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The Combat Sports Youth Dummy is a grappling dummy made for youth fighters. When you are training in wrestling, Judo, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, or other sports that leave you down on the mat, this product can help improve your performance. Training in hard-hitting sports like these require several different pieces of equipment. They will help you become your best. A grappling dummy is an essential tool. This is especially true if you are involved in the world of wrestling or mixed martial arts. This one is designed to help youth fighters learn and become better. It is sized and weighted just for them. In addition, it is simple to maintain which is great news for the parents caring for their child's gear and equipment.

Combat training means you need gear that can stand up to the challenge. This item is made from durable materials, however, some people have had issues with seam durability. Obviously, you want to invest in items that are going to withstand the constant abuse that comes with fight sports training. This option will work well for some. However, if your young fighter takes it seriously this item may not be up for the challenge. Many people have successfully trained with this dummy for quite a long time with no issues. On the other hand, some run into problems quickly. This should all be considered when figuring out if this option from Combat Sports is right for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Two Weight Options
  • Excellent For All Disciplines
  • Helps Refine Skills
  • Versatile Use
  • More Affordable Than Many
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Mold Issues
  • Very Stiff


For the last fifteen years, Combat Sports International has really started to build a name for themselves. They offer options that will suit boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial artists, and every day active people. When you need options that are more affordable than many other brands they likely have what you need. It is important to note that while their items are more affordable some of them are lacking in durability. For the most part, people across the globe are happy with the results and performance they are getting out of the goods from this company. When you are searching for punching bags, sparring gear, protective equipment, or other fight-sport related items they have options in every category. In fact, they offer several options in each section to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your wants, needs, and budget. Overall, this is a decent brand with some neat items to help you along your path to becoming the best fighter that you can be.


This grappling dummy is really quite simple. You won't be looking at a ton of different materials. In fact, you're really only looking at two. The outer shell of this product is made from nylon. It should hold up fairly well to consistent use. In addition, it is extremely easy to take care of. You won't have to worry about investing in any special cleaners or conditioner to make this product look its best all the time. You can simply use your favorite deodorizing spray and wipe it down. This item comes pre-filled. That means that you'll be able to use it right away. There have not been any notes from consumers about what it is filled with. In addition, we were unable to find information on this on the Brand's website. It is likely that it is simply filled with cloth. There are no straps or buckles attached to this item. Overall, it is very simple in design but that is not necessarily A Bad Thing.


When you decide to invest in this item you need to understand that it is not of the highest quality. The material used for the outer covering is decent and, as noted, easy to care for. There have been many notes by consumers that this item is not the most durable. They do reinforce the scenes, however, this is a point where people are noticing trouble. With consistent use, you may have seams start to break. This can make your product unusable. Some people have been able to re-stitch it or patch it with other items. Obviously, when you are investing in an item to help you trained in Combat Sports you need to know that it's going to stand up to the challenge. We are not confident that everyone is going to get exceptional longevity of use out of this item due to the number of parts of seemed durability issues. Overall, if you're not planning on using this grappling dummy every single day and may hold up very well but for others that are going to consistently use one, this may not be the best option.


This option comes in two different sizes. This will help to accommodate a good variety of youth fighters. The smaller version approximately 4 feet 6 inches tall. If you have a very young and relatively small fighter this option should work quite well. You may find that it is bigger than they are but that can help to prepare them for the challenge that is combat sports. It truly is a decent-sized dummy and will work well for many users. The other option that is available to you is approximately 5 foot tall. If your fighter is a little bit older and a little bit taller this may be the better option. It won't be like training with somebody that is smaller than they are. It has been noted by consumers that some adults even trained with these dummies because they are pretty large. Using a dummy that's a bit bigger than you will allow you more time of using it as you will be able to grow and continue to improve your performance with the same dummy. Overall, people are pretty happy with the size options that are available in this item.


