Everlast Women’s Pro Style Gloves Reviewed

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Everlast Women's Pro Style training gloves are very durable and will fit into your routine at the gym nicely. Whether you are just joining a boxing class or you have a few rounds under your belt, these gloves can help you stay protected and comfortable during all your training sessions. They are simple to maintain and are treated to knock out odors. The grip they provide is stellar. They will work great for working a heavy bag, sparring with a partner, or practicing with your trainer. In addition, you will find them great when hitting the speed bag. Made just for women they are formed to fit your hands perfectly. You will be able to get them on and off with ease, which is great for those of you that like to work out at home. Providing you with great impact absorption you won’t end up with sore hands, knuckles, fingers, and wrists. These gloves have been tried and tested. Consumers are quite pleased with them and for the price point, they are exceptionally satisfied with their purchase. The durability of this glove is very good and will allow you to put in long hours, pounding away, with little to no pain and a glove that still performs well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Odor Defence
  • Great Fit
  • Cool Colors
  • Quite Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Made For Women's Hands
  • Excellent Internal Grip
  • 6 Month Defect Guarantee
  • Versatile Use
  • Strong Odor When New
  • Stitching Durability Issues


Everlast brand came to fruition more than a century ago. They started out making swimwear but eventually evolved into producing a huge variety of products. From clothing to sports gear, you can find just about anything with the Everlast logo on it. When looking for affordable impact sports equipment, they have you covered. Exceptionally well-known in the boxing industry, this brand produces equipment that will last a decent length of time, keep you protected, and is quite affordable. They do their best to ensure you are receiving items that exceed your expectations. Also, they offer good warranties so, if you do have a problem you can return your product simply and easily. Overall, this is a trustworthy brand that has learned through the years what it takes to make great products and build a great relationship with their customers.


The type of foam used in the padding of this glove is referred to as closed cell foam. this type of phone does an excellent job at absorbing impact. This means that when you punch a bag you will not feel as much kickback. In addition, it will not jar your joints as much and lead you to excruciating pain. This type of foam, over time, will form to your hand making it very comfortable. In the beginning, it may seem a bit stiff and bulky but that will change as you use these best cheap boxing gloves. It takes quite a while for this type of phone to break down completely, however, it does break down faster than gloves that use a gel and foam mix for their padding. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the amount of padding this glove provides.


As with most gloves nowadays, this one uses a hook and loop style closure. It used to be that all boxing gloves laced up. This made it very difficult on the user to take them on and off by themselves. The hook and loop style makes it so that these are very easy to take on and off and you will never need a partner to do it. When you work out at home, obviously, this is a huge advantage. They will stay put with a large strip of Velcro. Over time velcro does lose its stickiness and you may end up with some issues keeping this glove closed. It will take quite some time to you start having this trouble. It is important to note that if you notice strings or build up in your velcro you will want to remove it and this will help them stay sticky longer.


Protection is the main reason we wear boxing gloves. This is not only to keep our hands and wrists safe but also are sparring partner. The foam used in this glove does an excellent job at keeping you and your partner protected. If a boxing glove does not have enough padding you will be susceptible to Joint injuries and a vast array of problems could be caused for your sparring partner. This glove also helps protect your wrist. The wrist portion is padded and will help you maintain proper form. The shape of the glove also helps you maintain proper form. When you are first learning, the way you punch is important. If you throw them wrong you can cause yourself an accidental injury which could take you out of training for an extended period of time.


Consumers have stated that they feel the sizing of this glove runs a bit small and therefore leads to a tight fit. This will become exceptionally predominant when you decide that you're going to wear hand wraps underneath your gloves. It is important to note that these gloves are made for women who typically, have smaller hands. So, if you are a woman with large hands you may not find that these gloves fit very well. Overall, most people seemed satisfied with the fit of these gloves. They offer a little bit of movement inside which helps you avoid hand cramping and experiencing decreased comfort with extended use. The closure is adjustable so if you find that towards the end of your workout it seems a bit tight simply loosen them up and it will feel better.


This may not be the most comfortable glove available in today's market, however, consumers are satisfied with the overall comfort it provides. The outside shell is a bit stiff but with time does break-in to make movement a little easier. The thumb is attached to the main glove which restricts movement and for some people makes the glove a bit uncomfortable. It does have an inside liner to help wick sweat away and this aids in the overall comfort of the glove. The structure of it helps you maintain good form for your hands and your wrists. This does provide added comfort, overall. As you break these gloves and you will find they become even more comfortable and this is where people truly start to enjoy wearing this option.


