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Dymatize Elite Protein bars are an excellent snack whether you find yourself hungry before hitting the gym or while on the go. Regardless of your fitness goals, these bars will help you achieve them by providing you with long-lasting nourishment. Your muscles and your waistline will benefit when using this protein supplement bar. When you boost your bodies protein levels your energy will be increased. You will also be getting Amino Acids that are used to support muscle recovery, maintenance, and growth. What this means is when you work hard you will see better overall results. With decreased muscle soreness you will be able to work out longer which will, in turn, lead to more productivity and fat loss. Dymatize has spent the time to develop their product and ensure it only contains the highest quality ingredients. In addition, this product is a great source of fiber and does not contain any unneeded ingredients like artificial sweeteners and colors. Customers love the twenty-five grams of protein that this bar packs as it helps them reach their daily protein goals more easily. From endurance training to simply trying to stay active, you really can benefit from adding a Dymatize Elite Protein bar into your daily routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gluten Free
  • Contains 100% Whey Protein
  • 25 Grams Protein Per Serving
  • Has All BCAAs
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Decent Flavor Variety
  • Melt Easily
  • Leaves Bad Aftertaste 


Dymatize has helped revolutionize the nutritional supplement industry. They believe that investing in research and development is the best way to provide you with superior supplements and ya know what, they’re right. Top quality ingredients are used in each and every product they manufacture. What this means for you is that regardless if you are trying to lose weight, increase energy levels, or build muscle this brand will have a stellar option just for you. Avoiding banned and unnecessary ingredients you can trust their products will actually aid your health instead of the detriment it. Customers across the globe have achieved great results when pairing Dymatize products with a great exercise routine and healthy diet.


The taste of this product is extremely well regarded. It was surprising how few negative reviews we found. Some did note that they found this bar to be exceptionally sweet, however, it was not commonly mentioned. It shows that the flavors actually taste as you would expect them to. This is a pleasant surprise. If you have experience with protein-boosting bars you have probably tried several that you couldn’t gag down. The fact that you will actually enjoy this bar means you can look forward to eating your snack every day and you will know it is actually good for you. Overall, there is little risk of disliking the taste of this product even though the taste is completely objective.


Dymatize Elite Protein does not come in a huge variety of flavor options, however, the ones that are available are excellent. They offer five different flavors, which is plenty to ensure you can change it up as often as you would like. It comes in Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Vanilla Cupcake, and Coconut Cream. As previously noted, the flavors are well-balanced. There have been a few reports of this product leaving an aftertaste in your mouth. This is pretty common among products like this one and can be easily washed away with a drink. The flavors here are unique and you should easily be able to find several that you truly enjoy.


This product is exceptionally chewy. While many protein-boosting bars are gritty and crumbly, leaving a mess everywhere you go, that is not the case with this one. The lack of grittiness is uncommon and a welcome change. There are decent textures within the bars depending on what flavor you decide to go with. Customers agree that when it comes to consistency this brand’s option is better than most others. It is important to note that as they become older they do get quite a bit harder and some find them difficult to chew up if they are too old. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are eating them on a daily basis as you will go through your supply fairly quickly.


When using this product you will be getting twenty-five grams of protein and at least four grams of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids per serving. The combination of these things will allow your muscles to perform at their highest level during each activity you do. You can train hard daily, at the gym, with a serious reduction in soreness. Your muscle growth will also improve when you pair this product with a strict exercise or weight lifting routine. As you work hard this product will also maintain your muscles which keeps them from deteriorating due to overuse. You can see this product is effective in a large variety of ways. On top of all of these things, it will also help suppress your appetite and give you a healthy snack option that actually tastes great.


The basic ingredients used in all the flavor varieties are the same, however, they will use slightly different ingredients overall. All of them contain a blend of Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Soy Lecithin, Whole Milk Powder, Vanilla, Glycerin, Soy Protein, Stevia, Beef Gelatin, Salt, and Natural Flavors. The protein used in this product is exceptionally high-quality. It breaks down over time providing you long-lasting fullness and fuel to achieve even your most far-off goals. This is a solid list of ingredients that have been proven to be exceptionally effective in helping to boost your protein levels.


