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Everlast PowerCore Nevatear is a durable heavy bag that will help you with all of your strike training needs. This bag is a bit safer for your hands. It does a great job at absorbing impact which helps you feel less. This bag is reinforced which adds to the level of durability. The straps are very durable also. This means you won't have to worry about the straps of your bag tearing off. These heavy straps help ensure your bag stays securely where you put it. You will be able to use this bag for so many things. Including boxing training, fitness exercise, or to simply take out some extra aggression. You will get a couple of options in the weight of this bag which offers good versatility. Customers are pleased with the overall quality of this bag. You will be able to train on it for years to come and the design is excellent. You won't have to worry about hard spots on your bag because of loose sand floating around inside of it. Everlast offers a variety of high-quality punching bags and this one proves it. They pay attention to the small details and it leads to a better bag.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely Durable Design
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
  • Reinforced Webbing
  • Synthetic And Natural Fillers
  • Nylon Straps
  • Defect Free Guarantee
  • Easy To Hang
  • Settles Quickly


Customers have been trusting Everlast for a variety of sports-related goods for more than a century. They are committed to their customers. Providing you with high-quality options at affordable prices. When you are looking for clothing, protective gear, heavy bag gloves, bags, or a variety of other sports-related equipment Everlast has what you are looking for. They offer options for beginners, as well as, advanced fighters. No matter what you are looking for they will more than likely have an option that will fit into your budget pretty easily. They do offer some truly high-quality options that may cost more but will last you a long time. This brand has learned through its long-history that keeping customers happy by providing solid options is the way to make a business thrive. Consumers rave about this brand overall and are committing their business to them due to the fact that they feel Everlast does their best to keep them happy. Trusting a brand is not always easy, it's nice to know there are still some around that you can.


The PowerCore Nevatear is a pre-filled bag that is set up in a way that offers better protection without taking away from the heaviness of the bag. There is a sand bag inside of the shell. It should be positioned in the center of the bag. In addition, it should be surrounded by natural and synthetic materials. This ensures, when striking, that you get great impact absorption and you don't feel like you are simply hitting a sand bag. Customers have noted that this bag does settle and can leave you with the inner sand bag in odd positions. This is easy enough to fix. You can throw your bag down and roll it around to redistribute the inner material. In addition, you can open the bag up and adjust the sandbag that is inside of it. Consumers have also stated that the sandbag is often in the wrong position upon receiving it. This is likely due to the fact that it shifts during shipping.


This punching bag uses large nylon straps. This hanging system is easy to use and will last a long time. They are heavy duty and double stitched which means you won't have to worry about the tearing easily. Not only are they sewn on they are also riveted in place. Lesser quality punching bags, oftentimes, use much smaller straps which can tear or completely rip off of the bag. This is not only annoying but can also be dangerous. When you are working hard at home, your bag coming loose could lead to a variety of injuries including broken bones. This is not something you will need to worry about with the quality of the straps that are used on this bag. Again, the double stitching helps ensure they will stay securely on the bag. It is important to note that you should check the straps of your bag on occasion just to make sure the quality is holding up.


This particular bag is available in two different weights. You can purchase it in an eighty-pound weight or a one hundred pound weight. The weight of your punching bag should be roughly half of your body weight if you are using it for heavy bag purposes. This will ensure that it does not swing too much and that you will get a great workout while using it. There are many options available on the market today that offer other weights so, if these aren't going to suit your needs know you can find other ones that are also very good and in a similar price point. The way the weight is distributed in this bag is stellar and helps to keep you feeling great. A bag that is too light will swing around a lot and can be difficult to hit, especially when starting out. On the other hand, one that is too heavy may end up feeling as if you are punching a brick wall. This is why it is important to have it stay right around half of your body weight.


Depending on which weight you decide to go with the dimensions of this bag vary. The eighty-pound option is about four and a half feet long and has a diameter of just over a foot. This will make it fit into just about any space easily. The one hundred pound option is, obviously, larger. It comes in just under five feet in length. The diameter is the same as the eighty-pound bag. This bag can be hung from any stable support and if hanging from the ceiling can offer you three hundred and sixty degrees of training. The size of this bag is pretty typical. While you will want to leave some clearance under it you should be able to fit it in your home gym with relative ease. The size is good for basically everyone and will suit your needs nicely regardless of what type of training you are using it for.


