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Using mitts like the Elite Sports Focus Mitts can help you improve in a variety of areas related to combat sports. When you are into boxing or mixed martial arts you should absolutely invest in a pair. You will need someone to wear them, be it a coach, friend, or sparring partner. Once you find a partner you can embark on a journey that will truly help you get better. While most people try to hit a focus mitt with tremendous power, that is really not their intended purpose. That type of striking would be best done with a heavy bag. Instead of hitting it as hard as you can, you should be working on offense, defense, and reflexes. Focus mitts are great for improving a fighter's reactions.

These mitts from Elite Sports offer good durability and a simple care routine. They have decent adjustability and a good grip on the interior. This means you won't have to worry about them flying off in the middle of a training session, regardless of how large or small your hands are. They are curved so that you have an anatomical fit all while having a great striking surface. This brand has constructed these mitts in a smart way. They breathe fairly well and the people wearing them find them quite comfortable. Overall, these mitts can help a fighter to improve their speed, accuracy, and overall performance when training with them on a frequent basis.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Anatomically Designed
  • Nice Striking Surface
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Exceptional Customer Reviews
  • Good Grip
  • Versatile Training Uses
  • Inferior Shock Absorption
  • Limited Wrist Support


Elite Sports is a brand that came to fruition out of necessity. Their founders are not only businessmen but they are also participants in the world of combat sports. As mixed martial arts started to become more popular they saw a ton of inferior Brands producing items that were not well suited to keep fighters comfortable, protected, and working towards better performance. They decided to do something different. By creating products that are well developed in the beginning, Fighters have learned to trust this brand. They spend a lot of time in the design of their items so that when they are made they are going to perform better than you may expect. Whether you are into boxing, karate, kickboxing, are other forms of mixed martial arts there are quite a few pieces of gear that you need to acquire. You can look towards this brand for all of your wants and needs. They offer affordable items that will fit into your routine and can seriously take some abuse.


The materials used for this product are exceptionally easy to maintain. The outer shell of these mitts is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather offers very good durability and doesn't require much maintenance. This set of myths also have a hook and loop style velcro closures. This makes them easy to adjust and perfect regardless of how big or small your hands are. They have built-in mesh panels to help with the overall breathability. How well your hand coverings breathes will play a role in how comfortable you are throughout training sessions. They use a lightweight foam padding to help keep the wearer's hands protected. Consumers have noted that it is enough to offer a decent level of protection without being too bulky. It is important to note that if you are dealing with a heavy hitter you may not find that these offer enough protection to keep your hands and wrists feeling great.


Overall, customers are very pleased with the fit that this punching mitt provides. Your hands will slide into them easily and as noted there are velcro style hook-and-loop closures to keep them securely in place. You will want to make sure to take a look at the velcro every now and again and make sure it is free of debris so that it doesn't lose its sticking power. This offers a decent level of adjustability so that whether your hands are large or small you should be able to wear them without a problem. It has also been noted that people are impressed with how comfortable the material between their fingers is. The glove piece does offer a good grip with a palm ball to ensure your mitts aren't going to go flying as you work with your fighter through their routine. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that if your hands are exceptionally small these may be a bit lose and move around. This can be a bit frustrating, however, it doesn't appear to be a major problem for most users.


There are some features built into this item to help with breathability. They have structured them to have mesh panel strategically-placed that will help promote airflow. There have been no reports from consumers that they feel this product is exceptionally breathable or otherwise. Naturally, when you are working hard in the gym it is going to lead to your body sweating. The mesh panels are built to combat this. They're made from moisture wicking material that will help move sweat away from your hands and keep you cooler and more comfortable. The way they have structured and designed this item it is likely you will find them to be quite breathable. This will allow you to wear them for a longer period of time. Obviously, when you spend long hours training with a fighter you want to be as comfortable as possible. A decent level of breathability will play a role in maintaining optimal levels of comfort.


