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The Combat Sports Curved kick pads are the perfect fit for youth, beginner, and intermediate fighters. It will last through consistent abuse from punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. While the padding is is high-density foam, it does not offer the best level of impact absorption. This means it may not be suitable for advanced fighters that dole out devastating blows. From the trainer's standpoint, you are going to feel those hard hits. This can impact how long you can hang in there during tough training sessions. So, as you can see using this with younger or less skilled fighters is going to be advantageous.

Combat Sports has done a nice job in the design of the handles. They provide you with five different grip options so that you can find the secure hold you are looking for. In addition, you won't have to worry about strapping this pad to your arms. There are no irritating hook and loop straps to worry about digging into your skin. You will simply be able to grab this piece of training equipment and get to work. When it's time to switch activities, simply throw it to the side. It is very convenient to add this item to your fighter's training routine. Overall, this option is going to work very well for some. Others will want to look for an item with better impact absorption.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5 Grip Locations
  • Easy To Use
  • Quite Durable
  • Versatile Use
  • Lightweight
  • Nice Size
  • Excellent For Youth Fighters
  • Not For Advanced Fighters
  • Exceptionally Hard
  • Lacks Shock Absorption


Combat Sports is a brand that does not have a whole lot of information available about it. They have been around for a short period of time and in this time they are coming up with some decent product to help you along the way in your combat sports training. When you are on the hunt for affordable options in gloves, clothing, wraps, gear, protective equipment, and other fight-related needs you will find it from this brand. There are a variety of different price points and options in each category to ensure you and your budget will be happy. They not only have options for fighters but also for fitness enthusiasts, and every day active people. We look forward to seeing what else this brand will come up with in the future. Some of their options are not as great of quality as others so you will need to be careful. However, they do offer some truly solid options that will fit nicely into your fitness and fight-sports routine.


The materials that are used in this product are all quite typical, however, it appears that they are not at the very top of their perspective classes. The outer material is made from synthetic leather which is very easy to care for. It offers a decent level of durability but it is not the very best synthetic leather out there. They use high-density foam padding. This is common in this type of product. The foam used here is so dense that many people find it to be exceptionally hard. The straps that are on this pad are made from nylon. They are backed with padding to keep them exceptionally comfortable. Many trainers are getting several years worth of use out of this product and it is likely that you will too. So, while these may not be the absolute best quality materials on the market they are solid and will hold up to the detrimental nature of combat sports training.


These pads are definitely going to give you some protection. Obviously, it won't be like taking an actual strike when your fighters are hitting it. With that being said, you are definitely going to feel the impact during hard striking exercises. The foam padding that they use is exceptionally dense and, honestly, does not do a great job of absorbing impact. This could leave you feeling sore after a plethora of sessions with fighters. As noted, it is probably best suited to be used with young fighters or those who are just starting out or maybe even at an intermediate level. Their blows are not going to be as hard and therefore you are not going to feel it so much. Due to the fact that the padding is very dense, it could also be dangerous for your fighter to strike it without shin protection. It's unlikely that you would sustain a major injury but you could be susceptible for some nasty bruises if you're not well protected while training with this item.


You really not going to have to concern yourself with a fit of this item. Unlike other pads, it simply has five different handles that you can hold onto. Some trainers choose to put their arms through the handles but that is not necessary. We commonly see a set of hook and loop style closures that go across our forearms to help keep our pads in place. This can become very uncomfortable. In addition, these types of straps require more maintenance than the handles that are sewn onto this product. Customers are very happy with the fact that they can simply grab this had and get to work. Additionally, when your training session is over you can simply throw it in the corner until you're ready to use it again. Overall, the design is a little bit different but consumers are quite happy with it. It is very easy to use and even easier to take care of.


Some pieces of using this product or very comfortable While others leave something to be desired. The handles that are attached are very comfortable to hold onto. As noted, they are made from durable nylon that is backed with foam. This is going to allow you to use this pad for hours without your hands hurting from gripping it. A place where it is lacking is an impact absorption. This is going to decrease your overall levels of comfort. When your body is taking more shock you are sure to notice it. Not only will it be felt in your muscles but also in your joints. In fact, it can impact how your entire body feels. There are many other options out there for kick pads that will provide you with a higher level of comfort, impact absorption, and performance. These may work well for some but they are not the most solid option available to you.


