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The Everlast PIVT boxing shoe is exceptionally low profile and quite versatile. They are very lightweight which will keep you moving around the ring with less effort than ever before. You will be getting the traction and grip that you need to produce your most powerful punches. Some boxing shoes are only good to wear on a canvas ring but these ones transition nicely around the gym as well. So, whether you are engaging in sparring practice, working a speed bag, or jumping rope you can wear these shoes. You will notice that they improve your performance and footwork because of a stellar fit and comfortable long wear. The design is built to last. Consumers are exceptionally happy with the functionality of these boxing boots. The sole is more durable than many others. The flexibility of them improves the fit and level of comfort that you will have while wearing them. They are a bit more affordable than other options of this quality. Everlast is a brand that is worth trusting. The quality of this design is easy to see. When you are looking for great gear at affordable prices this is a great option to enhance your experience inside the ring.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • More Affordable Than Many
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Versatile Use
  • Low Profile
  • Quite Supportive
  • Superior Traction
  • Improves Lateral Movement
  • Good For Competition & Sparring
  • Not Exceptionally Breathable
  • Sole Separation Issues


Everlast is a brand that has been around so long that it is almost impossible not to trust them. Their business has been around for more than one hundred years. In that time, they have worked with a variety of athletes to build a brand that suits a wide variety of needs. Whether you are looking for great sports gear, clothing, equipment, or footwear Everlast has an option for you. They have options that are accommodating to slim budgets and others that are the best quality you can imagine. So, no matter the investment you can make you will end up with great items that will help you achieve your weight loss, fitness, muscle building, or sporting goals. Trusting Everlast is not something that you will regret once you have tried their products.


Most boxing shoes do not have any sort of insole because your footwork will be at its best when you can feel more of what is under your feet. This product, however, does include a memory foam insole. Due to this fact, you may find more Comfort while wearing these but less feeling of the ring beneath your feet. Most people don't find that this detriment their footwork but a thinner soul may help you improve if this is an area that you struggle in. The nice part about having an insole in your boxing shoes is that you won't have to worry about arch support. The insole is attached so you won't have to worry about it sliding out when you take your boots off. Insoles also offer good shock absorption which can help keep your feet, ankles, and legs feeling better than ever, even after exceptionally long training sessions.


The outsole of this shoe is built for versatility. It is made of Michelin rubber which is exceptionally durable and provides you with an amazing grip on a large number of surfaces. The extremely thin out soul of a boxing boot usually only makes them appropriate for use inside of the Ring. The outsole of this option is a bit thicker and we'll be able to be worn inside and outside of the ring. What this means is that regardless of if you are training with your coach, with punching bags, or working on things like jumping rope and building strength these boots will work beautifully. Due to the fact that the outsole is a bit thicker, it does make the shoes slightly heavier. The rubber that is used is very flexible so you won't have to worry about them being overly stiff and inhibiting the way you move around the ring.


The exact weight of these boxing boots is not specified. Looking over the materials being used and what customers have to say we have found that they are a bit heavier than other options you may have worn in the past. While they do offer a low top design that helps to keep them lighter the use of a thicker rubber sole does weigh them down some. What this means is you may experience added leg fatigue while wearing them as opposed to a lighter pair of boxing boots. Overall, there are not a lot of complaints about the weight of these boots just simple notes from consumers stating that they are a bit heavier. The added durability and comfort you get from the structure of these shoes makes most people feel the extra weight is worth it.


The materials and structure of this product are excellent. As discussed above, the outsole is made of Michelin rubber. It wraps a little higher in the front and the back to improve the durability of this option. The upper has small sections are out at that are made of synthetic leather to help give you the support you need and a great fit. however, the majority of the upper is made of mesh panels. These mesh panels are excellent for flexibility and the level of breathability you will have while wearing them. Naturally, you will have a set of standard shoelaces that come with these boxing boots. There is a bit of padding throughout this item. It is also there for comfort, support, and structure. Overall, these boots are made of solid materials that will allow you to use them for quite some time.


