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When you want to set up a home gym that includes a punching bag, there are a variety of items you need to achieve this. Everlast Heavy Bag Kits have everything you need to get started. Many people have started a boxing, kickboxing, or fitness routine that involve practice with a punching bag. There a vast variety of options out there to suit your needs. This kit makes it very simple go start striking practice quickly and easily. You will not only be getting a filled bag, but you will also receive the hardware you need to hang it. In addition, they include wraps and gloves to get you started right away. You may find that the gloves they include do not offer enough protection for truly working this bag. There are a lot of great heavy bag gloves available that offer stellar protection while working out with your punching bag. This bag offers good durability. It is easy to care for and can be used for a variety of purposes. Customers are impressed with the overall quality of this bag. It is an affordable option that will last through a plethora of training sessions. Whatever your reason for wanting a bag, this one is a solid option.


Everlast has been providing the world with high-quality sports gear for more than a century. Whether you are trying to start a new martial arts discipline, set up your home gym, or simply find high-quality gear at affordable prices, they have you covered. Across the globe, people have put their trust in this brand to ensure they have everything they need to meet their fitness and sports goals. They believe in dedication and hard work. These two things have helped their business strive throughout the life of their business. They continue to innovate and create products that make their customer’s lives easier. So, if you need clothing, protective gear, or equipment you will be able to find what you need from this brand. They offer a large variety of options so that any budget will be able to afford exactly what they need.


This bag comes pre-filled. Not all punching bags are this way. In fact, many come unfilled and you are required to do that step. Due to the fact that this bag is pre-filled you will be able to use it right away. What is inside is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. They also add sand into it. These are pretty typical items used to fill BOB punching bags. It is important to note that over time this and may settle. As it does this you may end up with lumpy places in your punching bag that may not feel so great during striking practice. To avoid this, taking your punching bag down and giving it a good roll now and again can keep it evenly distributed throughout the bag. Everlast does layer it in a way to try and help you avoid settling, however, it is bound to happen over time.


More often than not when you buy a punching bag all you get is the bag itself. This option comes with everything you need to get started. What this means is you will get the equipment necessary to hang the bag. In addition, you will get a pair of gloves and wraps to get you started. It is important to note that these gloves may not offer the type of protection you need to safely strike this bag. For light bag work, they will be fine, especially in the beginning. As you become more serious you will likely want to invest in a better quality heavy bag glove. This set also comes with a set of hand wraps. They are standard size and offer increased protection. You will be getting a great quality bag and some extras that most customers are happy to start with.


The size of this bag is pretty standard. It is about 5 ft long. You will want to secure it to a wooden beam as it is quite heavy. Due to its shape, it is easy to fit into most home gyms. If you don't want to hang this bag from a beam you can purchase a free-standing rack. This will make it a bit more difficult to work the bag all the way around but it can be a good option for some people. You can adjust the height of this bag which will make the size of it perfect for striking and kicking exercises. There was plenty of surface area for you to pummel. Consumers are pleased with the overall size of this bag and feel that Everlast has hit the nail on the head in the design of this option.


The punching bag itself is made of a poly canvas material. It is exceptionally durable. The stitching is double seamed to ensure your bag holds itself together even through the most devastating blows. The gloves you receive with this bag are made of synthetic leather and foam padding. They are not ultra-protective and honestly not the best option if you take boxing or training with your heavy bag seriously. The hand wraps you get with this set are actually of very good quality. They are made of cotton. Customers like the fit and feel of these wraps. The best material seen in this set is in the bag itself. The other pieces are a bonus but the bag is obviously the most important piece. This bag also has the metal mounting pieces you need to get this bag hung up and for you to get started.


This bag is a very good value. It is more affordable than many other options available to you today. It is quite durable which means you will be able to use it for an extended period of time. Investing in a punching bag can be a big order for some budgets. Even though this one is at the lower end in terms of cost, it may still be difficult for some bank accounts to absorb. The gloves, hand wraps, and hanging system to add to the overall value of this set. Customers are pleased that everything they need comes in an easy to order set. They feel the value of this product is excellent. If you decide to start a boxing, Muay Thai, or other striking sport this option is a good one that will last you through years of training.


The biggest advantage to this bag is the fact that it comes with everything you need to start using it right away. Collecting all of the pieces to set up a punching bag in your home gym can be tedious and time-consuming. Obviously, customers love the fact that they can use this system the day they receive it. This bag is also quite affordable, especially when you compare it with others in the same category. It can help you enhance your technique and skill when working to become a better boxer or participant in combat sports. If you are using this for fitness training it will also help you achieve your goals. This bag is very durable and the double stitching means you won’t have to worry about it busting open in the middle of your routine.


There are no major disadvantages when it comes to the bag portion of this product. It is a good size and is quite durable. The filling may settle over time and this could lead you to a lumpy bag. The biggest disadvantages with this product probably lie with the gloves that it comes with. They are not exceptionally high-quality. Due to this fact, inexperienced fighters could end up sustaining injuries. If you don’t use proper form when striking there are a variety of injuries you may succumb to. This includes broken fingers and major wrist pain. There are bags available that offer better durability but you won’t find that at this price point. Overall, it is a solid bag option without many disadvantages.


You can use this heavy bag for a variety of different training purposes. If you have started a boxing class or you are interested in taking out some aggression, this is a great option. It will also do well if your trainer wants you to spend time at home brushing up on your skills. This bag is great for training purposes regardless of how dedicated to your fight sport you are. It will do well for kickboxers also as it is large enough that you can do legwork with it. The fact that you will be able to work all the way around this bag will make practicing your footwork easier, as well.


This bag is available to you in two different weights. You can buy it in a seventy pound or a one hundred pound option. This bag is considered a heavy bag. Heavy bags range between seventy and one hundred and fifty pounds. This bag will not move as much as lighter options, which makes it great for improving your strength. This type of bag won’t move easily. It will be able to handle your blows more easily with less movement. It is important to note that you ensure your hanging place can handle the weight of this bag. It is suggested that you buy a heavy bag that is about half of your body weight. This will ensure you are getting enough resistance.


The quality of this bag is very good. It is made of a durable material that can seriously take a pounding. They double stitch the seams to improve the durability of the bag. The straps to hang it are also double stitched which will help them hang in there longer. As previously mentioned, the gloves you get in this kit are not the best quality but as a freebie, even they are ok. The hand wraps are of good quality and people are very happy with them. Overall, this bag is made of quality materials that are built to last. The hanging brackets are also durable and will hold your bag easily regardless of how long you leave it up.


Taking care of this bag is a cinch. You will be able to wipe it down on occasion with an antibacterial spray. Give it a bit of time to dry and then it will be good to go again. If you find that your bag is settling in a way that is leaving pits or hard areas of the bag that will require some work too. You can simply take your bag down and give it a good roll to redistribute the sand more evenly. Other than this there really isn’t much care that you need to worry about in terms of your bag. On occasion, you will want to check your hardware to ensure that it is in good condition. Over time you may find that you need to replace it. You will also want to check out the straps to ensure that they are in good condition and that the seams aren’t letting loose.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a solid bag option that will last you quite some time. Regardless of what you want to use it for it is a sound investment. Not every budget will be able to absorb the cost but if you can afford it you will more than likely be satisfied. This bag will suit the needs of serious fighters or those of you that just need to take out some aggression. You will be able to use this bag for years. You will want to purchase a better set of gloves if you are going to use this bag frequently or if you plan on throwing heavy blows at it. It is heavy enough that it won’t swing around a ton which is great for strength training. You will also be able to work all the way around this bag if you hang it in a space that will allow you to work it this way.