You'll be getting quite a bit of striking surface when you invest in this pad. It is pre-curved to help improve your fighters accuracy. This pad is 24 inches tall, which is quite a bit larger than many other options in the same category. It has a width of fourteen inches. This is only slightly larger than the average. The thickness of the pad plays a large role in how well it's going to absorb impact. This item comes Inn at 4 and 1/2 in thick. This is not quite as thick as others in the same category. On top of that, the phone that they use inside is not as high of a quality, therefore, it does not provide the same level of impact absorption. Most people are very happy with the large striking surface that this pad offers. It's going to handle punches, kicks, knees, and elbows very well. It is also going to give you a good level of coverage. Overall, the size of this item is one of the better aspects of concerns to it.


The weight of this item is extremely light. One of the most positive aspects of this Shield is the fact that it is very lightweight. It weighs in at only three and a half pounds. What this means is that you're not going to have to worry about it weighing you down. When you are working with fighters throughout your entire day how much your gear ways can play a major role in how long you can last. Using light equipment will ensure that you don't suffer from premature muscle fatigue. In addition, you will notice that your recovery times between sessions are exceptionally quick. The heavier your gear is the more detriment in these areas you're going to see. Obviously, the fact that this item is so light is going to work to your and your fighters advantage. You won't have to worry about wearing down quickly which means you'll be able to hang in there and put them through a grueling training session. This will be noticed in their performance as you continue to last throughout all of their arduous routines.


There are few advantages associated with this product that you won't get with others in the same category. The first that we'd like to discuss is the fact that it is quite large in size. This is going to give you plenty of striking surfaces. It will allow you to work on all different types of strikes with every level of skill you come into contact with. In addition to being large, it is also exceptionally light. As noted, keeping your equipment light is important. You won't have to worry about being weighed down and suffering the consequences associated with this. You should also get excellent longevity of use out of this item. While the materials are not the very best quality they are going to stand up quite well to the constant abuse that comes with training for a fight sport. This item is also very easy to maintain. Due to the fact that it is made of synthetic leather, you'll be able to use any cleaner or disinfectant spray of your choice to keep this looking and smelling great.


The disadvantage is associated with this product should truly be considered before deciding if you want to make it your own. You will find this product is lacking in shock-absorption. Obviously, when you are using a kick pad it's because you want it to absorb the impact from your fighter strike. So, the fact that this one does not do an excellent job in this area is let down. Another issue with this item is that the foam is so dense that it is very hard. This can lead to an uncomfortable situation for not only you but also the person you are working with. Due to the fact that this product does not have great impact absorption, it will not be an appropriate choice to use with exceptionally skilled fighters. They are going to be throwing intensely hard hits and this is going to be a bad thing for the trainer. Overall, these negatives can break it for this item. Some people will have great success with it, however, others really won't.


At best we would say that this product is an average value. The cost that is associated with it is quite affordable. Most people won't have any problem at all fitting it into their budget even if your budget is a bit tight. Obviously, how much an item cost does not determine its true value. This product does have some negative aspects associated with it that make us say that it's not a great value. You can find better protection and better durability from other options in the same price range. This item is going to last for quite some time, however, it won't last as long as others due to the fact that the materials are not the very best. Some people truly love the performance of this item While others feel quite differently about it. Overall, it's hard to put an actual value on this item because of the mixed reviews. Depending on what you plan on using it for and who you are training know that it may be a great option for you.

Bottom Line

This is a decent option in Kick pads. As noted, there are many other varieties out there that may suit your needs better. This will only give you a limited amount of protection. You will get great durability out of the padding for sure. This is because it is extremely dense. The hard striking surface is a bonus for some people but a negative for others. The reviews are very mixed and while some people are exponentially happy with their purchase there are others that wish they would have never given this product to try. It may be advantageous, if you are working with Advanced fighters, to keep looking for a higher-quality kick guard. You will be able to use this for versatile training activities with low-level fighters quite successfully. Overall, the choice is yours. You may be very happy with your purchase or you may be very disappointed. If you're willing to spend a bit more money there are much better options that are currently available.