As noted, you will be being protected by a fairly thick layer of foam. In addition, the fighter that you are working with should be wearing boxing or mixed martial arts gloves which will also play a role in keeping you protected. The foam that is used does a decent job at absorbing shock. It has been noted by consumers that if you are dealing with a heavyweight, they may not offer the level of protection that you need for taking a hard blow. Keep in mind that training with punching mitts is not all about power. Often times, they get used the wrong way and this could lead to unnecessary injuries. These mitts only offer a limited amount of wrist support and protection. This is an area that is susceptible to injury and you'll want to be careful that you don't take a blow to the wrist. Overall, these mitts do give you a decent level of protection. They will be best used with beginner or intermediate fighters.


Coaches, sparring partners, and fighters alike agree that these are very comfortable mitts. They have several features built into them to ensure that you get a great level of comfort. There is a ball located where your palm will go. This offers a great level of grip and helps to improve the level of comfort that you experienced while wearing them. The sizing adjustment also plays a role in the overall comfort level. These mitts are simple to adjust which means you'll be able to find the perfect fit and optimal comfort level. The fact that they breathe quite well and move moisture away from your skin are features that will help to keep you more comfortable. As noted, people are also happy with the feel of the webbing between their fingers. It secures the fit and ads to keeping these gloves in place and comfortable. We were quite impressed at all of the positive reviews from consumers in regards to the category of comfort.


There are a lot of different ways that you can train with focus mitts. It is important to note that they are not made for heavy-hitting. Many people use them in this way, however, that is not their true purpose. They are great for training different strike combinations. This includes elbows as well as punches. While working with a fighter you can help them to improve their offensive skills, as well as, their defensive skills. With light strike two different areas of their body they will have to focus on their reflexes for defense. You can train the same drills over and over so that Fighters body becomes adjusted to those movements. This can play a major role in helping them to improve. Training with Focus mitts is also a good way to help the fighter work on their feet. As you move around they will move around as well. Using focus mitts can be better than training with large pads as large pads can be quite cumbersome. These nuts will not inhibit your movement and will allow you to train and every type of striking needed.


Pairing your standard training with a healthy diet and the use of focus mitts can be a major advantage in your performance. They can help your reflexes become better which will, in turn, help you avoid strikes during competitions. These mitts are great for a variety of reasons. They are exceptionally simple to maintain and they offer the wearer a great level of comfort. The materials are quite durable which means they will be able to stand up to the abuse that is consistently being brought to them. They offer a good level of adjustability and a reliable fit. You won't have to worry about them flying off in the middle of a session and succumbing to injuries. You will also get a fairly high level of protection. Well these are not the most protective mitts available to you they will be able to handle a decent amount of impact with you feeling very little. Overall, these are only some of the advantages that come along with this item.


There are really only two disadvantages that are associated with this product. The first has to do with the level of impact absorption that it offers. As noted, these are going to be best suited to be used with beginner or intermediate Fighters. That is because when you are just starting out you tend not to hit as hard. If you are working with an advanced fighter or a heavy-hitter you may want to look for something that offers better protection or it could lead to injuries that are not only unneeded but unwanted. The other aspect that consumers are less than thrilled with is the level of protection and support in the wrist area. Your wrists are very susceptible to injury so, the fact that these do not offer good protection is a bit of a downfall. You will absolutely want to take these things and station before deciding if this is the right product for you.


You'll be getting a very good value when you invest in this product. Basically, any budget will be able to afford them with ease. The price tag associated is more affordable than many other options that are currently available to you. They will offer you great longevity of use which makes this an even better bang for your buck. You'll be getting a decent level of protection and a great fit. The level of comfort that you have while wearing these mitts is also excellent. When you look at all of the different aspects that surround this item we feel, that it is easy to see, why so many feel that they are a good value. You could absolutely invest more money and get higher quality materials, however, this is not a bad deal. Overall, customers are very pleased with their purchase and feel that this item performs very well.

Bottom Line

When you decide to go with us item you really are picking a solid option. The level of protection may not be enough for some users, however, it does a fairly good job most of the time. This option is easily adjustable and will accommodate a wide variety of hand sizes. The structure and design are sound. They have paid attention to the fine details and you can see it in simple aspects like the stitching. The reviews on this product are consistently good. There are not a lot of complaints being made about it and this is, obviously, an advantage. The fighters that are training with these Focus mitts are seeing Improvement in their routine all the way around. When you have a serious urge to become your best choosing an item like this to train with can help you along the way. Overall, this is a good pair of mitts that will last quite some time and help a variety of different disciplines become better.