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Everlast Pro Style gloves are perfect for all of your high-impact training exercises. They are made to help your hand stay in a natural position. They also help you attain the correct punching technique when you are just starting out in the world of boxing or MMA. The shock absorption and distribution is excellent in these gloves. They are fully padded which will ensure your hands feel great even after a grueling session at the gym or in your home. Most gloves don’t offer you many options. These ones actually do. From color to closure you will be able to pick them just how you want them. Everlast stands behind their product with an extended warranty. If there are any defects you can send them back within six months without worry. Whether you are hitting a bag or sparring with a friend these gloves will help keep you and your partner safe. They breathe well which in turn keeps your hands in top form. Consumers have been using Everlast gloves for generations because of the superior quality and ability to keep you far away from injuries. Overall, these are a solid pair of gloves for beginners and intermediate users. They can be used in a variety of activities, all while offering comfort and style.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Versatile Use
  • Protects Thumb
  • Various Weight Options
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Durable Padding
  • Breathable Palm
  • Good Fit
  • Break Down Faster Than Others
  • Strong Smell When New
  • Not Much Wrist Protection


Everlast has been around for decades. Offering a huge variety of products, you can find just about anything you need with the Everlast logo on it. From trunks to mouthguards they have you covered. Originally, this brand made swimsuits, however, over time they have evolved into something much different. In the sports world, they are very well known for their affordable products. Across the globe, fighters trust this brand to provide them with high-quality gear that will make their training sessions more productive and their lives less painful. They are dedicated to innovation and continue to produce items that are excellent fits into their categories. There are many reasons why people trust Everlast products. A couple, for example, is that they hold their products to a high standard and they understand the importance of affordable prices.


The people wearing these gloves seem pleased with the level of padding. It is a dual-layer that provides adequate protection for sparring, as well as, bag work. Many people have said they feel that it is quite stiff, to begin with, but it breaks in fairly easily. Once broken in it gives you plenty of protection and padding. There are some that feel that it does not offer enough padding however, those reports seem to be few and far between. The padding does break down a bit more quickly than with other, more expensive options. This could lead you to buy new gloves more quickly. For the most part, they will last a good length of time for those that aren’t using them every day. Those of you that hit it hard on a daily basis may want to look for something with more longevity of use.


You actually get some choice when it comes to the way these gloves close. Everlast offers this particular model in a lace-up or a hook and loop Velcro closure system. The lace-up style is more traditional and increases the security and fit of the glove. They are much more difficult to take on and off. You will need a buddy to help get them on and off as tying bows with gloves on is an impossibility. The hook and loop closure is much easier to deal with. They close with Velcro and you will be able to put them on and take them off by yourself. Over time, the Velcro will lose some of its stickiness and this may lead you to an unsecured fit and possible injury for you or your sparring partner. It is important that you make sure your gloves are always secure, especially when you advance and start making devastating blows against a bag or an opponent.


The level of protection that these gloves provide depends on the area of it that you are talking about. Your hands and fingers will be very well protected. The padding provides this. Due to the fact that it holds up fairly well, you will have the same level of protection for quite some time. Even after you have them nice and broken in. In terms of wrist protection, it seems that customers feel this glove is lacking. While the product description boasts about helping protect your wrists customers disagree. There is some padding that is included at the wrist area but it may not be enough to fully protect the wrist and keep it feeling great. If you are using these gloves for sparring, bag training, or other lighter uses they will be perfect. However, if you're into things being a bit more hardcore they may not provide you with a protection you'd expect.


Overall, customers are pleased with the fit of these gloves. the thumb is attached to the glove with a small piece of material which makes it difficult when trying to maneuver in them. This is for added protection. There are no notes from consumers of this product running small or large. Which means with the good measurement you should receive a well-fitting glove. Ensuring that your gloves fit well is imperative to keeping you and your sparring partner safe. If your gloves are sliding around there is a chance that you will cause yourself injury because of patting not being in the correct place. On the other hand, if they're too tight, you could cut off your circulation leaving your hands hurting and numb.


People say that these gloves are comfortable from the word go. They will need a bit of break-in time but they are not uncomfortable to start with. After several uses, you'll find that they conform to your hands and are soft and pliable. What this means is that even the longest sessions in the ring will be ended with hands that are not screaming in pain. This is partly because of the shock absorbing ability of the foam used within this glove. It is also because they have a good fit. In addition to the padding, the structure of these gloves makes them quite comfortable. They are formed to fit a proper striking position and will help keep your hand in place. That position needs to be maintained and the fact that this glove will help you do that leads to less hand cramping.


