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If you are looking for a scale that will offer you more than just weight the Eufy Bodysense scale is the one for you. It takes your whole body wellness into consideration by taking readings like BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, muscle mass, and lean body mass. It also has features like Bluetooth connectivity, app compatibility, and multiple users.

This is the scale for you if you are looking for a no-nonsense way to get your weight and body composition readings. However, compared to its competitors this smart scale is lacking a lot of features that others have made kind of the baseline normal these days for smart scales.

Editor's Pros & Cons

App Compatible

Multiple Users

Body Composition Readings

Wireless Syncing


Bluetooth Connectivity

Lacking Features

Inaccurate readings


The square shape with rounded corners is a pretty typical design of the average smart scale these days, with the exception of the Quardiobase. It has a glass scale top which is deceivingly sturdy and durable, and ABS plastic underside and 4 non-skid feet at the bottom. It has a metal circle in the middle of the scale that is used for the BIA function which is what takes all the rest of your body composition readings.

The digital display screen is seamlessly integrated at the top of the scale instead of being in a box like most smart scales where you can tell its a display screen. It is available in both black and white depending on what color choice suits your bathroom decor more.


While the Eufy Bodysense has the features you would expect out of a smart scale that's about all it's going to deliver you. They offer you a Eufy app that will store and track all the readings you take via the scale. It is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, you can transfer your data from the Eufy app to either of those apps so you can view all your health stats in one convenient place.

When you step on it you will get a weight reading, and keep in mind you have to have the app open to have the other readings it takes through the BIA technology to transfer onto the app or else you will have to step on the scale and get the same readings again until they successfully transfer. This is a small hassle that other smart scales don't put you through as most of the time you just want to weigh and walk away.

When you do open Eufy the app up you are greeted with your body weight, body fat percentage, BMI, and a handy chart of a look of your overall progress trend so far. If you want to delve into the details tab that's where you will get a more thorough breakdown of everything. It still shows your weight and BMI but your BMI reading is now on a sliding colored scale so you can tell easily if you are in a good BMI number range or not.

It will also show you a breakdown of your other body composition readings it takes like body fat and muscle mass and will list a color-coded rating next to it so it's easy to know if you are within a healthy range for you. Within the app, you can have up to 20 unique user profiles to track you, your friends, or your family's readings.

That's about all the features this scale serves up. Most scales on the market will have a pregnancy or baby mode which makes it easier to use with the whole family. But this one is lacking anything but the bare basics offered from a smart scale. But some just might like it that way.


A glass top scale is one of the most standard materials they come in these days. Its a sleek and stylish choice that also feels good to stand on. It also allows for the BIA sensor to collect the readings it needs as the sensors run through the scale top. The bottom of the scale is a durable ABS plastic and it has 4 non-skid feet on the bottom to help prevent it from slipping while you are standing on it.

App Features

By far the app is the handiest part of the Eufy Bodysense smart scale. Without it, it would just be a normal scale. All you need to do is download the app from your respective app downloading program, its available on both iOS and Andriod. Once downloaded you will need to open it up and sign up for a EufyLife account to be able to use it at all. It only requires your email address to sign up and it should only take a minute or two to complete the whole process. Once you are all signed up and have paired your scale to your device you are ready to start tracking.
Within the app the first screen you see when you open it will have your last recorded weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and your goal weight. From there, there is a lot of options you can click on.

Besides your body fat and BMI numbers, you can click to show more of the details of your whole body composition reading. It's here that you will find your water percentage, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, muscle mass, and lean body mass readings. You can also go into your goals page and either set a goal or reset a goal. It's also handy that it will tell you if your goal is within a healthy range from your height.

They also offer a trends button where you can see at a glance how you have been progressing. It will give you an easy to read chart for every single one of your body composition readings it takes. So if you wanted to track your water percentage and see how it fluctuates this is the way to do it. Last but not least they also offer you a history tab so if you want to view specific data from a specific day you can.