The outer shell of this punching bag is made of synthetic leather. This is a durable material that is very easy to maintain. There is also a layer of webbing that lines the inside of this option that increases the durability of it. Inside, as previously stated, there is a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers surrounding a sandbag. There are metal rivets at the top that help secure the nylon straps in place. These are all common materials that are seen and used in heavy bags. Everlast uses very good quality materials that will last you a long time. No matter how often you decide to take your aggression out on it, it will hang with you. Over time, the sandbag may settle which will require adjustment but that is normal considering the other fillers in this bag are soft and moveable. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the construction and material of this bag.


The price tag that this bag carries is more affordable than many other options available to you. This is not the highest quality bag but it is a solid option that will fit into most budgets fairly easily. It is important to note that you will have to invest in other pieces so that you can use this bag. It does not come with mounting gear. Nor does it have gloves included which means you will need to purchase these things before you can start using it. When we weigh all the aspects of this bag it is easy to see why so many feel as if it is a very good value. It is quite durable and can seriously stand up to a beating. With the excellent shock absorption, you will be able to work this bag for hours without worrying about injury or excessively sore joints. Making an investment in a heavy bag is less of a burden when you go with this option and that is absolutely something customers can appreciate.


If you are just starting a boxing class or just want to spend some time working a heavy bag this is a solid option. It will allow you to work all the way around the bag which is great for those of you participating in the Muay Thai discipline. Another advantage to this bag is that it comes pre-filled with a center-aligned sandbag. This saves you the work of trying to find enough material to stuff it. In addition, the sandbag is positioned in a way to keep your bag from swinging too much and also to give you a better surface for punching. You won't have to worry about settled pockets of sand that leave you feeling like your hitting a wall. This bag is also quite affordable. It is simple to care for and will last an exceptionally long time. This may be a bit of an investment for some budgets but over time it will pay for itself. You will not need to worry about replacing it for quite a long time and this, in the long run, saves you money.


The biggest disadvantage with this heavy bag is the fact that the sandbag inside of it may settle or be in an odd position upon receiving your purchase. This could lead to injuries if you do not take the time to reposition it. Other than this fact, customers are extremely satisfied with this bag. It could be argued that the fact that it is only available in two weights is a disadvantage. Many people will need a weight that is not eighty or one hundred pounds and this, of course, is going to require them to look at different bag options. There is a dearth of complaints about this bag. Overall, we are pleased and so are customers that this bag has so little to complain about.


You will be getting a good quality bag when you go with this option by Everlast. It is made of synthetic leather which means it is durable but not as durable as genuine leather. The stitching is solid so, you won't have to worry about it busting open while you are in the middle of your exercise routine. It is structured in a way that will settle and need a bit of attention but this is really no big deal. The attention they put towards the way the straps are attached to this bag is awesome. They are not only sewn but also riveted in place so you won't have to worry about them detaching. Overall, consumers are very happy with the quality of this bag and feel it is a good investment in your health and improvement of fighting style.


Taking care of this bag is very simple. Due to the fact that it is made of synthetic rather than genuine leather you won't have to worry about special cleaners and conditioners to ensure it maintains its durability and quality. You will be able to simply wipe this bag down with a disinfectant spray on occasion and it will be clean and good to go. This bag may settle which will require a bit of maintenance. If you notice that your bag is settling you can simply take it down and roll it around to redistribute the filling. It is important that on occasion you check out the straps and where they attach to the bag to ensure they are maintaining their hold. Consumers are pleased with the low level of maintenance that is required with this bag. Taking care of your heavy bag should not be a chore and it's awesome that it won't be with this option.

Bottom Line

When looking for a heavy bag that won't break the bank, this option from Everlast is a good one. It is relatively affordable and very durable. You will need to collect other pieces before you start using it but that is easy enough to do. It comes filled which will save you time and trouble. The maintenance is minimal, which is awesome considering how busy our lives can be. Whether you are a serious fighter, practicing daily, or someone that just wants to take some aggression out on a heavy bag, this one will suit your needs nicely. You will be able to use this bag for a huge variety of training purposes. Overall, the quality and craftsmanship are good and customers are pleased with this punching bag.