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Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag Review Facts


Water is a very important part of the day. Not only is water necessary for keeping you hydrated and healthy, but it is also great for helping to provide you with a fantastic workout in many different ways. From water aerobics to swimming laps the possibilities for what and how you and I can use water in our everyday lives are endless and forever growing in many ways.

One of the ways water can be helpful during a workout is as a filler product to weigh down equipment such as a punching bag's base. The density of the water makes it ideal not only as a filler product for weight purposes but it is also a great filler for inside the punching bag itself as well! Using the water inside the bag brings a normal punching bag to a whole new level for an intense workout your joints are sure to be more forgiving about! 

Introducing The Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag. Water-filled punching bags sure help even a beginner with punching bags works up a sweat and train in a variety of ways! HydroStrike technology is only one of the ways this product will strike your interest and stand out from the rest!

Editor's Pros & Cons

HydroStrike Technology


Realistic Feel

Easy To Fill


Seam Location

Not Ideal for Kicks


This heavyweight bag is made in the US. The bag itself is made up of a thick, resilient and durable synthetic leather and designed to hold up against long term use. Once filled to the desired weight the bag will be very firm. Be aware that over time as the water bag gets worked on the striking surface will soften up some. This softening process will happen as a result of “breaking in” the water bag.

The accessories that come with this water bag to help mount or secure the product up are the chain, easy clip and hanging bracket. All are all heavy-duty metal that will hold up this bag with ease even at it’s fullest. The sweeper nozzle is a plastic screw-on nozzle that attaches to a hose for easy filling.

The HydroStrike technology and “teardrop” design work together with the water used to fill out and weight down the bag in a couple of different ways. One great thing about this technology is how it stops the water bag from swaying back and forth due to water sloshing around inside the bag by instead sending the water in upwards bursts each time the bag is hit.

Set Up

The water bag will be shipped and arrive empty and will require light assembly. The customer will receive a box with the water bag itself as well as the accessories that come with for mounting this product to a stable ceiling beam or another mount setup.

It is suggested if possible that the bag is mounted before filling with water for an easier setup process. The bag will be much heavier after it’s filled and may be difficult to lift after it is full.

To add water to this bag there is a built-in plug that requires a screwdriver to remove it. After removing the plug the sweeper nozzle fits onto most hose types and can easily be inserted into the bag to fill up to the desired amount. Overfilling will result in an overspill onto the floor.

Be sure the safety plug is reinserted back into the bag and tightened otherwise there may be a leak of water. Set up for this product should be a breeze and the only intense side to this product is the great training and workout that comes along with having such a sturdy punching bag.


The Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag Is manufactured to be highly durable and is able to withstand continuous rounds of intense jabs and punches. This water punching bag is up to the long term challenge of holding it’s “teardrop” shape and not indenting or weakening over time.

Storing this product under the correct conditions may also be important to preserve its condition. If this product is not going to be used for an extended period of time, it is ideal to cover it entirely with a storage cover and drain out the water inside the bag.

This water punching bag was built with durability and low profile design in mind. Taking care of this product and following all of the care recommendations and suggestions is going to help maintain the condition and durability of this product.


This punching bag is a low maintenance product that can easily be cared for and maintained. Set up the mounted punching bag indoors out of direct sunlight to prevent fading or weakening of the synthetic leather. The weather may also damage this product.

In regards to cleaning and sanitizing this water punching bag, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to lightly clean the surface. A light sanitizing cleaner may be used if necessary. It is not suggested that heavy-duty cleaners be used on this product.

Be observant of all the surroundings around the Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag. Surrounding objects may cause damage to the bag and may also cause punctures. Clear any objects surrounding the area used to workout with this punching bag completely.


Once the bag is filled to the desired weight, it may be more difficult to move around. The mounting system may also be harder to take down or move on a whim once it is bolted to a ceiling beam. Though if you use a mounting stand, it could be moved from one area to another with the bag.

It’s not suggested this water bag be filled before mounting due to the heaviness of the bag once it is full. If mounting the bag before the filling isn’t an option, a second person to help lift the bag may be needed. If you desire to move the water bag after it’s already been mounted and filled up, an easy solution may be to drain some if not all of the water from the bag. Draining the water will make being able to move this water bag around a bit easier.

Family Use

This product is best for single person use, family use may not be ideal. Smaller children may find using this bag difficult due to the height of the punching bag. Kids may not be able to reach it.

This bag is great for adults and could possibly be useful for teens. The length of the chain that the water bag comes with may also be a tad too short for some adults. The chain can be replaced with a longer chain if the provided one is not long enough.

The entire family using this product is not out of the realm of possibilities with a suitable set up for the height range. The smaller bag may be more difficult for a beginner adult or child to start out with. Adult supervision would be a good idea if a child is going to use the Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag.


The weight of the bag depends on how much water is filled into it. The max amount of water this particular bag can hold is approximately 12 gallons. Adding more than approximately 12 gallons is considered overfilling and is not suggested. Overfilling may cause leaking or damage to the bag itself.

It is not an absolute must to fill this bag to its max level. For those who may want less weight using less water will lighten the punching bag. A full bag weighs 100 pounds at approximately 12 gallons. The approximate measurements of this punching bag are about 28 inches in height and about 14 inches in diameter.

This product is small enough to be used in an environment without much space to spare, making it ideal for in-home use.
The space-saving design of this product does not take away from its ability to provide a great workout experience. It is a very lightweight product when empty but a heavy-duty piece of workout equipment after simply adding water and mounting.

Bottom Line

In all this is a solid alternative to the bigger full sized punching bags available. The HydroStrike technology makes training with this punching bag much easier on joints and knuckles. The water dispersing in an upwards splashing motion helps prevent excessive swaying and the realistic feel is an added bonus!

Though bare knuckle boxing is not suggested with this water bag due to the synthetic plastic smacking against your knuckles too hard it is a great training bag with boxing gloves. Wearing gloves, padded or not is highly recommended for even experienced martial artists. This bag may also not be suitable for children, it is not impossible to mount at a lower position with a longer chain for someone of a smaller posture or a child to use.

The length of the chain provided and the size of the “tear drop” shaped bag make this punching bag not an ideal candidate for kickboxing or knee jabs. An alternative positive to this bag not being too ideal for kickboxing or knee jabs is the open under belly that makes uppercuts easy to give with some force behind them. This bag can definitely handle a punch with some force behind it with resilience and will not cave in from continuous use or indent over time.

This is a leak proof design with a plug to help assure the water is secure inside. The Everlast HydroShock Water Bag is a great addition to any home or gym for fitness/boxing training it’s great for improving strength and muscle tone as well as increasing core stability and agility.

This bag is ideal for those who may not have much space to dedicate to work out equipment and for those who have an entire gyms worth of space. It’s easy to set up and maintain regardless if you’re an experienced martial artist or a beginner just starting out.