Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves Reviewed

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Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves are a perfect mix between traditional boxing style gloves and mixed martial arts gloves. They offer more coverage and protection than a standard MMA glove but they also allow your fingers to move easier. Your thumb will be exposed while wearing this glove which is an asset when you decide it is time for some grappling practice. You will not have a full range of motion in all of your fingers but you will not be nearly as restricted as you would be while wearing a boxing glove. Most mixed martial arts gloves are not good for heavy bag work as they do not offer enough padding to keep serious impact at bay and keep your hands protected. This option is a great one for heavy bag training sessions. They offer the level of protection you need to keep your hands, wrists, and fingers feeling great while pummeling your bag. This brand has been trusted for an extended period of time because they offer products that are high-quality in every aspect. This glove is the perfect example of this. If you love hard-hitting sports this glove may be the perfect fit for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Offer Excellent Protection
  • Decent For Grappling
  • Combo Boxing/MMA Glove
  • Great Breathability
  • Secure Closure
  • Good Fit
  • Very Affordable
  • Lacks Wrist Support
  • Durability Issues


For more than a century, Everlast has been providing the world with stellar equipment for fitness, boxing, and a variety of other high impact sports. They do an excellent job at keeping their prices reasonable. The quality is good and they offer options in apparel, gear, and equipment for a variety of sports. You can find their products in a ton of places. From beginners to experts, they offer an option suitable for all of your needs. There is continued innovation within their products so you can expect they will keep putting out new options that are better than the current ones. Regardless of what you are looking for, it is likely that you will be able to find a great option by trusting in Everlast.


This glove is formed with more than an inch of foam padding. This offers excellent protection and shock absorption. There is no padding in the thumb area, as it is open. This means no protection for your thumb but the added range of motion and ability to make a tighter fist is why people are accepting of the lack of protection. There is a little bit of padding throughout the wrist but it is not enough to consider it good protection. The foam used throughout the molded hand is a good density and will help keep you feeling great all while being protected. This foam takes quite some time to break down which is awesome in terms of durability.


You will be securing these gloves with Velcro. They use a hook and loop closure that will be simple for you to take on and off without assistance. This type of closure is excellent for those of you that like to work out in your home gym or don't have a trainer or partner in your local gym. Consumers are pleased with this type of closing system as it is quite secure and much simpler to deal with than a lace-up option. It is important that you keep the Velcro clear of string or fuzz build-up. If this occurs you may be dealing with slipping gloves or even have them fall off completely. This could lead to injury for you or your sparring partner and obviously should be avoided at all cost.


These gloves offer a decent level of protection. You will be able to train on your heavy bag with little worry of injury. They do not offer a ton of wrist support but they do offer good padding to protect your hands and knuckles. You will want to be really careful with your thumbs. If you are working on striking exercises it is very possible that you could injure your thumbs since this glove offers no protection for them. This is very important to take into consideration when you are a beginner and first learning how to actually throw a punch. Once you are more advanced, the lack of thumb padding is really not a big deal and gives you much better hand motion.


Most people that wear these gloves are very satisfied with the fit. There are a few reports that consumers find them to be too snug. Leading to the inability of wearing hand wraps underneath their gloves. This is not the case in most reports. Consumers are stating that these gloves fit very well and are quite comfortable. If you ensure you are buying the correct size you should really have no problem putting hand wraps underneath these gloves. The fit of them is also quite secure. A closure system is a solid option that will ensure your glove stay on your hands. They are adjustable around the wrists which also improves the overall fit.


These gloves offer a great comfort level. Often times when we first buy a pair of gloves they are exceptionally stiff and uncomfortable. This is not the case with these ones. While many people say they do get more comfortable as they break in they also know that they are comfortable during the first uses. Once they are broken in the satisfaction and comfort levels improves. You'll be able to wear these gloves for a variety of tasks and continue to feel great even if working for hours. They are good for daily use. it is important to note that as the padding breaks down and starts to deteriorate the comfort levels will also decrease. This is due to the fact that you'll be feeling more impact when participating and striking exercises.


