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Elite Sports Sparring gloves are an excellent glove that is appropriate for adults as well as kids. They help keep your hands in the correct position to ensure you learn proper form and structure. When striving to meet your goals you need a glove that offers superior protection and excellent durability. This glove does both of those things. You won’t have to worry about allowing a ton of time to give these gloves maintenance. These gloves are simple to care for. Elite Sports uses good quality materials to ensure you are getting a glove that can take a serious beating all while keeping you and your sparring partner protected. You won’t need a partner when it is time to put these gloves on or take them off. The closure is easy to handle on your own. Consumers are impressed with the breathability of these gloves and it even helps protect you from fungal and microbial issues. It is important to note that these gloves are also quite versatile. Regardless of if you are hitting a bag, working your trainer’s mitts, or participating in a boxing class, these gloves will suit you quite well. Overall, consumers are happy with this glove offered by Elite Sports.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Youth & Adult Sizing
  • Light Weight
  • Versatile Use
  • Protective Gel/Foam Padding
  • For Beginners to Advanced Fighters
  • Anatomic Fit & Design
  • Adjustable
  • Very Affordable
  • Stitching Durability Issues
  • Strong Smell In Beginning


Elite Sports came to fruition because of the climbing love for mixed martial arts disciplines. They were able to see the flaws of ill-made products and have done a great job at improving those flaws. This brand makes products that are not only great quality but also very affordable. There is true attention to detail in the products they produce and they strive to stay ahead of the curve. When you are in the middle of a tough training session the last thing you need is to worry about inferior gear shredding as this could lead to injury. When using gear made by Elite Sports you will be truly protected and have the ability to focus on improving your performance rather than about whether or not your gear is going to hold up.


This glove uses a gel/foam combination to offer you padding and support. The mix of these two materials is excellent at absorbing impact and reducing the shock you feel in your fingers, hands, and wrists. In the beginning, the padding is nice and thick. It offers very high levels of protection. This means you will be able to use them for basically everything, including, your hardest hitting sessions with the heavy bag. If you are a more advanced fighter, you may find the padding breaks down very quickly. Some customers have noted that the breakdown can start occurring in just a few weeks if you are using them on a daily basis. This breakdown could make it so you sustain unnecessary injuries due to a lack of padding and protection.


You will secure these gloves in place with a Velcro strap. It is high-quality and you won't have to worry about your gloves coming loose and falling off during your training sessions. The Velcro is attached to an elastic strap. This strap is very long which allows for fantastic adjustability. Consumers are happy with the adjustability they get with this glove as it not only helps their glove feel secure it also enhances comfort. It is important to note that customers are also impressed that they can easily fit hand wraps under these gloves. With some gloves, hand wraps make the closure not stay as it should. This is not the case with this option by Elite Sports.


When you first start to use these gloves you will be getting a very high level of protection. The padding, in not only the glove portion but also the wrist portion, is excellent. The gel and foam mix used in the padding is going to do a stellar job at keeping your fingers, knuckles, hands, thumbs, and wrists safe during bag work, sparring, classes, or mitt work. As the padding breaks down you will not be nearly as protected. Consumers have noted that this can happen quite quickly with this glove. You will want to be careful and pay attention to the overall integrity of your glove to ensure you maintain proper levels of protection and safety while participating in these hard-hitting sports.


Customers are reporting that these gloves offer a stellar fit. Elite Sports hit the nail on the head with this aspect. They are nice and snug but not overly tight. In addition, they are saying the fit is exceptionally secure. What this means is you will not have to worry about your glove changing position or falling off while using them. There is enough adjustability that you can wear wraps under them from the very first use, comfortably. Over time, as they break down, they will loosen up a bit but there are no reports of this being a problem. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the fit these gloves offer.


You will be getting a seriously comfortable pair of gloves if you decide to buy the Elite Sports Gel sparring gloves. Customers have basically all agreed that these are some of the most comfortable gloves available to you today. It is important that you understand as these gloves break down they will become less comfortable. This is due to the fact that as the padding deteriorates you will be less protected and you will feel the impact much more during striking exercises. They will provide you with great comfort until they are broken to the point of needing to be replaced. Overall, we are fairly certain you will be satisfied with the comfort level that this well thought out glove offers.


