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The Everlast Omni Strike Heavy bag works very well for boxers and mixed martial artists. It holds a variety of features that make it possible to use this bag for more than just stand-up training. You will be able to easily transition this bag for ground work sessions. In addition, you will be able to practice knees, elbows, and clinch situations. There is some concern from customers over the durability of the straps that it hangs from. The materials used to make this bag are great quality and it should last you a good long time, even with extensive use. Customers are pleased with the price that it carries and it is more affordable than many other options. When you are trying to lose weight, build strength, enhance your skill, or simply take out some frustration a heavy bag is a great option. This one is truly versatile. It does come with a warranty that covers defects that may have occurred in manufacturing. Everlast uses good technologies in their heavy bags. Overall, people are pleased with this option from Everlast. They are a trustworthy company that has spent generations improving and making new products to fit your active lifestyle.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally Versatile Use
  • Quite Durable
  • Handles for Knee Striking Practice
  • Improves Strength
  • Excellent Impact Absorption
  • Great for Upper & Lower Body Workouts
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Strap Durability Issues


Everlast has been in business for more than a century. As you can imagine, when you are in a business for that long, you learn a thing or two. This brand knows what it takes to not only be successful in their business but what it takes to help you become successful in your fitness goals. While they do offer a vast array of items for fighters, this brand also takes care of the needs of athletes and every day go-getters. So, no matter what you need to help your active lifestyle, Everlast has something for you. For generations, people have been passing along their trust in this brand because they come up with not only great products but affordable ones too. No matter what your budget looks like they have an option that will fit in nicely.


This bag is filled in the standard heavy bag way. If and when you open it up you will be looking at a mixture of cut up textile material and sand. These are decent fillers for a heavy bag but they do come with their share of problems. The problem with cloth and sand fillers come with settling. As you work your bag you may develop pits and hardened areas that have been caused by settling. This may not seem like a big deal until you strike a hard area and cause a fracture in your hand or fingers. Hitting an area like this on your heavy bag can feel like punching a brick wall. So, if you notice your punching bag is starting to get lumpy you will want to pull it down and roll it around on the ground. This helps redistribute the filling and keeps you from unwanted and unneeded injury.


Everlast uses a simple zipper closure to keep the stuffing inside. This is common and a great way to close up a heavy bag. It will allow you easy access to the inner material so, you can easily remove some or add some as it starts to settle. There have not been any comments of customers having issues with their bag tearing in this area. This can be a common problem with this type of closure. Sometimes, simple is the best way to handle things and that is easily seen here with the use of a zipper. It is barely an inconvenience to adjust the weight of your heavy bag. It is important to note that in the beginning this bag will be quite full and adding material can be difficult. If you want to add weight you can always remove some of the textile material and add sandbags.


This option by Everlast is only available in one weight. It comes in at eighty pounds. This is a common weight for a heavy bag but it will not be suitable for everyone. Your heavy bag should weigh roughly half of your body weight. So, as you can see, eighty pounds will not be good for everyone. The reason you want your bag to weigh about half your body weight is so that it moves correctly. A bag that is too light will swing wildly while you try to practice strikes. On the other hand, if it is too heavy it could lead you to injury. Consumers have mentioned that they wish this bag was available in other weight varieties. It is important to note that there are a ton of bag options out there to ensure you get one that meets your needs. In fact, you can buy some punching bags unfilled which will allow you to completely customize the weight and the filling.


This heavy bag is a bit larger than standard. It is about four foot in length. The diameter is just under sixteen inches. This size will give you plenty of striking surface to work with. Some bags are quite small and it makes it impossible to practice kicks and low strikes. This bag will work great for these two purposes. They include an extra piece of foam to wrap around the bottom of this heavy bag option. It is great for low kick practice and during sessions on the ground. Overall, customers are happy with the size of this bag and feel that it works exceptionally well for a variety of training uses.


The Everlast Omni Strike is made of very good materials. The outside shell of the heavy bag is made from synthetic leather. Not all synthetic leather is created equal and the type they use is very durable. This bag also has handles on the sides of it that are made of nylon and the same outer material. They are also quite durable. The straps used to hang this bag is where some problem lies. Many customers have mentioned that they deteriorate quickly and end up breaking. This makes hanging this heavy bag impossible. As mentioned before, it also comes with a foam wrapped section for the bottom of the bag. On the bottom of this section, there is also an anchoring hook so that you can add stabilization to your bag during heavy training sessions.


