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The Combat Sports Contoured punch mitts are well-loved among users. They offer better protection than many in the same price range. In addition, they are made from durable materials. This is important in the world of combat sports equipment as they will be taking consistent abuse from fighters. Consumers are impressed with the padding. It is thick and does a great job of absorbing and distributing shock. The less shock the wearer takes the better they will feel. They also offer decent wrist protection. This is an aspect we don't always see but one that coaches, sparring partners, and fighters need. It has also been said that they offer a good level of hand and wrist support. This is not commonly seen but again, very appreciated by users.

When you are coaching a boxer or mixed martial artist, punch mitts can play a crucial role in their training. They help to improve a fighter's reflexes, as well as, their offensive and defensive skills. The fit that these provide is exceptionally secure. You won't have to worry about them flying off during a grueling training session. In turn, you will avoid injuries that could occur from poorly fitting protective equipment. Your fighter will be able to practice striking combinations with ease. This includes punches, elbows, and even kicks. Overall, consumers are very pleased with their purchase of this item. It holds up well and provides enough protection that you can work with fighters of every level.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Secure Fit
  • Perfect Curve
  • Won't Inhibit Hooks & Uppercuts
  • Good Cushioning
  • Stable Design
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Good Impact Absorption
  • Nice Padding At Wrist
  • Exceptionally Well-Rated
  • Pricey


Combat Sports offer a wide variety of items that are suited for boxers, mixed martial artists, wrestlers, fitness enthusiasts, and every day active people. They provide excellent quality and attention to the fine details. When you are on the hunt for clothing, gloves, protective gear, rings, punching bags, and other fight-related equipment and gear this brand will have what you need. For the most part, their prices are reasonable and their quality is fantastic. Using high-quality materials and sound designs you can see why so many people are putting their trust into this brand. They back all of their products with a one hundred and twenty-day guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase you will have a few months to get a hold of them for a refund or an exchange. They truly do stand behind their products. The reviews on their items are consistently good and we look forward to seeing what other stellar options they come up with next.


Consumers are impressed by the materials that were chosen when putting this product together. The outer material is made from genuine leather. Genuine leather gives you the best durability when compared to other materials that are used for this. Vinyl and synthetic leather will break down much more quickly. It is important to note that genuine leather does require a bit of extra care as compared to these other options. There is elastic around the back closure to ensure that your hand stays securely in place. This item has 1 and 1/2 in of padding that is used to keep your hands protected. It does a good job at absorbing shock and can take a serious beating. The stitching on this item is also exceptionally secure. You won't have to worry about them bursting at the seams after taking repeated strikes. Overall, this brand has done an excellent job in the construction and material choices that they have made.


The reviews concerning the fit of this item are consistently good. There is elastic at the back that offers a great deal of stretch. This will ensure that most hand sizes can be accommodated. Consumers have noted that they feel the fit is snug and secure. There have been no reports of coaches, sparring partners, or workout buddies having issues with these sliding out of place. This is an awesome aspect due to the fact that slipping mitts could lead to injuries. The design of this item is quite sturdy. This also plays a role in the overall fit. There is a nice grip in the palm of this MIT. It plays a role in the overall fit and comfort of this item. Customers are really impressed that they have two ways of putting this item on. You can slide it in one way and secure your fingers between finger separators. In addition, you can slide your hand into them easily like a glove with no material between each finger. This makes it exceptionally easy to take them on and off quickly.


This option is not quite as breathable as others that are available to you. There are some mesh panels on this item, however, there is also added material on the back of the hand. The added material is perforated. The perforation will help it breathe a little bit but it really does inhibit the amount of airflow your hand is going to receive. This could lead to a hot and sweaty environment. Your hands may become uncomfortable while wearing these meds due to the fact that it will be a hot environment. They are lined with a moisture wicking material that will help to reduce the amount of wetness that is sitting against your skin. This is helpful but it doesn't play a dramatic role in the overall level breathability. It is important to note that there are no complaints from consumers over the fact that these do not breathe the best. This is due to the fact that they perform very well and offer a high level of protection.