In terms of price, these gloves are a phenomenal value. They are more affordable than most other decent options available to you. This glove is lacking in a few areas, including durability. However, this becomes less of an issue when you take a peek at the price tag. The design is good and the construction is solid. So, while they do not offer the best durability they are still a good glove, especially for beginners or those that are participating in fitness boxing classes. Gauging the value of a product is difficult. When looking over the aspects, reviews, materials, and features we agree with consumers that these gloves are a very good value. You will be getting great bang for your buck and that is something we can all appreciate.


The outer shell of this glove is made from high-quality Maya Hide Leather. This is a type of synthetic leather that is commonly used in this kind of sports gear. It is known for its durability, feel, and ability to be easily cared for. This glove contains padding that is made of foam and gel, as previously mentioned. In addition, there is a sweat-wicking liner that will help keep your hands cool and dry. They also use an elastic strap for great adjustability and an easy on and off closure system. You will be securing them with Velcro. These materials are quite common for boxing gloves and Elite Sports does make sure they buy the best available options in each material's class.


We were surprised by all of the reports raving about how well these gloves breathe. Boxing gloves are not known for being very breathable. This is due to the full coverage protection that they offer a fighter's hands and wrists. So, how is it that this glove breathes so well, you may ask. Elite Sports uses what they call a 3D Cooling Mesh. It is located in the palm of the glove. It seriously enhances the airflow. Obviously, this enhances the coolness and dryness inside your gloves. Keeping your hands dry is important to maintaining your ability to train as often as you like. Sweaty hands can lead to skin break down, blisters, and possibly days of not being able to train at all.


This is a very versatile glove that you will be able to use for most of your training sessions. It is important to note that while these gloves will allow your fingers and hands to move a bit you will experience seriously restricted movement while wearing them. What this means is that you will not want to wear these gloves while working on grappling. They will do much better for heavy bag or speed bag work. In addition, they will work perfectly during sparring sessions with a partner or with your trainer. If you are participating in a Kickboxing or Boxing class these can be the perfect addition to make sure you are prepared. Due to the fact that you will be able to take them on and off by yourself, these gloves are also excellent for home gym use.


There is more variety in weights with this glove than there are with most other gloves available in the market today. This is because this glove is offered in youth sizes as well as adult sizes. If you are looking for a good pair of gloves for your child you can order these in four, six, or eight-ounce gloves. These will work out well for the little ones. If you are an adult you will have the option of buying them in ten, twelve, or fourteen-ounce weights. Your body weight will determine the weight of glove that you will need to purchase. While most brands keep this pretty standard it is important that you check out size charts before you decide which weight you should go with. You can also discuss this with your trainer and they will be able to guide you to exactly what you need to buy to keep yourself well-protected.


The quality of these gloves is what we would consider good. They are not the most durable gloves available to you but they are also very inexpensive. They use high-quality materials that do a good job of keeping you protected, even if it is not for an extended term of use. The level of protection you get from these gloves, until the point of breakdown, is stellar. We feel that this adds to the quality. Elite sports does pay attention to the small details like the closure and lining system of this glove. These features add to the value quite a bit. Consumers are in agreeance that these gloves are a good value. They simply wish they got a longer life from them.


Some gloves take a lot of time and effort to care for them properly. Who has time for that? With the busy lives most of us lead, spending a lot of time caring for your gear is out of the picture. You won't have to worry about investing a lot of time when providing cleaning and maintenance measures for these gloves. Due to the fact that these gloves are made of synthetic leather, taking care of the outer shell is simple. You can wipe them down with basically, any disinfectant or cleaner with no issues. The inner lining is anti-microbial and does not require much care. You may want to purchase glove deodorizer to throw in them to ensure they continue smelling fresh. You will also want to make sure to give your gloves time to dry between uses as with will cut down on unpleasant odors.

Bottom Line

This glove is a solid option, especially for beginners or those that are only participating in a few classes or light bag work at home. They are not the most durable on the market but that is not necessarily a problem when you consider how much they cost. You will be getting a very comfortable glove that fits better than you expect them to. The fact that you can purchase these for you and your kids is an aspect that many people appreciate. The shock absorption is stellar and they do provide a good amount of protection for not only your hands but also for your wrists. Overall, this is a decent glove with a great price and most people are quite satisfied with it.