Consumers are more than pleased with the fit that this boxing shoe offers. Because it is structured more like a regular shoe you will not be combating the narrow fit that we typically find in this type of item. Boxing shoes are a funny thing, the ones that have no insoles can be quite loose and slide around while you wearing them. On the other hand, many options that do have insoles are way too narrow and can be uncomfortable for the wear. These boots have a nice balance. Customers are not finding them overly wide or overly narrow. Naturally, you will have some adjustability because they lace up. The low profile design gives you a better range of motion and a more comfortable fit. Overall, we feel that you will be happy with how these boots feel even when you are wearing them for long hours during training.


This product has a couple of features that helps in terms of durability. The seams on them are all double-stitched to ensure that even after extensive use you don't have to worry about them busting during grueling workouts. The materials are all quite durable as well. There have been notes of some durability issues in the way that the sole is attached to the upper. The glue tends to let loose and this can lead to a plethora of problems. If your soul detaches from your shoe it could lead to trips, falls, or inaccurate footwork. it is important to note that not everyone has this problem with this set of boxing shoes and the advantages that they provide in your performance can easily outweigh this issue. Overall, consumers are pleased with the longevity of use and the level of durability that this option provides them.


When you decide to go with this option by Everlast you will be getting a pretty good quality pair of boxing Boots. The materials are flexible and comfortable and the structure is fairly durable. They offer better breathability and a lower price than many other options. This brand pays attention to the quality of all of their items. You can see it easily in the details. With aspects like double stitching of seams at high-stress areas and the way the rubber comes up a bit higher in the toe and the heel are perfect examples of the quality we see in this item. It would not say that they are the highest quality item available to you in this category, however, they are certainly not the lowest.


You're going to get a very good level of comfort for an extended period of time while wearing these boxing boots. They offer a variety of features to keep your feet feeling great. The insole plays a major role in the comfort level that these provide. In addition, when you pair the outsole with this type of insole you will have great shock absorption which will keep your muscles and joints feeling better than ever. Of course, you have adjustability within the shoe to help give you the fit and feel that you are looking for. The toe box is a bit wider than most others which will allow your toes to splay and grip naturally. This will add to the comfort and performance you see inside of the ring. Overall, consumers are very happy with the level of comfort they get while wearing these.


For many boxing boot options breathability is a major problem. This is because the upper is made of a solid piece of material and oftentimes boxing boots are exceptionally tall in height. This option is Stellar in terms of breathability. Not only are they a low top design they also sport amazingly breathable mesh panels. The mesh panel seen throughout this boot will permit airflow which in turn helps to keep your feet cool and dry. Keeping your feet cool and dry is imperative in ensuring you maintain proper foot health. Obviously, you want to avoid issues like blisters, ingrown toenails, and fungal or bacterial infections. The improved breathability of this product will help you avoid all of these detrimental issues.


Depending on the type of support you are looking for this could be an excellent option. In terms of arch support, they will have everything you are looking for. This does mean, however, that if you are flat-footed you may find this option to be uncomfortable. The other area where we typically discuss support is in the ankle. This product does not come up very high nor does it have added support around the ankle area. This may mean that you do not find them to have enough ankle support to keep you moving easily and comfortably while training. There is padding in the collar that helps to support the ankle. If you have weak ankles or have sustained injuries to your ankles in the past you may want to consider a different pair of boxing boots.


We feel as if this product is a very good value. While it is not the most durable pair of boxing shoes on the market they do offer great longevity of use and a price point that will keep most budgets pretty happy. They're a bit more affordable than other items in the same class. When you compare them to some of the higher-end options they are much more affordable, however, they don't offer the same features and quality as some of the more expensive Brands. You will get exceptionally versatile use which will allow you to use these boxing boots for more than just work on the canvas. Obviously, when you can transition your shoes from outside to inside the ring it saves you time and is very convenient. I'm home, the people wearing these boots also feel they are a very good value and a sound Investment to make to improve your performance and footwork.

Bottom Line

Finding a pair of boxing boots with a soul that is rugged enough to give you the ability to wear them while training outside of the Ring can be quite difficult. Everlast has done a good job at providing you a solid option that can do just this. The way this item is structured provides you with a comfortable fit that is long lasting. The cost of it is more affordable than many others which will allow you to have a great piece of Footwear without breaking the bank. This brand as built a foundation of trust with its customers and it is because of products like this one. We feel that if you decide to give them a try you will be truly satisfied with how easily you can move around the ring and the support that they provide you, overall.