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The Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes offer much more than your standard boxing shoes. You will not only have great success with them inside of the ring but also during your outside training sessions. The outsole is suitable for a variety of activities. You will be getting a great level of durability and comfort when you decide to go with these boxing shoes by Everlast. The support that you get from them is also pretty stellar. They are a high-top but built more like a sneaker rather than a boxing boot. They carry an average cost which will help them fit into most budgets fairly easily. Everlast is known for their great products at affordable prices. When you need great gear to help you improve your footwork, technique, and comfort you will find what you need with them. These boxing boots are well loved among the fighters using them. Whether you are interested in boxing, mixed martial arts, or fitness these are a great option to spend most of your workouts in. So, when you need a great pair of shoes for around the gym or while working out at home this may be the perfect option. We feel that investing in these boots is a smart purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Average Price
  • Versatile Use
  • Very Durable
  • Excellent Support
  • Stellar Grip
  • Helps Improve Speed
  • Sturdy Design
  • Impressive Customer Reviews
  • May Be Too Narrow


For more than a century, Everlast has been providing active people with the clothing, footwear, protective gear, and more. Across the world, people use products from this brand with confidence. To trust in Everlast you know you will be getting high-quality gear at prices that are not completely ridiculous. They actually listen to what their customers have to say and work to make sure their products are being approved upon time and again. We are certain that Everlast will continue to produce effective and long-lasting products as long as they are in business. You don't spend more than a hundred years in business without learning a thing or two about what customers really want and need.


The outsole of this set of boots is made to allow you more versatile use. It is made of rubber which is typical of a boxing shoe but it is a bit thicker to allow you to use it on the gym floor as well as in the ring. The tread pattern is also made to enhance performance. They use Michelin rubber which gives amazing durability. The design of the tread will allow you to move exceptionally easily and quickly. You will find that moving from one side to the other is easier. When you want to improve your footwork inside of the ring you would be wise to give these a try. There is a lot of thought that went into the construction of these boots and it is very easy to see. The way they are designed you will be able to transition them between boxing, mixed martial arts, lifting, and other gym activities that help keep you at the top of your game.


These boxing boots are a bit heavier than average. This is a bit of a let down for some because the lower the weight of your shoes the easier it is to train for crazy long hours. Where most come in at two pounds or under these ones are a bit more than two pounds. This is not ridiculously heavy but it may be noticeable to you if you are used to wearing ultra-lightweight shoes. Reducing leg fatigue is an excellent way to increase your speed and improve your footwork in the ring overall. Wearing the lightest shoes possible will help keep your legs feeling great and will help keep the energy you have last longer. Consumers are happy with the weight of this shoe even though it is a bit heavier because they can use it for more than just in the ring training sessions.


This product is considered a high top boxing boot but they are not the same as a standard high top boxing boot. Typically, a high top will come halfway up the calf and this offers a great deal of support for the ankle. It also plays a role in stability. This option is built more like a sneaker so while it is a high top, it is only going to come up just above the ankle. This would, typically, take away from the stability and the support of the shoe, however, the way this one is structured you won't have to worry about it. Everlast has done an excellent job at making a lower profile shoe that still gives you the stability and support that you are looking for in your boxing shoes. Overall they are a great height and give you a better range of motion than most other options that are out there.


There are some really amazing materials that are used in this option by Everlast. The upper is made of synthetic leather paired with weaved mesh materials. They pair very nicely to give you great structure, support, and breathability. They do have a strap around the ankle made of synthetic leather. It has a swath of velcro on it as well as one on the shoe to ensure that it stays secure. It is important to note that you may need to clean the Velcro out once in a while to ensure that it has a great grip and stays in place. As noted before, the outsole of this product is made from Michelin rubber. There is also padding at the ankle. This is here for comfort and support as well. Overall, the materials used in these high tops are of great quality.