These gloves are a really excellent value. They're made of fairly durable materials and the price tag they carry won't shock you. Basically, any budget will be able to afford them easily. They are not quite as durable as other gloves that are available to you. This may lead you to need to replace them but they will hang in there for quite some time. If you are new to wearing boxing gloves and don't plan on using them daily these will last you a very long time and at this price point, we can absolutely understand why people feel they are an excellent value. If you're tough on your gloves or use them all the time you may find that these do not last long enough to make them a stellar value for you. This may mean you want to invest in a more expensive, longer-lasting pair.


Consumers seem to be happy with how this glove breathes. They include mesh panels in the palm which help exponentially with breathability. It is important to note that the majority of this club is made of synthetic leather which does not breathe well at all, however, it offers excellent protection. With extended wear, you may find that you have sweaty hands. Overall, these gloves breathe fairly well and the mesh panels are a major advantage. Keeping your hands dry is important when wearing gloves. It ensures that you avoid bacterial growth which can lead to a variety of problems. Sweaty hands can also lead to raw areas that are painful. The mesh panels will help you avoid this and while most people are satisfied with the breathability some of you may not feel the same.


The outside of this glove is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is fairly durable and can handle some serious use. The Palm side of this glove is made of mesh. This helps in terms of breathability. As previously noted, the padding of this love is made of foam. There are two different layers of foam that are used. They use high-quality foam that is excellent at absorbing and dispersing shock. When you put all of these materials together you do end with a high-quality glove. The lace-up option, obviously, includes laces that will increase the longevity of this gloves use. The velcro option is more convenient but again, May wear out more quickly and have you looking for a new pair.


These gloves are most well suited for boxers and kickboxers. Those of you that are into some major grappling will struggle with these gloves as you will not have access to your fingers. You can use these gloves during sparring sessions with a partner. In addition, they are great for bad work. Whether you are working a speed or heavy bag at home or in the gym these gloves will suit you just fine. They offer good protection for hard hitters but may not be enough during actual bouts. If you are just beginning some boxing classes or have decided to try some simple exercises these gloves can help you along the way. As you advance and develop your skills and technique you may end up needing a higher-quality pair.


Boxing gloves come in a variety of weights and most Brands do not offer you very many options. Everlast, however, offers you quite a few different options to ensure that you get a glove weight you're happy with. Some people like to wear heavier gloves to train in as then when they're in about and wearing lighter gloves they move faster. Other people like to work out for longer periods of time and prefer light or gloves as they cause less fatigue. You can purchase these gloves in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, or 16 oz weights. As you can see this is quite a variety and will easily fit into any routine regardless of preference.


These gloves are not the highest quality option available in today's market. However, that does not mean that they are low-quality. As a matter of fact, most people feel that this product is good quality. The materials used are durable which leads to long-lasting use. The foam padding does break down a bit in the beginning but then lasts for quite sometime after that. Eventually, it will break down completely and require you to buy a new pair of gloves. The quality of the foam used does break down a bit faster then you may expect. For the price point, however, these gloves are very long lasting. The synthetic leather is more affordable, however, it is lower quality than a glove that is encased in real leather.


Taking care of these gloves is a very simple thing to do. Due to the fact that they are made of synthetic leather, you can clean them with just about anything. The mesh panel will allow the inside to dry quite quickly. They also contain anti-microbial properties which will help reduce unpleasant smells and keep your gloves looking great. If you decide to go with a velcro closure you may need to clean the velcro out from time to time to ensure that it continues to stay sticky. The laces can be washed if you go with the lace up option. Overall, these gloves are very easy to care for and don't require very much maintenance to keep them providing your hands with good protection.

Bottom Line

If you are just beginning or are an intermediate user these gloves may be perfect for you. They are exceptionally affordable so you'll be able to fit them into your budget with ease. They give you a fairly good level of protection to your hands and fingers. The glove also stays secure with a grab bar on the interior and a solid synthetic leather construction. They breathe decently to try and help keep your hands dry. Overall customers are very satisfied with these gloves. If you are a heavy hitter that is 100% invested in boxing or mixed martial arts you may not find that these are the gloves for you. You may need to look towards higher quality real leather boxing gloves to ensure that you and your sparring partner are protected.