These gloves are very affordable. They are not the cheapest option on today's market however they are not even close to the most expensive ones. Your bank account will be happy if you decide to go with this purchase as again, they are exceptionally affordable. Basically, any budget will be able to work them in. It is important to know that they are not as durable as other options that may be more expensive. This could lead you to need to replace them more frequently which in turn increases the cost per year for these gloves. We do need to take all aspects into consideration when determining the true value of any product. For the most part, these gloves offer excellent aspects that will Aid you and your overall goals. This improves the value. We, as well as customers, feel that these gloves are a good value.


There are a variety of materials used when putting this glove together. The outer shell is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is an exceptionally common material for this type of sports gear. It is not as durable as genuine leather however it is easier to maintain and most find it to be durable enough. They also have a panel in the Palm that is Mash. This helps with breathability. The closure is made of Velcro. They use a wide patch to ensure that it stays in place as it should. The strap that wraps around your wrist is also made of synthetic leather. As is the piece of material that encases your thumb. Honestly, these are all typical materials to find in an affordable MMA heavy bag gloves.


These gloves are very breathable. They sport a mesh palm which is excellent at improving airflow. It truly helps keep your gloves dry, even when you are having sweaty gym sessions. It is, however, important to note that these gloves may not be as breathable as other MMA gloves you have worn in the past. This is due to the fact that they are heavy bag gloves. What this means is that your fingers will be fully encased and this can lead to more heat. So, while these gloves are more breathable than standard boxing gloves they may not be as breathable as others you've worn in the past.


The main purpose of this glove is to allow MMA fighters to work with a heavy bag. Most mixed martial arts gloves do not offer the type of protection needed to work with a heavy bag. And if you try it could lead to injury for your hands, fingers, or wrists. The fact that these gloves give you full coverage protection over your fingers will allow you to work I have a bag without issue. In addition to heavy bag use, they are also excellent while working with a sparring partner. They will help keep you both protected. They will also be well suited for Mitt work with your trainer. They do offer the ability to move your thumb more easily so you may be able to use them for grappling practice. However, they may not be the best option for this type of training.


These gloves are available in size small/medium or large/extra large. We were unable to find information on the exact weight of this glove. This is a bit surprising is almost all boxing and mixed martial arts gloves come in a variety of weights to suit a variety of user needs. The fact that this glove comes with sizing in that weight options is not typical. So, when measuring for this glove you will need to be a little careful. Many do say that they fit a bit snug so if your hands are very large these may not fit well. There are many other options available to you today that offer standard weights and this made me more advantageous of an option to go with if you are uncertain if these gloves will provide you enough protection without knowing the actual weight.


These gloves are decent quality. There are some aspects about them that some people may like to stay away from, however, they are well built. They do not offer the greatest durability but when you pair how long they will last with the price that is completely understandable. When customers are using these they are stating that they feel the overall quality is good. The materials being used are standard materials for this type of glove and they do work well. Everlast is a trusted brand that understands how to put a good glove together. They do offer higher quality options but they come with a much larger price tag. Overall, if you are a beginner to an intermediate user and just looking for something for light sparring practice, heavy bag work, fitness classes, or light training with your instructor these gloves could be a great fit.


Taking care of these heavy bag gloves is easier than you would imagine. Unlike genuine leather that takes quite a bit of care these synthetic leather gloves are simple to clean. Simply spray them down and wipe them off and they will be good to go. You may want to invest and glove deodorizers to make sure the inside of them continue to smell fresh. However, because these gloves are so breathable it is less likely that you will have a bad build up of odors. You should allow your gloves time in between uses to dry completely. This will help cut down on odors caused by bacteria. We all lead busy lives in the fact that it takes almost no time at all to care for these gloves is exceptionally convenient.

Bottom Line

These gloves are not the absolute best option available in today's market but they are nowhere near the worst. They will keep your hands while protected while working a heavy bag and during a variety of other High Impact Sports exercises. They come at an excellent price that pretty much anyone can afford. If you are exceptionally serious about boxing or mixed martial arts you may want to go with a higher-end option that will offer you more durability. Many of us are just looking for a decent glove that will keep our hands feeling good and safe but won't break the bank. This is a good option for that. Overall, customers are pleased with their purchase and fill the Everlast has done a good job in creating this crossover of a boxing/MMA glove.