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Finding a pair of boxing trunks that actually fit well and provide you with a stylish look you don't have to constantly readjust can seem impossible. Consumers are very pleased with the Elite Sports Jack Series boxing trunks because they check off pretty much every box in terms of wants and needs. It has been oftentimes noted that you will need to order at least a full size up to ensure a proper fit. These shorts are not only a great addition to your boxing gear but will transition nicely to a variety of other high-impact sports. You are going to find it easy to acquire the look you want as this option offers a variety of colors. Durability can be a major issue when it comes to the clothing you wear in the gym. This pair of trunks will withstand the test of time with dual closures and a durable yet lightweight material. Working these trunks into your budget will be simple, even if you want to order a few pairs. Whether you are moving around the ring or working a heavy bag, these shorts will move with you. The structure and design is well thought out and will transition nicely throughout your fitness, boxing, and exercise routines. Overall, customers are very happy with the wear and use they get out of this option by Elite Sports.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Price
  • Quite Flexible
  • Very Durable
  • Dual Closure
  • Stylish Design
  • High-Quality Material
  • Versatile Use
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult Sizing
  • Restrictive On Thighs


For the last fifteen years, the Elite Sports brand has grown exponentially. Now a well-known brand among boxers, mixed martial artists, and high impact sports lovers, they make a variety of gear to help you stay comfortable, protected, and ready for the next round. Not only does this brand offer gear for people into combat sports but they also make items for more traditional sports like baseball, wrestling, and football. They take the time to really look at what each sport needs to succeed and then work to structure their products to fit. What customers have found is that Elite Sports exceeds and succeeds in providing individualized options that cater to the performance requirements to keep you looking and feeling great. You will quickly see after using their products, why so many trust this brand and continually turn to them for the clothing options your gym routine requires.


Elite Sports uses a few different materials in this pair of fight shorts and they are all very well thought out. The majority of the shorts are made of a lightweight and durable microfiber. Microfiber doesn’t stretch the best but that has been addressed in this option. They have stretchy elastic panels sewn into the thighs to ensure that your movement will not be majorly restricted. If you have ever blown out a seam while working in the gym you know how annoying and frustrating it can be. On top of that, restricted movement from poor material choices can detriment your training and the level of comfort you have during those long hours spent in the ring. As noted above, these shorts also have a dual closure to make sure they stay in place without any need for readjustment. They have an inner lace-up closure and they also have a velcro closure. Consumers have noted that the piece of Velcro used is quite large and if you don’t line it up correctly it can lead to skin irritation.


Consumers are very happy with the fit of these trunks. They come a few inches above the knee and some consumers have noted that they actually feel they are a bit shorter than they expected. The fit through the waist is excellent. The fact that the lace-up closure offers some adjustability, you will be able to find the fit you are looking for. This helps set your mind at ease when you are training as you won’t need to concern yourself with losing your shorts or them being too tight and uncomfortable. The Velcro piece of the closure also offers a bit of adjustability which helps to improve the overall fit. It has been noted by consumers that while there is an elastic swath of material in the thighs, this area is still quite snug. They are not saying they are uncomfortably tight but snug for sure. Overall, the fit and feel of this piece of clothing are very well-received among the people wearing them.


Spending long hours in the gym sparring, training with your coach, or working through a grueling cardio routine is sweaty work. The clothes you decide to wear can play a major role in your overall comfort throughout your routine. This pair of shorts is very lightweight and the materials they are constructed from are quite breathable. Wearing them will lead you to a cooler and more comfortable gym session. It has been stated many times that these shorts are great at absorbing sweat. Not only that, but they are also exceptionally quick-drying. So as you continue to work up a sweat they will continue to move it away from your body and improve your overall Comfort levels. We are certain you'll be happy with a level of breathability that these shorts offer. The length of them also plays its role. They are not exceptionally long so in turn, they will breathe better and keep you cooler.


Wearing a pair of exceptionally durable shorts during your training sessions is imperative. You will find that this pair of shorts will give you everything that you're looking for. Whether you are training and doing deep squats or moving about the ring during a sparring session they will perform nicely. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a sparring match, weaving out of the way, and feeling your shorts rep. It is not only embarrassing but it is also very frustrating. You will get exceptional use out of the shorts. The way they are structured and designed they will truly move with you. With this improved flexibility comes and prove to durability. The materials are all top quality and you can easily see the attention to detail. From features like a dual-closure to slits in the sides for improved movement, these boxing trunks will last through a plethora of abuse. It is important to know you may need to clean the velcro closure on occasion to ensure that it grips itself nicely and doesn't become undone during the time you are wearing them.


