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The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is a solid option if you are looking for a breathable bag. It is designed to promote airflow. In addition, you will notice that the foul odors associated with sweaty routines are reduced. This is not only a bonus for you but also for the people you are around.

Some find this bag to be a bit small even though it is offered in two different sizes. You will find that it has quite a bit of stretch. This can make fitting all of your gear and equipment into it a bit easier. The material is durable so stretching it some will not cause damage to the outer shell.

Toting a bag to and from the gym can be a burden. This option offers two different handles to carry it by. You will find a comfortable way to carry it during your commute. It has been noted that consumers struggle with the durability of the shoulder strap.

With a variety of different pockets, you will be able to easily organize all of your training and competition items easily. From your gloves to your protective gear and mouthguards, there is a place for everything. The zippers are of good quality so you won't have to worry about your possessions falling out when using this option from Elite Sports.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Two Sizes Available
  • Decent Color Variety
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Good Amount Of Stretch
  • Several Compartments
  • Affordable
  • Shoulder Strap Durability Issues
  • Smaller Than Expected
  • Seam Durability Issues


The Elite Sports brand offers a wide variety of gear and equipment that is suitable for boxers, wrestles, and mixed martial artists of every discipline. They strive to offer affordable options that will cover all of the needs of a fighter. With many products in each category, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your routine, needs, and budget.

Searching for products like gloves, clothing, gear bags, protective equipment, sparring gear, and other items is easy when you go to this friend. They have everything you need in one place. It is important to note that while most of their products are good qualities some of them are lacking. Sometimes, keeping things affordable does decrease the overall quality.

In general, consumers are very happy with the items they have purchased from this brand. In addition, Elite Sports stands behind their products to make returns or exchanges easy if you run into any problems. Overall, when you are looking for affordable gear and you want to get everything you need in one place this is a good place to start looking.


The materials used in the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel are pretty impressive. They are all good quality and built to last. The outer shell is made of mesh material that is constructed from a high-quality Denier. You will have a truly durable bag when you go with this option.

In addition, Elite Sports used some of the best zippers you can find. Typically, zippers are a problem with airbags. It can be a big burden when they decide to break open during youth. This can lead to your items falling out and being lost. So, the fact that they use a heavy-duty zipper is a major advantage in choosing this option.

The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel's straps are made of nylon. The buckles are made of plastic. The nylon straps themselves are quite durable, however, some people have had issues with the level of durability they get from the plastic buckles. Overall, this bag is going to last you for a good amount of time even when you're carrying a large amount of gear.


Having a good variety of pocket options in your gym bag is always advantageous. Not only does it make organization easy it also makes it simple to keep your sweaty items away from your clean items. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel offers many different compartments to house all of your training needs.

One of the most important pockets for many fighters is the one for small items. If you simply throw your mouthguard, mouthguard case, or keys into the main compartment it can be impossible to find them quickly. In addition, it can be very frustrating. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel offers a couple of smaller pockets to accommodate finding these items simply.

You will also have access to several other pockets. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel offers a place to stick your shoes and your gloves. Keeping these items separated can help them last longer as they won't be hitting against the other pieces of gear that you are carrying. Obviously, there is one large compartment to how's your bigger pieces of protective equipment like your shin guards or headgear.


Most gear bags only come in one size. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is available to you in two different sizes. This can make finding the perfect fit for your routine easy. It is an advantage that you have a bit of choice in this category.

Consumers have noted that they feel the smaller size is a bit too small. You will be looking at a length of twenty inches. This is smaller than an average sized duffel bag. The width comes in at ten and a half inches while the width is ten inches.

The larger Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is honestly not much bigger than the smaller one. It has a length of twenty inches just like the smaller option. The width is slightly bigger at eleven inches. In addition, it is a little bit taller and has a height of eleven inches, as well.


Many consumers want a truly breathable gym bag to help their gear dry out more quickly and to reduce the foul odors that are associated with hard work. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is made of a very breathable mesh. In fact, you will get better airflow when you choose this bag over many others that are in the same category.

