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Everlast PowerLock gloves are exceptionally versatile. They offer full coverage and will help keep your hands in the natural striking position. The design not only protects your fingers and hands but also your thumbs. You can use them while working the heavy bag at home or in the local gym, during fitness classes, while sparring, or during mitt work with your trainer. In addition, if you buy the pro-style, you can use them for competition. These gloves will work well for beginners all the way up to advanced users. They offer excellent protection to you and your partner, from devastating blows. The reviews are clear, people really love these gloves. They offer long life and will break in fairly easily. There is enough room that you can use wrist wraps under them if you decide you need some extra wrist support. This is one of Everlast’s best products and is a perfect example as to why so many people trust this brand. They are available with a couple of different closure options which helps them in terms of versatility. Regardless of if you are wearing them for a fitness class or a grueling bout, they will feel great and keep you well-protected.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Promotes Proper Striking Form
  • Great Padding
  • Crazy Durable
  • High-Quality Material
  • Secure Closure
  • Pro-Style Options Available (Lace-Up)
  • Versatile Use
  • High-Level Protection
  • Pricey


Everlast has been trusted by fighters for more than a century. A leader in this industry they provide equipment suited towards everyone from beginners to Advanced. from the beginning they have believed that you need truly tough gear to help you succeed in the world of Combat Sports. Whether looking for gloves, mouthguards, clothing, or bags this brand has an excellent option that is appropriate for you. Not only do they provide good quality merchandise they also do their best to keep prices affordable. Athletes, Boxers, mixed martial artist, and everyday active people have been using their products longer than most of us have been alive. To have this type of longevity shows that Everlast works hard and provides products that are not only wanted but also needed in people's everyday lives.


The padding in this glove is quite a bit stiffer than in others you may have worn in the past. It does an excellent job at protecting your fingers, knuckles, hands, thumbs, and wrists. It is formed so that your hand will sit in the proper position. Your movement will be limited because of the stiff padding. The type of phone they use is excellent at absorbing shock. What this means for you is that you will feel it less when delivering a heavy blow to your punching bag or during a competition. It is important to note that the thumb is fully encased and also padded. Customers are exceptionally satisfied with the overall padding level in this glove. It allows for personal use and will protect your hands better than many other options available today.


This glove actually gives you a choice when it comes to close your style. This is not something we often see within a certain model of a glove. If you find yourself working a bag in your home gym you'll want to go with the hook and loop style closure system. This will allow you to take your gloves on and off easily by yourself. They stay closed with a large piece of Velcro. Finding yourself working out at the local gym, with plenty of help available, may lead you to want the lace-up style. They offer a more secure and traditional fit. Keep in mind, this option will be impossible to put on and take off if you are alone. So, depending on your intended use of these gloves you will want to take closure style into consideration before making your choice.


You'll be getting excellent protection when you decide to purchase these gloves. While the foam used is quite stiff it is also stellar at absorbing and dispersing shock. When you put major impact into your routine it can have devastating effects. This includes things like joint pain, bruising, and blisters. Avoiding these negative effects of Impact Sports is imperative to ensure you can continue to participate and grow. Wearing these gloves weather training with a partner or alone with a speed bag will absolutely keep your hands protected. On top of this, they helped hold your hand in the correct form which also adds the level of protection during striking exercises.


These gloves have truly been well thought out. They provide you a great fit. They offer enough room that you can fit wraps underneath them if you need some extra wrist support. Consumers have noted that these gloves actually fit as you would expect them to. Regardless of if you choose the hook and loop or lace-up closure, you will have a bit of adjustability. this means that as your routine goes on if you need to tighten or loosen your gloves you will be able to do it with relative ease. Where your hand sits inside the glove is not overly roomy but nor is it overly snug. Overall, they hit the nail on the head in terms of the fit of this glove.


In the beginning, these may not be the most comfortable gloves you've ever worn. They are quite stiff and restrict hand movement. With continued use, you will start to break them in. This is when you will find true comfort in your best boxing gloves. The foam will not break down quickly but it will settle in around your hands. Once these gloves hit that sweet spot they will stay there for a very long time. As previously mentioned, you will be able to wear wraps if you need to. This will not take away from the overall comfort of this glove. The great fit also plays a role in what makes these gloves comfortable. People are very pleased with the level of comfort they get while wearing these, even during endurance training sessions.


