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DAS Labs Bucked Up Pre Workout Reviewed Review Facts

DAS Labs Bucked Up Pre Workout offer ingredients that will increase your blood flow making your pump and endurance reach crazy levels. It will also give you increased strength, muscle growth potential, and focus to not only meet but exceed your fitness goals. The recommended dosage is approved and tested to be the perfect amount to give you the drive you need without a crazy crash at the end of it. This product does not contain Creatine but does carry a fairly decent amount of caffeine to make sure you get the energy you need to keep going regardless of if you are training for a fight, working on lifting heavy weights, or just trying to get fit and healthy through daily hard work. You expect a high-quality pre-workout because that is what all brands say they offer, while this as we all know, is not always the case when you trust DAS Labs with your pre-workout needs you will get one of the top quality supplements on the market. They believe in clarity of ingredients and you won't ever have to be concerned about a bunch of filler in your product. Overall, this is a solid choice that will give you everything you are looking for in a pre-workout supplement.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Crash
  • Proven Ingredients
  • Transparent Label
  • Excellent Absorption Rate
  • Great for Men & Women
  • Clean Energy
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Quick Kick In Time
  • No Flushing or Itching
  • Pricey
  • Limited Flavors


Jeff and Ryan Gardner started DAS Labs in 2013 and in the last five years, they have taken the supplement market by storm. Bucked Up is one of their newer products and does not use a proprietary blend which means you will be able to see exactly what is in it and the values of each ingredient. No matter your fitness level or where you are in your journey they want to support you to become your best self with great health and exceptional focus on the future. When trusting this brand you will reach your goals and set new ones that you will be crushing in no time at all. They back all of their ingredients fully because they know stellar ingredients equals a stellar product and they also believe in quality, not quantity. They take great pride in their product and in the customers that are killing it every day while using their product.


The taste of this product is better than most others on today's market. The flavors are not too sweet and not too sour. There is a good variety of flavor choices they are all very well received. It mixes up really well and you won't have to worry about the gritty feel that many pre-workouts give you. There is enough variety to keep it interesting and the fact that each flavor's taste is better than most others is something that we can appreciate in this product. We know you aren't as concerned about taste as you are the effect of your supplement it is certainly an added benefit that it tastes good.


Bucked Up Pre-Workout comes in a very good variety of flavors and it will really help keep things interesting and flavorful every day. You will have your choice of eight different flavor varieties. Many brands only offer two to four different flavors so as you can see eight is a fairly good amount of options. You will have your choice from Blood or Blue Raz, Watermelon, Gym-n-Juice, Grape, Killa OJ, Rocket Pop, or Mango. Some of these are quite common while others are quite original. Even if you don't like a couple you are sure to like some and having a great variety of choices really does make your daily pre-workout stay interesting.


With many products in this category, you will have to deal with a gritty feel in your mouth. Likewise, when it doesn't mix well you will be left with part of your supplement stuck on the sides and bottom of your water bottle. DAS Labs Bucked Up dissolves completely and with minimal effort. It will leave you with a clean drink that is easy to swallow and won't leave you with a chalky feel in your mouth or a gritty consistency. Users really appreciate the great consistency that this product offers.


This product is exceptionally effective and will help to take your workout to the next level. You will get an excellent energy boost as well as an amazing pump. You focus and drive will also increase exponentially. This brand knows that the daily grind can be wearing and oftentimes your activities to stay fit will go by the wayside when you are exhausted and overwhelmed by everyday life. By providing you with a greatly effective product you won't lose focus and you will be able to get to the gym with fewer reasons to avoid it. The increased motivation is very much appreciated by users and we are sure you will appreciate it too.


Tons of pre-workout supplements carry a ridiculously huge list of ingredients. When choosing this one you won't have to worry about all those unneeded ingredients. They keep it simple and it simply works. You will be consuming Vitamin B12, Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Alpha GPC, Taurine, Himalayan Rock Salt, AstraGin, and ActiGin. There are a few other ingredients that include natural and artificial ingredients, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, and Calcium Silicate. This is a simple list that really will aid you in your overall goals and because they are clean products you will have a decent reduction in side effects.


When consuming this supplement you will be getting two hundred milligrams of caffeine. This is pretty average among these types of products. For those that are exceptionally sensitive to caffeine, it may be a bit much and cause a few adverse side effects. If you are a user of exceptionally potent pre-workout products it may seem like not quite enough. For those users, you can up the dosage to get an extra bit of energy if you find that you need it. This level of caffeine will give you a decent boost to your energy levels yet it isn't so much that you are going to experience a terrible crash after your stellar workout.


