than you actually are. When purchasing The Curse! you won't have to worry too much about a long list of filler ingredients that may cause you to have an upset stomach, headache, or even ruin your workout. There is flavoring in their product and that is considered a filler. It is obviously needed to ensure it tastes great and as long as the flavoring is not overused it really is a non-issue.


The suggested serving size for this choice is one scoop, however, if you use pre-workout often you can use up to three scoops. You want to be careful with this and always start with the recommended dosage to ensure you don't have any adverse side effects. When purchasing this you only have one size option and it contains roughly fifty servings. This will last you quite some time, especially if you are using the recommended serving size. If you use pre-workout daily you may go through this rather quickly. Typically, if you do use it daily you will start to build a tolerance and you will end up increasing your serving size. Taking this into consideration when purchasing will keep you from the need to order it constantly and keep you in a good supply of a great pre-workout.

Side Effects

While consuming any pre-workout you run the risk of side effects. This is true with this brand also. While they are typically minor, they can be quite irritating. So, what should you expect? Well, it is likely that you will experience some tingling in your hands and face. This goes away after a short time. The only other side effect that has been reported is from those that are exceptionally sensitive to caffeine. While this product doesn't contain a huge amount of caffeine, if you are sensitive to it you may experience headaches or an upset stomach.


There are many advantages to using this product for your pre-workout needs. It will give you a boost of energy within about thirty minutes of taking it and you won't experience the awful crash that usually comes along with this kind of supplement. It offers great flavors and dissolves completely. You will gain an excellent pump because of increased blood flow and circulation. Additionally, your focus will increase making your gym sessions even more productive than before. The cost is affordable and you will get plenty of servings as to avoid running out every couple weeks.


There are very limited disadvantages to this product. The caffeine content is a bit lower than other options on the market. This is a disadvantage to those that have been using products in this category for a long time as it may not give you the boost of energy that you are looking for. In addition, it is only available in one size. Some dislike this, especially if they have never tried it because they are concerned they won't like it or it won't agree with them and they may waste their hard earned money. Other than these two things we can't find much else that is not well-liked about this option by Cobra Labs.


The quality of this product is great. They use ingredients that really work and are pretty clear about what they are putting in it. You won't have the terrible jitters and crash commonly associated with pre-workout supplements. The flavors are clean and most won't leave a bad aftertaste or feeling in your mouth. Cobra Labs pays attention to the small details and continues to research and develop new and better supplements to ensure you are getting the best of the best. The quality of this product is why people all over the world are still using it on a consistent basis.


Cobra Labs The Curse! carries a reasonable price tag and is easily affordable on pretty much any budget. The overall benefits that it provides make it an exceptional value. You will get a good variety of flavors to choose from and they are all liked by consumers. There are plenty of servings per container to ensure you don't have to buy it every couple of weeks. Workout enthusiasts have been trusting this brand for years and will continue to do so. We feel that this product is a great value and if you decide to give it a try we are sure you will think so too.

Key Features

3000 mg Muscle Fueling Energy
Increased Blood Flow
147 mg Caffeine
50 Servings Per Container
30 Minute Wait Time
No Fillers

Bottom Line

When looking for a product that will get you moving, keep you focused, and give you great muscle pumps, this product has you covered. It will not leave grit in your bottle or mouth and it offers tastes that are excellent. Pretty much anyone looking for this type of supplement will be able to afford it. While there is only one size available it is a good size option. The increased blood flow that it provides will have you reaching new heights weekly. You can rely on Cobra Labs The Curse! to aid you in stellar workouts on a daily basis. In addition, you can count on the fact that newer and better products will continue to surface from this brand as they are always looking for the latest and greatest ways to help us all meet our fitness goals.