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The Everlast Everhide Speed Bag is an exceptionally affordable option. It is probably best suited for fighters that are just starting out. This is not the most durable product available to you and there have been many reports of consumers having issues with durability. Using a speed bag can play a major role in improving your performance inside the ring. It not only helps to improve your speed but also your accuracy and defensive skills. This may not be one of the perfect speed bags for the serious boxer or mixed martial artists, however, it will suit a variety of needs quite well. If you are into fitness boxing or simply like to switch up your routine a speed bag can be the perfect item. It can help to keep your routine interesting and it won't take up a lot of space in your home gym. Everlast considers this item to be medium sized.

However, when compared to other options in the same category it is not. It is sized more like a small speed bag. This will truly help you improve your accuracy as you are striking a smaller moving target. This item is not the most durable out there. You won't want to use it for daily speed bag practices. If you do, you will likely be replacing it frequently. Overall, this is a decent option for beginners and enthusiasts of boxing-related activities but may not be the best choice for avid boxers and mixed martial artists.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy To Care For
  • Decent Bounce
  • Good Size
  • Nice Choice For Beginners
  • Helps Improve Accuracy
  • Easy To Inflate
  • Loses Air Quickly
  • Durability Issues
  • Some Find It Unbalanced


Last is a brand that has been around for more than a hundred years. They are known for offering some of the most affordable products available. Their products not only cover boxerss and mixed martial artists but also a wide variety of other activities. This includes things like baseball, football, and other sports. When you are looking for gear to help you succeed in your chosen activity you are sure to find what you need with this brand.

For those of you that are into combat sports, you'll be able to find the gloves, footwear, trunks, and protective gear that you need to succeed. It is important to know that they offer products not only at a variety of price points but also a variety of different quality levels. Keep in mind that if you purchase exceptionally affordable products you may not get the same durability you would as when you purchase something that cost a bit more. Everlast does have something for everyone and their products are well-regarded among users.


The outer shell of this product appears to be made out of either synthetic leather or vinyl. Consumers have noted many times that it is very plastic like in the way that it looks and the way that it feels. There have also been concerns over the durability of the outside material. The inside of this product is filled with a rubber bladder. This is very typical of this type of item. There is also a standard shoelace that is used to open and close the bag so that if you ever need to replace the bladder you can.

They have reinforced the stitching which should offer better durability. However, customers have also noted issues with the seam durability. They have stated that after only a few uses this product oftentimes bursts at the seams. This can make it unusable. We were a bit surprised at the choices of material that this brand has chosen for this item. They are not the best quality and will not provide you with exceptional durability. This is especially true for those of you that plan on using it frequently.


Everlast says that this is a medium-sized speed bag. We would have to disagree. It is structured more like a small speed bag. It comes with a length of 9 inches. The width of it is approximately 6 inches. This does not give you a very large striking surface. This item is exceptionally lightweight and part of that is due to its small size. Using a lightweight speed bag will allow for better balance and movement while you are using it.

This is excellent for those of you that seriously need to work on your hand speed. It is also very good at improving your hand-eye coordination. This is due to the fact that hitting a small Target while it is moving is quite difficult. Overall, customers are happy with the size of this item. The size will suit beginning users as well as intermediate and advanced users. Basically, Fighters at all levels should be pleased with the size of this bag.

Hanging Style

This brand uses a double stitched loop that you will use to hang it from the swivel hook on your platform. There are other ways of hanging this item but it will always be with the loop. The material is made of the same stuff as the outer bag material. It is not exceptionally durable and some customers have had problems with it breaking. The structure and design of the loop are not the best we've seen. It makes for a very tight fit for your hook and this can be a bit of an annoyance. Consumers have noted that they are able to hang this item up with relative ease even though it may take a bit of wiggling. Once it is hung up, you shouldn't need to remove it until it's time to replace it. Unfortunately, due to this items lack of durability that may be sooner than you would expect.


There is a variety of different training uses that you will have when using this item. Due to its small size, as noted, it will help you to improve the accuracy of your strikes. So if you need to do some accuracy training this product will suit you well. It is also great for those of you that need to work on your hand-eye coordination. The smaller the target you are trying to strike the more coordinated you will have to be. The decent bounce that the speed bag gives you is also good for defensive training. Learning how to bob and weave can be difficult. It comes from learning how to move your head.