It has been noted by consumers that the section you put your shoes or gloves in is not made of the same breathable mesh. In fact, it is made of a material that does not breathe at all. This is a bit of a letdown considering that these two items tend to be more sweaty than others.

For the most part, people are very pleased with the level of breathability that the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel offers. It is likely you'll still need to take your gear out in between training sessions to ensure it dries completely before you use it again. Keep in mind that this bag does breathe quite well and this means you won't have to spend quite as much money on deodorizers and products that will make your bag smell better.


The Elite Sports Mesh bag is styled like a traditional duffel bag. It offers several different compartments and a fairly structured design. It has one large compartment and several smaller ones to house all of your needs.

Duffle bags are great when you are hauling around protective gear. In addition, it works well for those of you that want to carry your gloves, a change of clothes, shoes, mouthguard, and a variety of other items in it. As noted, this option in bags is a bit smaller than your standard duffle.

There are many other options available to you in duffle bags that are larger. However, you may find that they are bulky and cumbersome to carry around. The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is a little bit sleeker in design and many people prefer it to its bulky counterparts.


Overall, the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is very durable. The material that the bulk of it is made out of is built to withstand some serious abuse. Many people simply throw their bag in the corner and they stuff as much into it as possible. Knowing that your bag can handle it is advantageous.

It is important to note that some consumers have had issues with durability with the buckles. Where the shoulder strap attaches to the bag it tends to break. These clasps are made of plastic. Finding a bag that does not use buckles made of plastic may be advantageous to those of you that are carrying a lot of gear and equipment.

Zipper durability tends to be a major issue in this type of product. You won't have any issues with that when you decide to go with the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel. They truly do you use heavy-duty zippers that are going to last for a very long time.


The breathable material that is used in the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is one of the biggest advantages. You will find that your gear and equipment dries out more quickly. In addition, you won't be fighting the foul odors that you typically associate with your gym bag.

Another advantage in choosing this product over others is the fact that it offers so many different compartments. Finding all of your different pieces of gear is simple when you choose this item. What are you are looking for something small or something large it will be easy to locate and even easier to organize.

Consumers are also very pleased with the longevity the get out of the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel. Most of the materials used in it are extremely durable. You'll be able to rely on this bag to take you to and from the gym for several years after purchasing it.


There are a couple of disadvantages associated with the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel that may become deal breakers for certain users. Basically, every item that is available today comes with at least a few disadvantages. Figuring out how they are going to impact you and your routine can help you make a solid decision and what is going to work out best.

Consumers are displeased with shoulder strap durability. The strap itself is fine, however, the plastic clasps tend to break. This will limit how you can carry this bad and you may find it to be uncomfortable.

Another aspect of that is a little disappointing is that consumers find the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel to be a bit smaller than they expect. If you are large in stature than fitting all of your gear and equipment in it may be a bit of a burden. Lastly, there have been a few reports of this bag bursting at the seams. It does offer a decent amount of stretch, however, if you are packing a lot of gear in it you may find that the seams can't hold up.


We feel that the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is a pretty good value. It does offer good durability for the most part. You'll be able to use the baguette sell for years to come without worry of it breaking down. You may end up with some issues with the straps but overall, people are very satisfied with the amount of use they're getting out of it.

The cost associated with the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel is pretty average. It is not extremely expensive, however, it is also not extremely cheap. You won't be making a large investment and most people will be able to work it into their budget relatively easily.

While the price is an important aspect it is not the only thing to take into consideration. This bag does come with some downfalls that may be deal breakers for certain users. It is important to weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

Overall, the reviews surrounding the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel are positive. It is well regarded among its users. There are a few things that people find to disconcerting, however, it does function quite well and should give you a good amount of use before it starts to break down.

The Elite Sports Mesh Duffel breathes better than many other options. Reducing moisture and odor are obvious advantages. In addition, they are aspects that fighters truly love about this item. We believe you will be impressed by them, as well.

You won't have to make a huge investment to call the Elite Sports Mesh Duffel your own. Additionally, it comes in a few different color options to suit your specific style. People are quite pleased with this bag and the fact that they have some variety and not only color but also in size. If you decide to call this bag your own we doubt that you will be disappointed.