The calorie count on these bars varies between two hundred and sixty and two hundred and seventy calories per serving. This is a bit more than others that you may have tried in the past as many tend to stick right around two hundred calories. This product makes a great snack. It is important to note that you want to keep snacks under three hundred calories. If they are too low you won’t find yourself feeling satisfied for long which can lead to further snacking. Keeping it around three hundred will ensure you are getting the energy and fullness you are looking for to help sustain yourself until your next meal.


As expected, the sugar content varies a bit depending on which flavor you decide to go with. The most you will be consuming is nine grams per serving. This is not a large amount of sugar. Many of us have experienced products like pre-workouts or energy drinks that are exceptionally sugary. These high sugar levels can lead to a crashing effect that will leave you feeling exhausted. Those high contents can also be hard to work into your diet. With the low sugar value in this product you should not have an issue fitting it in nor will you have to worry about a crashing effect.


This product will absolutely help increase your energy levels. It does this in a couple ways. Consuming calories and Protein will fuel your body and especially your muscles so you can maintain excellent energy levels throughout your day. This product breaks down over time which gives your body long-lasting energy. It makes this product a perfect snack at any point you decide you need a healthy option and a boost in energy levels. Unlike caffeine pills and energy boosting supplements, this is a clean natural energy that your body will use effectively. This aids you in stamina and keeping your appetite in check. Overall, consumers are pleased with the energy levels they gain when using this product.


One serving is seventy grams, This is quite a bit larger than others you may have eaten in the past. The higher calorie count is partially due to the larger size of this protein bar. Each container yields 12 bars. obviously, if you plan on consuming one every day one box will not be enough to get you through the month. For some customers, this is a plus because they like to order multiple flavor varieties. This will help keep your routine interesting and you will look forward to eating it every day. It is important to note if you decide to buy the chocolate chip cookie dough you can purchase it in a sample size to give it a try before you make a commitment to 12 bars.

Side Effects

Any product that has whey protein in it could lead to some negative side effects. In fact, most supplements that we add to our routine have the potential to cause some sort of adverse effects on us. While there are no reports of this product causing it's consumer side effects it is possible that you may experience some. The common things are seen with this type of product or an upset stomach, nausea, bloating, and excessive gas. Obviously, if you are intolerant of milk products this list of side effects will more than likely be seen. It is important to note that this product does contain soy. So, if you have an allergy to this ingredient you will also want to avoid it.


Finding a healthy snack that you can fit in throughout your daily routine easily and one with high-quality ingredients can be difficult to do. Consuming the Dymatize Elite Protein Bar will give you extra energy and keep your appetite at Bay easily. The Boost of protein that you gain from it will allow your muscles to perform better and basically every activity you decide to participate in. You'll notice a decrease in overall soreness and an increase in muscle mass. Pairing this snack with a stellar diet and frequent exercise routine will make weight loss and muscle gain more noticeable more quickly. While we understand it's a small advantage we must say it is also a nice aspect that these bars actually taste good. Enjoying your snacks throughout the day will help you stay on track when trying to avoid foods that are not healthy.


There are not a plethora of disadvantages and using this product. It does carry side effects, however, most supplements do. It is not vegetarian or vegan-friendly. And if you have a milk or soy allergy this product will be unusable for you. There is the fact that you only get 12 servings per container. This means you'll have to spend extra money if you decide that you want to consume it on a daily basis. The only other thing that we can find that could be seen as a disadvantage is that this product does not age well. So, if you're not going to consume them fairly quickly after buying you may find them to be exceptionally difficult to bite into and chew.


This product is only slightly more expensive than others in the same category. Due to the fact that you only get 12 bars per box if you want it for an entire month, you will need to buy multiple boxes. This is where the price starts to look a little more extreme. Not every budget is going to be able to easily afford to consume these on a daily basis. Value is not only contingent on price, however. When you take into consideration the health benefits of using this protein supplement bar it is easy to see why so many feel it is a decent value. If you can fit into your budget you will have a tasty and healthy snack that you can use whenever you see fit.

Bottom Line

Dymatize Create solid products that will absolutely help you with your weight loss and fitness venture. Their Elite protein bars taste great and provide your body with long-lasting energy throughout the day. Seen time and again, when paired with frequent exercise and a healthy eating routine, this product will decrease overall muscle soreness and help you achieve your goals more easily. Overall, we as well as customers, feel the adding this into your routine is beneficial. it is more pricey than others that are available, however, you can rest assured you'll be getting a top quality product from a trusted brand.