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The Everlast Strike Shield offers ample surface and can handle a variety of strikes. Whether you are working on punches, elbows, kicks, or knees this pad will work well. This is not the type of pad that you will strap to your arms. Instead, it offers five different handles so, you can find the perfect grip for the component of training you are currently working on with your fighter. In addition, you won't have to take the time to put them on and take them off. Simply pick it up and get to work. This is a very convenient aspect that busy people enjoy.

You will find that this item is best suited toward beginners. If you participate in combat sports like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Karate for fun this pad will also work well. However, if you are a serious fighter that has been at it for years you will want to look for something with better impact absorption. Your trainer will truly feel devastating blows while using this pad and that is not a good thing. There are many options out there that offer intense protection from brands like TITLE and Venum. Most people are happy with the size, weight, and performance of this item. It will work well for many different skill levels and training situations.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Striking Surface
  • Best For Beginners To Intermediate
  • Multiple Handles
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Manuvere
  • Versatile Use
  • Very Affordable
  • Sold Individually
  • Durability Issues
  • Not For Advanced Skill Levels


With more than one hundred years of experience under their belt, the Everlast brand is a common name among households across the globe. Not only do they have good options for fight gear and equipment they also have a huge variety of other products to fit into your active lifestyle. Whether you love to box, run, wrestle, or simply keep moving there are items you will want and they can be found here. There are different options in every category. This makes finding the perfect fit for your routine and your budget fairly easy. It is important to note that while some of the prices from this brand are very affordable the products don't always offer the best durability. You will want to pay close attention to how you are going to be using their items before deciding if they are up to the challenge. With that being said, if you are on the hunt for gloves, shoes, protective equipment, hand wraps, or other fight sports-related gear there are options aplenty from Everlast.


Materials used in the design of this product are pretty standard. However, they are not of the utmost quality and do not give the same level of durability that other options in this category well. The inner material is made from high-density foam. It is fairly thick and offers mid-level impact absorption. The outer material is made from synthetic leather. When looking for the best durability you will want to look for items that are covered with genuine leather. The synthetic leather scene here is pretty good quality and will last quite some time. The only other material that you're going to see on this item are the nylon straps. There are five straps located on this product which will allow you to find the most comfortable place to hold onto. It has been noted from consumers that there are some durability issues with the stitching holding these straps onto the pad.


As noted, this pad is going to give you a mid-level of protection. It is going to work very well with youth and beginning fighters. They are not going to be putting out the type of impact that advanced fighters well. If you participate in mixed martial arts for fun these pads may also work well. Where you're going to find them lacking is for advanced fighters that take combat sports exceptionally seriously. If you hand out devastating blows your trainer is definitely going to feel it. It has been noted that this pad is lined with fairly soft material and the foam is not as hard as other options. This may mean that your fighter can train with it without wearing shin guards. Of course, you will want to make sure their shins are fairly well conditioned before trying this or they may end up with some nasty bruises. So, this pad will keep entry-level fighters and their trainers fairly well protected.


Due to the way this item is structured and designed you're not going to really need to worry about how it fits. Instead of strapping it to your arm you'll simply be able to grab ahold of your preferred handles. You won't have to worry about this item shifting around or digging into your skin. Many people truly prefer this style of kick shield because it is easier to use. You can pick it up and start training just simply throw it down a few minutes later. You won't have to worry about the time-consuming aspect of making adjustments, strapping them on, and taking them off. This doesn't save a plethora of time but over the course of the year, it is definitely going to make a difference for not only you but also your fighters. Some people try to put their arms through the straps of this product and it is unlikely that you will be able to. The straps are quite tight and don't offer much room for this type of holding Style.


Most people find that holding on to this pad is quite comfortable. A big piece of this is that there is pretty good versatility in different positions to hold your hands. This means that you're going to be able to find the hand placement that will keep you comfortable for each specific activity you are training in. It has been noted that the straps are quite tight and so for some people, this can become a bit uncomfortable. However, as long as you're not trying to shove your arms underneath these straps that should not be a problem. The straps are a bit thin, however, there have not been any reports of them digging into your skin. You should be able to train with these had for many hours without becoming uncomfortable. Another factor in this is the fact that this pad is pretty lightweight. It's not going to drag you down even if you use it for multiple training sessions in a row.