The feedback for the accuracy of this scale fluctuates, some customers have no problems with any of the readings but some report the weight measurement being very off as well as the body fat reading. One customer reported starting at 190 and dropping down to 179 from his weight loss journey, losing a total of 3 belt notches. However the following days they stepped on the scale again to get a reading of 190 without feeling any weight fluctuation and having kept those belt notches. Having gone to the doctor's office to get an accurate weight in they found they were actually 185. This may have been a dud scale where the software or hardware is not performing the way it should be but its something to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing it.

Multiple customers reported the body fat percentage being off by around 5%, so keep in mind when tracking your body fat percentage that it could be giving you a reading that's 5% higher than what you actually are. However, keep in mind that readings done on carpet have a tendency to be inaccurate so make sure you are doing your weight ins on a hard surface like hardwood or linoleum. With the Eufy Bodysense, you get a 15-month worry-free warranty so if you find you are having troubles like this don't hesitate to contact customer service to try and get it sorted out.


With this smart scale, durability should not be a huge issue. It's a pretty standard material type that most smart scales use. The top of the scale is tempered glass so if any accidents were to happen the glass would not seriously hurt anyone when it's shattered. Just be careful about dropping the scale or having anything heavy drop onto the scale top itself.

Otherwise, glass should be a decently durable choice for the material of the scale top. The ABS plastic underside of the scale is really what can take and wear and tear but because it is still attached to the glass top I would still try and be as careful with it as possible. It comes with 4 non-skid feet on the bottom that will help with keeping the scale from sliding around while you are standing on it. Because scales are full of mechanical parts its best to be as gentle with them as you possibly can.

Family Use

With up to 20 unique user accounts available on the Eufy app you should be able to have room to track the whole family and even maybe some friends too. This scale is suitable for the whole family except younger kids should always be monitored by a parent while using the scale because it is still a glass top with sensitive electronics inside. The lightest weight the scale will register is 11lbs so if your young one is smaller than that you will have to wait until they grow a bit more to be able to use it with them.

Some of the family-friendly functions this is lacking are baby and pregnancy modes. Its competitor Withings has both of these modes for the ever-growing young family. Essentially what the baby mode will do is you will step on the scale first and then step on with your baby and it will automatically subtract your weight and only track your baby's weight on its own user profile. Of course, you could just do the same thing but with using a little math yourself but it's nice as a busy parent to just have this done for you. Pregnancy mode is pretty similar but it will track your weight gain through pregnancy and give you the reassurance that you are on the right track. If either of these modes is something that you want in a smart scale you should check out the full line of Withings brand smart scales.

Ease of Use

There are many points that factor into ease of use. If you are just looking for a scale for weight then this will be a fairly easy scale for you to use right off the bat. However, keeping in mind its Bluetooth connectivity issues you might not have the easiest time setting this smart scale up. If you happen to bypass any connection issues and you have the scale all paired, setup and ready to go you do still need to have the app open and in your vicinity for it to transfer your readings from the scale to the app. For some people, this is a huge inconvenience so it just depends on what your expectations out of a scale are.

Power Source

The Eufy Bodysense scale runs on 4 AAA batteries which are conveniently included inside the box for you. You might think that battery-powered is outdated but it actually has some benefits as long as you keep your junk drawer stocked with a backup pair. Being battery powered means not having to search for a power cable if your scale runs out of charge.

Your original pair of AAA batteries should last around a year before you need to swap them out for a new pair which is a pretty long lifespan. Another benefit is that this makes the scale easier to travel with via airplane if you want to take it with you on vacation or to a business trip. Simply pop the batteries out and you will be able to not only store it in our carry on luggage but also in your checked luggage.

Bottom Line

Taking everything into account this scale is good for a customer who is a beginner to the smart scale world and just wants to see if they like it before investing in a better model. It gives you the bare basics of features that the average person is looking for but no more and no less. If you are someone who is overwhelmed and just wants their basic body stats and measurements the Eufy Bodysense smart scale is a great choice.