It was not surprising to us to see that these gloves are a bit pricey. They offer you a good variety of options in weight and style. Not every budget will be able to work this in easily. If you can't afford them you'll be getting a great pair of gloves that will keep your hands feeling awesome and truly protected. If you take hard-hitting sports seriously these are a great option. They are very durable so, makes the price again even more understandable. There are absolutely cheaper boxing gloves available to you. They may not offer the same level of protection or comfort that you will get when wearing these gloves. However, if you're just starting out and not sure if this type of training is for you, you may want to go with a less expensive pair. It is important to note that there is a variety of prices depending on which exact glove in this line you choose.


Here again, you're going to have some option. These gloves are available in both synthetic and genuine leather shells. Obviously, genuine leather is the most durable option but it is not the easiest to maintain. You will get a good life out of the synthetic leather blend option and they are very easy to take care of. If you go with the hook and loop style closure you will also have a piece of Velcro, whereas a lace will be included with the lace up version. Regardless of which you pick they do use the same padding. The foam is dense and stiff. Everlast uses the best materials available when making this glove. It is one of their higher-end models and it is easily seen with the materials they used to produce it.


Boxing gloves are not always very breathable. In terms of breathability, we give this glove an average rating. The lace-up style is not going to breathe as well as the hook and loop style closure. They do offer some ventilation but you are not going to get large mesh panels in the palms of these gloves. What this means is they are less breathable. Mesh does an excellent job at helping airflow which in turn helps keep your hands cool and dry. Due to the fact that these gloves don't breathe as well, they are going to produce more heat. Excessive heat and moisture and your gloves could lead to irritated uncomfortable skin. Overall, for boxing gloves, these breathe decently.


We've mentioned that these gloves come with versatile use. Their intended purpose covers a variety of different training aspects. They will do an excellent job whether you are working with speed bags or heavy bags. They offer enough protection that when you are pounding away you will not cause injury to yourself. In addition, you will find they are great during mitt training. You will be able to land solid punches on your trainer's mitts and you will both be well protected. If you are participating in sparring training or fitness routines these gloves will also suit you very well. It's important to note that if you are into mixed martial arts training these gloves will not do well during sessions of practicing grappling. This is due to the fact that your hands are fully enclosed.


No matter which style you choose you will have the option to buy these gloves in 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, or 18 Oz weights. The weightier glove depends on your actual weight. The heavier you are the heavier your glove needs to be. This ensures that you are getting the proper protection you need to help you avoid sustaining injuries. It also helps ensure that your sparring partner does not sustain injuries. Many gloves that are available also come in an 8 or 10 oz variety whereas these do not. All this means is that this club is not suitable for kids. However, there are great options available for a young fighter. The options you have here are solid choices and we'll meet a variety of needs. If you're unsure what you need talk with your trainer and they can help you work it out.


You will be getting a tremendously high-quality glove when you decide to purchase this one. This is a great option whether you are just starting out or well into more advanced technique. Regardless of how hard you punch they are made of materials that will hold up. You even have some option here. If you want the longest use you can get go with the leather option. As long as they are well taken care of they can last you years upon years. The foam padding that they use is also very durable. This means that you will not have to worry about it breaking down quickly and leaving you unprotected. We, as well as consumers, are impressed with the overall quality and craftsmanship that is seen in this model of loves. Everlast has stepped up their game and it is easily seen with this model.


The level of care these gloves need depends on which ones you order. As previously mentioned, if you go with the genuine leather option it is going to require more care. Leather needs to be cleaned and conditioned to maintain its structural Integrity. While this does not take a horribly long time it may be difficult for some people to fit into their routine. The synthetic Blended leather option will not need nearly as much attention. You'll be able to simply wipe them down with a variety of cleaners and you won't have to invest much time in it. As for the inside, they make some awesome deodorizers that can help keep your gloves smelling fresh. You should always let them dry between uses if they become sweaty. You can also hand wash the inside of them but be careful to make sure and give them plenty of time to dry before using them again.

Bottom Line

While these gloves are a bit pricey they are really an exceptional pair of boxing gloves. They'll offer you superior protection regardless of what type of training you are participating in. You can even go with the lace-up option and they'll work great during competitions. They offer you a lot of variety and style, closure, and material. This is uncommon but a feature that customers are very pleased with. Everlast is a trusted brand and these gloves are proof as to why so many people stand behind them. They will hold up to Serious abuse. If you can work them into your budget we are certain you'll be satisfied with these gloves and the way they perform time and time again.