Depending on which size you order the wait will vary. The smaller size that is available to you comes in weighing 35 pounds. Consumers have noted that it does seem that these dummies weigh a bit more than anticipated. This is especially true and concerns to the larger size 1. The manufacturer states that the larger option weighs in at 50 pounds. However, consumers have consistently noted that it is heavier than that. Some have even stated that upon weight them, they found that it weighed more than 70 pounds. Obviously, if you have a young and smaller fighter these dummies could be too heavy for them to handle. That is not going to help to improve their performance while working on grappling. It would be nice if there was more consistency in the weights of each one of these dummies so that you would know exactly what you were getting when you ordered it.


There are many different styles of grappling dummies to help you improve your performance during training and competitions. This one is structured in a standing position. One arm is pointed out and consumers have noted that the dummy itself is very stiff. Due to the fact that it is so stiff, it can make it a bit difficult to work with. It is important to note that over the course of time it will loosen up a bit but breaking it in does take quite a bit of work. The legs of this dummy are also very stiff. This is going to help the durability but it can make training with it a bit more difficult than other options that are available to you. There are not a ton of complaints about the style of this dummy, however, some people do feel that it is too stiff and bulky to work with easily. There are other options and stand up dummies that may suit you better and there are an even larger variety of dummies that are built in a squatting position.


We looked around to try and find the information of what this dummy is filled with, however, the information does not appear to be available. It is pretty safe to assume that they have used some sort of cloth to fill this item. Like a heavy bag, people frequently use shredded fabric material to fill it. It helps to avoid uncomfortable lumps and bumps that could cause injury while striking. Obviously, you should not not be striking this dummy but it could happen depending on the type of training session you are using it for. There are no zippers or openings on this piece of training equipment so whatever it is filled with is going to have to be good enough. We have not found any complaints from consumers about having trouble with the filling becoming too hard or uncomfortable to work with.


Training with a grappling dummy comes with a variety of different advantages. It doesn't matter what discipline you are working on if you get down on the mat it is an essential training too. It's going to help you learn how to move better and have an overall improved performance during training and competitions. Practicing submission moves can be very difficult and even dangerous when you're first starting out. When you use a dummy like this one you won't have to worry about causing injury to it. This item offers two different sized varieties that are going to suit youth Fighters very well. It is not often that we find such a good-sized variety belt for little ones. This product is also quite stiff. Some people find that this is a let-down, however, it is going to give you better longevity of use. Given a bit of time, it will break in and become more malleable.


There are a few disadvantages associated with this product that may make at a total deal-breaker for you. The first issue and many customers have had this problem, has to do with mold. Due to the material being used and what is likely improper storing techniques these dummies tend to show up with some mold on them. Some customers have been very successful and just washing this away While others can't seem to get rid of. Another problem that consumers have is that this product is very stiff. While this is an advantage in some ways it's a disadvantage and others. The only other issue that consumers really have is in concerns to seem durability. This is probably the biggest downfall in using this grappling dummy as opposed to others. They have reinforced the stitching, however, many have noted that it opens up after several uses. If your dummy is leaking the feeling all over the place it is going to become harder and harder to use. Obviously, investing in items that are going to withstand the hardcore nature of combat sports is important and this one may not be up to the challenge.


Typically, products from this brand are a better-than-average value. However, this product might be slightly less than the average value. The cost associated with it is a bit more reasonable than other options that are available. This will mean that you can fit into your budget slightly easier and you may not need to spend as much time-saving. However, it does seem to have some pretty big disadvantages and durability issues. When you start to think about the nature of fight Sports it becomes very clear that you need to make investments into products that are going to last. Some people have great success with these grappling dummies and love the performance that they give but many others are less than satisfied. If you're going to make an investment into a product like this you may want to start looking at some other options to ensure that you get excellent use out of it before needing to replace it. It truly is a pretty hefty purchase and your budget won't want to absorb it more than once.

Bottom Line

For some people, this grappling dummy is perfect while for others it is simply not up to par. If you have a youth fighter that is only going to be using this item on occasion it could be the perfect fit. Many wrestlers have had great success in training with this dummy in improving their performance. It does have some durability issues that seem to crop up pretty consistently and that's a major concern. There are a lot of advantages associated with using this dummy, however, the disadvantages are almost just as large. You'll want to take all of the aspects into consideration before deciding if this is going to be the perfect fit for your family or not. Overall, the reviews are mixed some people are exceptionally pleased While others are completely disappointed.