You will be getting a high level of protection when you go with this item. As noted, they use 1 and 1/2 inches of foam to keep you and the fighter you are working with well-protected. The foam that they use does an excellent job of a zorbing impact. Consumers have mentioned that whether you are working with a youth fighter or somebody that has advanced skills you will be fine. This is not to say that you won't feel it but you will be well protected. One area that punches mitts are typically lacking in protection is in the wrist. This brand has done an excellent job of making sure your wrists are protected as well. You will have decent support and good protection which will help you to avoid injuries. Obviously, a high level of protection is imperative and the fact that this product will keep you safe from strikes of every skill level is a major advantage.


Customers are more than impressed with the level of comfort they have while wearing this item. With a couple of different ways to be able to put them on you will be able to find the most comfortable fit. When you will be training with spiders for hours on end keeping your hands comfortable is important. The fact that this item is comfortable for those with small or large hands is awesome. The high level of padding also plays a role in comfort. A thick padded area is, obviously, more comfortable than a thin layer of padding. As noted, this is not the most breathable option that is available to you. This could cut down a little on the level of comfort you experience. However, customers are not complaining about this so we feel as if it does not play a major role. Overall, you can expect a very comfortable fit even if you are spending hours working through grueling training sessions with a boxer or mixed martial artist of the highest skill levels.


It is pretty impressive how lightweight this product really is. The pair comes in at just over a pound and this is surprising considering the materials they're made of. Genuine leather is, typically, heavier than vinyl or synthetic leather. This brand also uses quite a bit more padding than other brands. So, with these couple of factors, it was surprising that these weight in it such a low amount. Consumers are exceptionally pleased that they are so light. It makes training with them for hours easier. Your muscles will be less fatigued when using equipment that doesn't weigh very much. It is nice to know you will get such a high level of protection and not have to worry about being weighed down. This option while very lightweight is also very durable. All of these aspects combined are very impressive. When you were coaching a fighter, oftentimes, you'll be wearing a lot of protective gear. The lighter at all is the better.


One of the major advantages of this product is the level of protection you will get. Many other brands offer products for about the same price but they won't offer enough protection when working with advanced fighters and heavy hitters. You won't have to worry when you trust this option. Regardless of the skill level they will keep you well protected throughout your hands and wrists. The fact is this item offers wrist protection is also an advantage. These mitts are exceptionally easy to take on and off. While this is not a major advantage it is an aspect that consumers appreciate. The high-quality materials that are used will mean that you get excellent longevity of use out of these Mets even when you are training with them every day. When you are making an investment into equipment like this you want to know that it can take a punch and keep on going. Overall, this is just a peek at all of the advantages of buying this product. It truly is worth the money.


Honestly, it was very hard to find disadvantages to this item. Consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the comfort, fit, level of protection, and performance that this product offers. If we did have to find a disadvantage it would be the fact that these meant don't breathe as well as others that are available to you. This can lead to a slightly uncomfortable environment for your hands. The fact that consumers are not complaining about this leads us to believe it's not a major issue. It is very rare to find an item with so few negatives associated with it. Consumers tend to be exceptionally honest and forthcoming about downfalls in items like this. Overall, it is very impressive that this item gets such outstanding reviews. We feel that if you decide to make the investment into them you'll be exceptionally satisfied with them as a whole.


In our opinion, this item is an excellent value. The price tag that it carries is a little bit high and some people might have to spend some time saving before calling this product their own. Once you are able to make the investment you won't be disappointed. This pair of mitts offers exceptional durability. This is due to the high-quality materials that this brand has chosen for its design. In addition, you get a great level of protection which is exactly what you need when training a serious fighter. The advantages of this item seriously outweigh the disadvantages. The fact that it was difficult to even find a disadvantage is a major selling point. Pinpointing the true value of an item can be difficult, however, we feel like it's pretty easy in the case of this product. Coaches, fighters, and active people using this product are very impressed with its performance. We believe you will be too.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this product is a solid investment. It is made of exceptionally durable materials that can withstand a serious beating. Obviously, this is something that we need and the protective gear we use for Combat Sports training. The fit and feel are also well-loved by consumers. Regardless of if your hands are large or small, the elastic will adjust for a comfortable fit. The price is a little bit higher than other options that are currently available in today's market. However, these are also better quality than many other options you may have used or are considering buying. They really are worth the investment. Consumers are very impressed with this product and the performance they provide. Overall, we really don't think you can go wrong if you choose to call this item your own.