The sweetening agent used in this pre-workout supplement is Sucralose. It is derived from natural sugar but because it is artificial it does not add a sugar content and you won't have to worry about fitting it into your diet. Sucralose may cause a bad aftertaste or an overly sweet product. This is commonly used and these not so great features of Sucralose are not only prominent in pre-workout supplements but also in most Protein powders. DAS Labs Bucked Up Pre Workout has found a good balance that you won't have the terrible aftertaste, however, a few of the flavors are reported to be exceptionally sweet.


This product contains Beta-Alanine which is what is responsible for the increased circulation you will get with this product. Giving your muscles extra Oxygen and nutrients by increasing your blood flow is a huge part of the reason that these types of products work. When you are thinking about a great pump, increased reps, and improved stamina you will get those things because of the added circulation that you get while using a pre-workout supplement. Beta-Alanine is commonly used for this purpose and does a fairly decent job. You are sure to notice the difference in the longevity of your routine and that means stronger and bigger muscles with continued use.


These types of supplements have come a long way, however, there are still many varieties that cause some serious crash that can put an end to your productive day. When you decide to give this a try you won't have to worry at all about a crashing effect. When products have a ton of caffeine in them, you are more susceptible to the crash. We have read through hundreds of reviews on this product and the consensus is that you won't experience any crash. You will have a slow decline in energy that will allow you to continue on your day with no worry.


A serving of this product is just a little better than ten grams or one scoop. This is pretty standard in this type of product. If you are used to using an exceptionally potent product you may want to increase this a bit. On the other side if you are very sensitive to caffeine you may need to slightly reduce the serving amount until you know how it is going to affect you. There aren't any size varieties when buying this product. If you use the recommended dosage you will have just enough to use it every day once per day as you will get thirty servings per container. If you find yourself using a bit more you may want to double up your purchase to ensure you don't have to buy it more than once a month.

Side Effects

There are a lot of side effects that are commonly associated with this type of product. While looking over the reviews of this one in particular what we have found is that there are no reports of negative side effects. If you do not do well with caffeine than you may experience jitters or an upset stomach. Also, the use of Beta-Alanine may give you a tingly feeling in your extremities, face, or chest. While again none of these effects have been noted about this product there is a possibility that you will experience them. Additionally, if you increase the dosage you may experience headaches or restlessness because of the amount of caffeine you are ingesting.


We feel there are many advantages to using this product. It works, which we feel is the most important advantage. On top of that, you will see an increase in your drive and want to head to the gym to continue to work on your overall fitness or weight loss goals. They offer a good amount of flavor options that are all fairly well received. There are no reports of annoying side effects like you will get with most pre-workout supplements. Their formula is clean and pure. The label gives you the exact amounts and exact ingredients that are included. This type of clarity is appreciated because health nuts always want to know what they are putting into their bodies.


There are not too many disadvantages when you decide to give this item a go. One of the major downfalls is the cost. It is quite a bit more expensive than other products. There is also the fact that many of the flavors are overly sweet and this can be a bit of a problem for some users. Other than that this is a solid product that will give you the results you have been looking for from your pre-workout products.


This product is exceptional in terms of quality. It works better than most products in its class and won't leave you feeling like you hit a brick wall when it wears off. You will get a slight decline instead of a hard fall. The ingredients used are tested and approved to ensure they are top quality. This product really does reach new levels and users are in consensus that it works well. You will have great flavor choices and you won't have to worry about those nasty side effects. Spending your days eating right, working hard, and exercising is difficult but with the aid of a stellar pre-workout, you will find each and every one of those things easier than ever before.


In terms of cost, this option is quite pricey. It is very clean and made with pure products. It works very well and is quite effective. The clarity of what is in it is super appreciated and helps make the price a little more understandable. You will get enough to last you through a month if you are following the recommended dosage. Consumers agree that when you trust this brand you will get a product that will keep your muscles feeling good, your focus and drive increasing, and longer stronger workouts on a daily basis. We feel this is a great option and when given a try we are confident you will feel the same.

Key Features

200 mg Caffeine Per Serving
No Creatine
2 Grams Beta-Alanine
Includes Vitamins & Minerals
Advanced Focus Increase
Zero Sugar
Zero Carbs

Bottom Line

While you will pay more to add this to your pre-workout regimen it is of little concern compared to the overall quality and effectiveness of this product. Customers agree that with all the brands out there this one takes the cake. It will aid you in reaching your overall goals in not only muscle gain but also in things like weight loss and fitness. You will have an ultra-clean product that has a label you can trust to give you all the ingredients instead of simply listing proprietary blends. Give this brand a chance and you will see why so many people are relying on them and their following is increasing year after year.