These boots do have a slightly narrow fit. This is something to take into consideration if your feet are wide. For the most part, consumers are more than satisfied with the fit these shoes provide. They are stiff in the beginning and do require a bit more time than most to break in. This is because the outsole is more durable and thicker than most other boxing shoes. Consumers love the fit around the ankle. The fit of your fighting shoes should be snug to ensure your feet aren't sliding around. This helps keep your footwork neat and your strikes accurate. So, the slightly narrow fit of these shoes does make sense in the world of fight sports. We are certain that if you give them the time they need to be broken in you will love the fit. They will maintain this excellent fit for a great term of use.


You will be getting better durability with these boots than you will with most others available to you today. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the outsole is quite a bit thicker than other boxing boots. This thicker sole promotes exceptional durability. Even when you wear them around the gym and for other activities. You won't have to worry about burning holes in the bottom because of the durable outsole. The upper materials are also exceptionally durable. There are double stitches around the toe. This is the only place where the seams are doubled but it is one of the more important areas as the toe of your shoe can wear and blow out quickly with the movements you will be making. Overall, this shoe offers better durability and great longevity in use.


Everlast always produces products that are of good quality. There is a range, however, as their lower priced options are also at a reduced quality. This product is better than many in terms of quality. The materials used are above average. Including the outsoles of them. In fact, the outsole is one of the highest quality outsoles around today in products such as this one. The quality can be seen throughout the entire design of this sneaker-like boxing shoe. From double stitched toes to an ankle strap for support this product shows its quality easily. Consumers are thrilled with the quality of this product. This is especially true for the price point that these come in at. You should be more than satisfied with the quality of this product from the first time you wear them to the last.


When you first start wearing these shoes you may not find them to be the most comfortable. This is because they do need a bit of break-in time and are a bit narrow. Once they are broken in customers say they are very comfortable. The rubber outsole is great for absorbing shock which means your feet, legs, and ankles will feel less impact. This reduction of impact will allow you to train longer and harder while staying comfortable through it all. The upper construction is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. There are foam pieces located strategically at the back of the ankle to help keep you as comfortable as can be. This will be a very comfortable option after breaking them in and the great durability will ensure you get to have that comfortable fit for a good long time.


You will be getting a very good level of breathability when you invest in these shoes. They use a minimal amount of leather on the upper. The rest of the space is made up of a very breathable mesh. These mesh panels are used to promote airflow throughout the entire boot. When you have this level of airflow you will notice that your feet are cooler, dryer, and more comfortable. Your feet will absolutely thank you. You will no longer have as much concern over common ailments like athlete's foot, ingrown toenails, and other fungal or bacterial growth. In addition, when your feet stay dryer you won't have to worry about the integrity of your skin. Overall, this is a very breathable option.


While these boots do not go halfway up the calf like many other high top options that are known for their support, they still provide you with a stellar level of support for the ankle. This is due to the fact that they have straps around the ankle. An ankle strap provides some truly great ankle support. So, if you have weak ankles or have suffered from ankle injuries this could be a great option for you. The materials are also structured in a way to give your feet great support. The people wearing these boots are truly happy with the support they provide. They will be great for boxers and other fight enthusiasts and a great variety of activities. All of your activities will be done with a supportive pair of shoes when you decide to purchase these ones.


These boots are a truly great value. The price tag is pretty average for a pair of boxing boots but all of the aspects surrounding them make them a much better value than most. You may need to do a tiny bit of saving to work them into your budget easily. For many people, they will be able to scoop them up with relative ease. Taking the time to look over all of the different features of this shoe can help you see why people feel that they are such a great value. When you find a boot of this quality, comfort, style, and fit it is, obviously, going to be considered a great value. Overall, we are pleased with this option and when you decide to wear them through your daily routine we feel that you will see the value and be exceptionally pleased with them as well.

Bottom Line

The Everlast Elite Boxing Shoes are a solid option for beginner to advanced fighters and fitness enthusiasts. You will be able to wear them while practicing inside the ring, with your coach, in the gym, or with a punching bag. Their versatile wear is great for boxers and mixed martial artists alike. They are not the cheapest option but they are not even near the most expensive ones. Consumers are pleased with these boots overall. There are no major downfalls. You will have a comfortable pair of boots to wear daily and they breathe quite well. The durability of them is also really great. They are a good investment and will provide you with all the important aspects you are looking for to help with your performance and technique.