The price of this option varies depending on where you purchase it from. It is quite affordable some places whereas others it is a bit steep. You will want to do a bit of shopping around before you decide where to pick this item up. Most people will be able to afford it relatively easily. Overall, customers feel like this bag is a decent value. It does offer a lot of training options. However, there are some durability issues with the straps. These issues are a big part of the reason that customers only rate it as a decent value. You will be able to cover a ton of training basis which is nice but if you can no longer hang it you will need to purchase another heavy bag to work on your standing techniques. We agree that this bag is a decent value and certainly holds a decent position among other bags in the same class.


Training at home with any type of heavy bag comes with a wide berth of advantages. This one offers some unique ones that you will not always see. You will be able to train standing and on the ground. Not only this you will be able to work on knee and elbow blows which is not something easily accomplished with most heavy bags. This bag is a great option for boxers, mixed martial artists, and fitness enthusiasts alike. It will help you build strength, speed, and strike accuracy. You will be able to train as often as you like and you won’t have to head to the gym every time. This bag won’t take up a huge amount of space in your home gym which is awesome as many people are working with limited space. It can also be a great option for those of you that are trying to lose weight or find a way to handle emotions that seem to be out of control.


The biggest disadvantage with this bag is the durability of the hanging straps. It is important to note that Everlast does suggest that you only use this bag indoors and many of the complaints about strap durability are coming from people trying to use it outside. Regardless, this is a downfall, as after the hanging straps break it becomes impossible to use this as a hanging heavy bag. Another problem with this item is the fact that it is only available in one weight. Heavy bags need to weight about half your body weight and only a few are at one hundred and sixty pounds. You can remove filling quite easily but adding weight may be a bit more challenging.


You will be able to use this punching bag for a ton of training purposes. Obviously, you will be able to use it in the standard heavy bag way. This means you can train a variety of punches and your footwork. There is also handles on the side of it. They will allow you to practice knees and clinch situations. Thus better preparing you when stepping into the ring. These handles will also allow you to practice throws. This bag is the perfect partner for ground and pound sessions. If you are into fitness boxing or trying to maintain optimal health a heavy bag can be great for this too. Any discipline in martial arts will be able to practice upper and lower body moves after investing in this bag. Consumers are stoked about the versatility in training they get when using the Omni Strike Heavy bag.


This option by Everlast is pretty good quality. It is not the best quality heavy bag available to you but it is also quite affordable in comparison with others. The bag itself is quite excellent. The material is great quality and the details have been paid attention to, in terms of things like stitching. As previously noted, there are some quality issues with the hanging straps and it is important that customers understand this bag really should not be used outside. The side handles are durable and expand the training potential you have while using this heavy bag. We agree with customers that this bag is decent quality and can absolutely help you along the road of your fitness journey. We feel as if you will be pleased with your purchase if you decide to go with this bag brought to us from a brand that has been around for more than a century.


There is very little care that is required with this heavy bag. Due to the fact that it is made of synthetic leather, you will be able to wipe it down after use with whatever antibacterial cleaner you prefer. You won’t have to worry about causing detriment to the bag. You will want to keep an eye on the straps to make sure they are maintaining their integrity. This, as stated, is an area that needs to be worked on. You can also wipe down the bottom piece with a variety of cleaners just to ensure your bag keeps looking great. Lastly, you will want to also look at the handles now and again to ensure they are holding up well and not tearing off of the bag. As you can plainly see, the time you need to care for this heavy bag is barely an inconvenience.

Bottom Line

This heavy bag is pretty affordable and also decently durable. It can be used for a plethora of styles and training situations. You will be able to practice everything from striking exercises to takedowns. It is a nice addition to many home gyms. There are higher-quality options out there, like the Outslayer heavy bag, however, they are more expensive and don’t offer the same training potential that this one does. On the whole, customers are satisfied with this bag. If you decide to make the investment you will see how well it takes a beating. Versatility in training keeps you motivated and interested in continuing on with your chosen fight related sport. This bag is wonderful for doing just that.