This pad is pretty big. In fact, it's large enough that there is only one included per order. Oftentimes, kick pads are sold in pairs, however, this is most common in the strap on style. You'll be looking at a length of 25 inches. This is significantly larger than most other kick Shields. The width of this pad comes in at just under 15 inches. A standard pair of kicks Shields that strap onto your arms typically have a width of about 7 inches. So as you can see, this single pad is about the size of two strap-on styled pads. This item is also a bit thicker than other options. The thickness comes in at 6 inches. It was surprising to us that this pad is so thick yet it is lacking impact absorption. The high-density foam padding used inside of it is not as high of a quality as other options which is why it is not as protective.


It is important to your energy levels that you keep the gear and equipment you are using as light as possible. The people using this pad are very happy with the weight of it. It comes in at right around 3 pounds. This is a very insignificant amount that is definitely not going to weigh you down. There are not many options out there that are lighter than this. You will be able to use it for hours on end without noticing any negative impact. When you are using heavy gear and equipment it can lead to longer recovery times, as well as, enhanced muscle fatigue. Obviously, these are two things that should be avoided during training sessions if at all possible. All of the materials used in this product help to keep it light. We were honestly, not surprised to find out that it is so exceptionally lightweight. This is one of the aspects of this pad that consumers really enjoy.


All items come with their own set of advantages. One of the aspects that consumers truly love about this product is the versatile hand grips that it offers. As you are working for different activities in training sessions you can adjust your grip so that you can have the best level of comfort possible. Another feature that people truly love is how large the striking surface of this pad is. It will handle all different types of striking exercises easily. This item is also exceptionally easy to take care of. You won't have to worry about using any special cleaners or conditioners. You can simply wipe it down with your favorite disinfecting spray after each use to keep it in great condition. Dispatch should also give you a good level of durability if you are using it with youth, beginner, or intermediate fighters. Overall, these are just a few of the advantages that come along with training with an item from this category.


One of the complaints surrounding this item is the fact that is sold as a single unit. However, this is not really a disadvantage when you consider the size of it. This pad is the size of two straps on style pads easily. Another disadvantage that is a true let down is the fact that this product is not going to be able to be used with fighters of advanced skill. It does not offer the level of impact absorption that is required for people that are very skilled. One other issue with this product, and probably the most important to consider, is the fact that it is lacking in durability. Synthetic leather does not hold up as well as genuine leather. In addition, there have been several reports of strap durability issues. The stitching starts to break and tear away from the pad. If too many of the handles break it will make this pad unusable.


Depending on the level of fighters you're dealing with this product can be an exceptional value. The price point is amazingly low. You are going to be able to work this item into your budget exceptionally easily. It will not be a major blow to your bank account. This is definitely a positive aspect. Keep in mind, that the higher the skill levels you are dealing with the loss of value this product is going to be. Extremely heavy strikes are going to break this pad down and as the trainer, you are certainly going to be feeling it. Obviously, the price of a product is not the only aspect used to determine its value. You'll want to take some time and think about exactly what you'll be doing with this pad before you decide if it's going to be perfect for you or not if you love to participate in fight sports for fun this could be a fantastic option that won't be a major investment.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for an affordable option that is easy to handle in the world of kick pads this one is solid. It is going to suit a variety of different needs quite nicely. While it's not going to be the best option for high-level fighters, it'll work pretty well for everyone else. You're not going to have to worry about spending a lot of time strapping this item on and taking it off. You will simply be able to pick it up and throw it down whenever you need to use it. It is also extremely lightweight. For the size of it, this is a bit surprising but an aspect that people appreciate. You won't have to worry about being weighed down in this will allow you to participate in longer training sessions. Obviously, this is a great thing for the fighters that you are working with. Overall, people are pretty happy with this product and the longevity of use that they are getting out of it.