The price of these gloves seriously varies based on which color option you choose. This is frustrating too many users as they feel the price should be the same regardless of color. Some of the options available are extremely affordable while others may be a bit out of reach. So, what this means if you want to do a bit of research before deciding which option to buy. We can't determine overall value solely on price. It should also be taken into consideration that these gloves will keep you and your partner protected and provide you with a good amount of use before needing to be replaced. When you start to look at these aspects it's simple to understand why people feel they are pretty good value and continue to trust in this brand and their gear.


The outer shell of this glove is made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather may not be as durable as genuine leather but is much simpler to take care of. Most gloves available today are made of synthetic leather. It has been noted by customers that the outer shell of this product is a bit plastic-like. The phone they use for the interior is very high quality and offers great durability. It will absolutely break in and conform to your hands. You will get extended use with these gloves as they are all around durable. The closure stays put with a piece of Velcro. As previously noted, over time this may become less sticky and lead you to your glove coming undone. This can be dangerous for both you and your sparring partner so you'll want to keep an eye on them to make sure that your velcro is being maintained.


In terms of breathability, this glove is better than many other options. It sports a mesh palm which improves the overall breathability. Boxing gloves can be exceptionally hot especially when they only have a couple of holes in the palm. The use of mesh is becoming more common because it does help keep your hands dryer and more comfortable. Making sure your gloves breathe is important because it cuts down on orders and helps keep your hands dry. When your hands are wet you are more susceptible to skin breakdown and blisters. If you suffer from these you'll be taken away from training for who-knows-how-long. Everlast has done a good job at making sure their gloves breathe and that your hands stay in the best condition possible.


You can use these gloves for a few different things. They are great for a variety of boxing classes. You can also use them during sparring. If you like to work on a speed bag these will suit you just fine. In addition, these gloves will work very well if you are working the heavy bag. You may not want to wear these gloves for actual bouts but they do work excellently for training whether at home or at your local gym. You can use these not only for boxing but also for kickboxing. If you are into other disciplines of mixed martial arts, that use a lot of grappling moves, these gloves may not be good for you. The restricted range of motion from full coverage makes practicing your grappling moves difficult.


Everlast Women’s Pro Style training gloves Are available in 12 and 14 oz weights. You'll want to be careful when purchasing these gloves as there are other varieties in different weights but they are not the same glove. 12 and 14 ounces are typically perfect for women. The weight of your gloves typically is based on your actual weight. With good measurement and a bit of research, one of these two options should suit you just fine. If you do a lot of heavy bag training a slightly heavier glove will offer a bit more padding and more protection. On the other hand, if you're just participating in classes you may be able to easily get away with the lighter glove. With a lighter glove, you will experience less fatigue and be able to work out longer and harder.


These gloves offer decent quality. Everlast is a trusted brand that does their best to use the best quality options in material that are available yet also keep them affordable. They also offer a guarantee for 120 days. If you notice any defects in your gloves you can return them for a new pair or refund quite simply. Most people are satisfied with the quality of these gloves. They are very durable and will last quite some time even with the abuse that they'll take on a frequent basis. We wouldn't say that these are the absolute best quality gloves available but they are good for beginners and intermediate users. In addition, this brand has spent a lot of time developing their product and work towards giving you quality products regardless of what you are buying from them.


Caring for these gloves is about as simple as it comes. Due to the fact that they are made of synthetic leather, you won't have to worry about using special leather conditioners and cleaners. You will simply be able to wipe them down or spray them off with a multi-purpose cleaner and have no worry of causing detriment to the glove itself. Giving them time to dry between uses will help control any unwanted odors. They also have an antimicrobial treatment applied to them that will help keep odors away and your gloves smelling great. As previously noted, if you have build-up in the velcro you will want to remove it. This is easy to do and will help the lifespan of your gloves. Overall, you will have to spend very little time and maintaining these gloves.

Bottom Line

The mid-range price and protection these gloves provide make them a very good value. They are a good addition to your collection of boxing gloves and can suit a variety of needs. Built for women, they will fit your hands better than others you may have tried in the past. However, if you have exceptionally large hands for a woman you may not find them to be comfortable. Everlast is a brand that has been around for a very long time and produces products that can be trusted to perform as expected. There are definitely options available to you that are a better quality but they also carry a much higher price tag. If you are looking for a decent glove with a good price this is an excellent option.