As this small bag moves towards you, you will certainly learn to get out of the way. As with all speed bags, it can absolutely be used to improve your speed. As you continuously work with this item, you will find your performance is improving overall. When you train in fight sports like karate and Taekwondo having equipment that is versatile is important. This product will help you in a variety of areas which is an aspect that is easily appreciated.


The inside of this product, as noted, is a rubber bladder. This is typical of a speed bag. These rubber bladders are filled with air which allows the bag to provide us with the exceptional bounce that we expect. It is important to note that not all rubber bladders are created equally. In fact, people are a bit disappointed with the one included in this product. It has been noted from consumers that they feel it is not well balanced and this can make it difficult when you are training.

Keeping great form while you practice your punches
is important and a lopsided bag can detriment this. This is due to the fact that it will not move in the correct fashion or will the striking surface be even. It is also been said that this bladder losses air relatively easily. You may, find yourself, refilling it on a daily basis. This can be frustrating and a major inconvenience during a busy day. Overall, people are not exceptionally satisfied with the air bladder used in this product and feel that this brand could do some work to improve it.


You won't have to spend hardly any time caring for this product. I'm like products made of genuine leather that require special cleaners and conditioners this one is able to be cleaned with basically anything. Whether you prefer to wipe it down with soap and water or your favorite disinfectant spray it should handle it just fine.

The material that it is made out of will not become discolored or brittle from keeping it clean. You won't need to wipe it down after every use but once every few uses will keep it looking and smelling great. Overall, people are happy that taking care of this product is barely an inconvenience. When you have a variety of different gym gear keeping it all in good working order can be very time-consuming. Consumers are very appreciative that they don't have to invest much of their limited-time taking care of this item.


What are the biggest advantages in using this product is The Versatile use you will get out of it. While it may not be the best option for advanced fighters it will fit into most people's routines easily. It can help you improve not only your speed but also your accuracy and strength. Consumers are also very pleased with the lightweight nature of this item. It offers excellent bounce and good movement.

You will be facing a challenge not only offensive Lee but defensively when you decide to use this item. As compared to leather bags, this item is exceptionally easy to take care of. You won't have to worry about it taking up a ton of time and you're already busy schedule. Training with a speed bag can help to improve your performance overall and well this one does not offer the best durability it can help you and all the same areas as others in the same category.


Unfortunately, this product does come with some pretty serious disadvantages. The most important one is in concerns of durability. It has been noted several times by consumers that after only a few uses this product starts to break apart. May have had complaints over not only the outside quality but also the inside quality. Some have found that the bladder is misshapen and others have to put air in it each and every day to be able to use it.

When you're making an investment like this you don't want to have to face a lot of challenges. In addition, you don't want to have to worry about replacing it after only using it a couple of times. While there are some customers that get decent longevity of use out of this item it is likely that you won't if you are a serious athlete or fighter. Overall, it does come with some pretty heavy disadvantages that should seriously be taken into consideration before deciding that this is the speed bag for you.


We would have to say that this product is a slightly below-average value. It does come with a very affordable price tag. Any budget will be able to absorb it easily. You can buy it from a variety of places and you'll be able to use it right away. The reason we say the value is below average is because you will not likely get good longevity of use out of this product. It cannot handle consistent abuse without falling apart.

It is not only one area in the material that has problems but it appears as if all the areas have problems. The outside shell is been known to break open at the seams and the loop has been said to break while using it. There is also complaints about the internal bladder being less-than-stellar. When you put all of these in the pool of consideration it is simple to see why it isn't the best option available. You can invest close to the same amount of money and get a much better bag which will give you more bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a trustworthy brand this just isn't one of their best products. If you are not serious about fighting it could be a good option for you. As noted, those into fitness boxing or people that only want to use a speed bag once in a while will be able to buy this bag and use it for quite some time.

However, those of you that want to use it on a frequent basis may want to look elsewhere. It was surprising to us that this brand has so many quirks with this product. Typically, they provide fighters with reliable gear that will last them quite some time as long as they take care of it. On that note, this product is exceptionally easy to take care of. It will also fit into budgets that are tight which can be a major advantage. Overall, some people will absolutely love this bag but many others will not. It may be advantageous to look towards a different one.