These fight shorts come in a variety of different colors to match your style. While looking through pictures it does appear as if they come all the way down to the knee, however, customers have noted that they are a bit shorter than you would expect. If you're looking for a longer length you may want to order them a size up or look towards a different pair. With that being said, they are not exceptionally short and come in just above the knee. the majority of each pair of these shorts is black. The only place you're going to really see the color difference is around the waistband and at the logo on the lower left-hand side of the shorts. You will have some excellent choices and you can go with white, gray, all black, orange, blue, red, or purple. Due to the fact that there is such a good variety and color, it makes these shorts suitable for men as well as women. These shorts are rather slim so there is not a whole lot of extra material and they can be quite form-fitting on some people.


If you are searching for a pair of shorts that offers true versatility between different disciplines of mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, cardio training, and more this may be the perfect option for you. The way that they are structured they will move with you easily. What this means is that regardless of the maneuver you find yourself trying to perform you won't have to worry about that remaining the quality of your shorts. With aspects like built-in elastic panels and reinforced slits at the sides, you will never have to worry about busting a seam. You will be able to wear these shorts during grappling practices as well as time spent inside the ring. Some people have even noted that they like to wear them during lifting sessions or while out for a run. When it comes down to it, you can pretty much wear these shorts for anything that you would like and not have to worry about restricted movement or durability issues.


You are going to want to be exceptionally careful when choosing the size that you order. These trunks run quite small. It is been mentioned from consumers a plethora of time that you are likely going to need to order at least one full size up. If your thighs are exceptionally muscular even this may not be enough to offer the correct fit. So what you will want to make sure you do is take your measurements carefully and compare it to the size chart. There has been a lot of frustration over this aspect of these shorts. Once consumers lock down the size that they need the fit is fantastic, as previously mentioned. They maintain their size quite well. You won't have to worry about them shrinking or stretching out leaving you with an ill-fitting pair of shorts. As with all clothing, size variation is not uncommon.


These shorts are built very smartly. They offer excellent versatility so that you will be able to use them throughout all of the activities you enjoy participating in, including boxing, Taekwondo, and BJJ. One of the biggest advantages of wearing these shorts is the elastic panel sewn into the thighs. They allow these shorts to truly move with you and will also keep them comfortable during long wear. They're also built to last. With a durable design and materials, you will have a reliable pair of shorts that you can wear whenever you see fit. You will also be getting better breathability when you decide to go with this option. The lightweight material doesn't cling to the wearer. in addition, the dual-closure will give you a secure fit that you won't have to constantly worry about pulling up. This is imperative you successful sparring sessions and training routines.


Downfalls are something that we just have to accept when we are purchasing any items. As with all things, there are pros and cons. You will not be facing a huge amount of disadvantages when you decide to go with these boxing trunks. Sizing is the biggest issue. Customers seem to be quite frustrated over the way that this brand sizes this product. While most of the time or during a full size up will work out just fine that is not always the case. This could lead to several returns and some major irritation. The only other aspect that we have found consumers noting that is negative about this product has to do with the thigh area. Some people find them to be a bit restrictive even though they do have panels of elastic built into them. If you are exceptionally muscular or thick in your upper leg you may find that a bit of your movement is restricted. This is not a common complaint of this product.


Consumers feel as if this product is an exceptional value. These shorts will easily fit into basically every budget. In fact, you may find it very easy to order a couple of pairs. People have noted that they like to wear these every time they had to the gym regardless of the routine that they are about to work on. When you have a truly versatile pair of shorts that can transition between jump roping, running, sparring, and grappling you know you have found a good item. They offer excellent durability so you will get long use out of them even if you wear them frequently. They hold up really well through many washes and wears. For such a small investment we are quite impressed with the overall quality and value that this item has to offer.

Bottom Line

Elite Sports has done an excellent job in the construction and design of these boxing trunks. While they are perfectly suited for boxers to wear throughout their entire routine they will also work well for pretty much anyone looking for a pair of athletic shorts. They are exceptionally affordable and feel as good as they look. The disadvantages that come along with buying this product are minimal. As long as you take your time and choose the right size we believe that you will be more than satisfied with these shorts. You will have a secure fit that is comfortable regardless of how long you decide to wear them. They will help to keep you cooler than many other options. Overall, we don't think you can go wrong with this pair of trunks.