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EVlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 Reviewed Review Facts

Happy with your current supplements but looking to add a Branched Chain Amino Acid booster to the mix? EVlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 is a basic BCAA booster supplement that will support your muscles in a variety of ways. When you train for a marathon, hit the gym hard daily, attend practices, or training sessions you are probably no stranger to the soreness that can come along with it. By adding a BCAA product you can seriously reduce muscle soreness. Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle growth and this product will help you not only build but also repair and maintain your muscle mass. It comes in a good variety of flavors and is easy to mix which is more than we can say about many other products you will find in this category. Each of the three essential Branched Chain Amino Acids can be found here and each one of them will help support you in a different way. This product goes to show that you don't need a lot of bells and whistles to achieve better performance, faster muscle recovery, maintenance, and growth. From a brand trusted by millions, if given the chance, this product will likely exceed your expectations.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Affordable
  • Powder or Pill Form
  • Basic BCAA Supplement
  • No Added Sugar
  • Enhances Endurance
  • Promotes Fast Recovery
  • Good Flavor Variety
  • Easily Stacked
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • 5 Grams BCAAs/Serving
  • Contains Artificial Dyes
  • Bad Aftertaste
  • Some Flavors Overly Sweet


Over the last five years, Evlution Nutrition has taken the supplement world by storm. They know that athletes, soccer moms, bodybuilders, and Muay Thai experts all need a variety of supplements to aid them in their fitness journies. No matter if you need extra energy, increased recovery, or something to help you stay focused, this brand has you covered. They want to help you exceed not only today's goals but all of the future goals you set for yourself. Exceptionally trusted by their following, they are insistent on researching and developing new products that will aid you better than ever before. You will get high-quality ingredients and products that really work when you put your trust in Evlution Nutrition.


The majority of consumers agree that the taste of this BCAA powder is great. Many say it is not artificial tasting like others in its category. There are quite a few flavors to choose from and while some are reported to be too sweet they are all fairly well-liked. This product is known to leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. The ingredient list does contain Sucralose and it is to blame for any overly sweet flavors and the bad aftertaste you get while using this product. If you can't seem to find a taste that you like and it is making it impossible to choke down your daily serving there is another option. This product also comes in pill form. Choosing to do it this way will eliminate all taste and help you avoid something you really can't stand to drink while still reaping the benefits of a BCAA supplement.


Flavor options range drastically from product to product, some only carry one while others carry twenty. Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 is available in nine different flavors, plus as previously stated, a capsule form. This is plenty of option to not only find one you actually enjoy drinking but to also keep your routine interesting. They do offer an unflavored option which is great if you are stacking this with a pre-workout supplement that is already flavored. If you do decide to order a flavored powder you can get this in Blue Raz, Cherry Limeade, Acai Berry, Furious Grape, Pineapple, Lemon Lime, Peach Lemonade, or Watermelon. Consumers seem to really love the Peach Limeade and it is not an option often seen among other products like this one.


Anyone that is familiar with supplements that come in powdered form has probably experienced, on more than one occasion, a product that no matter how much shaking you did just wouldn't dissolve. This leaves you with a gritty hard to swallow drink and a gray area in the case of how much of your serving you are getting. This is because some of your supplement will be stuck to the sides and bottom of your drink container. When using this product you can breath easy because it mixes exceptionally easily. You can shake it or stir it, whichever you prefer, and you will be left with a smooth drink that doesn't leave you dealing with grit. Additionally, there have not been reports of this product leaving your mouth feeling chalky like many other BCAA drinks do.


Judging the effectiveness of a simple BCAA booster can be difficult because the effects of it are harder to notice. This is especially true if you are using other products to help aid in muscle recovery. The customers who are using this type of product for the first time will be able to tell easier than others that it is working. How may you ask? Well, when you put a hard day in at the gym, typically the next morning you are really gonna feel it. After using this product you will notice a decrease in muscle soreness. Your muscles will also be better protected and able to maintain themselves while continuing to grow. If you were to chart your lean muscle mass before and after adding a BCAA supplement into your diet you would also see that it increases after adding it on. This product is very effective, know that you are reaping the benefits even if you aren't actually feeling any different.


When we said this product was basic we meant it. Many products like this carry huge ingredient lists full of proprietary blends and ingredients we can't pronounce much less know what they are doing to help us. It is important to note that this product comes in a powder and a pill form. Their ingredients vary slightly. Let's take a look at the powder first. The majority of its make up consists of L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. These are the three Branched Chain Amino Acids that are needed for recovery, maintenance, and building of your muscles. It also contains Sodium, Malic and Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Trisodium Citrate, Silica, Sucralose, and artificial coloring. We also need to mention that this product does contain Soy.

When in pill form you will still be getting the same dose of L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine that you get in the powdered form. The capsules do not contain Sodium. They do have a few other ingredients including Gelatin, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose. If you want to avoid ingredients like Sucralose and Red Dye #40, the capsule form may be the perfect option.


While the performance increase of this supplement alone isn't extensive it does exist. L-Valine and L-Leucine help supply your muscles with energy. Due to the fact that these are, of course, included in the formula, you may notice that your muscles will hold out longer, even as you increase your reps and sets. This slight increase in your endurance will help in a lot of ways. The ability to go longer means more time that your muscles are working and growing. Your recovery time will decrease and this means that every day you head to the gym you will be able to hit it harder than the day before. All of this plays its part in promoting better performance in any activity you decide to participate in.


Staying hydrated is not only important to your overall health but it is also important in how your muscles feel after a long workout. Many brands include minerals and other ingredients to help keep you hydrated. This product, in powdered form, does contain Sodium which is an Electrolyte. Electrolytes help your cells stay hydrated and this can aid in overall hydration. More importantly, you will be mixing the powdered form with water. If you are just adding this type of supplement in then the water you mix it with will increase your intake and overall hydration levels. It is important to note, many customers mix this product with more than the recommended amount of water to further help them with hydration. Choosing a water bottle that is a bit large and mixing this product in really can help you meet your daily water intake goals.

Vitamins & Minerals

The aforementioned ingredient list clearly shows that this product doesn't contain much of anything except for Branched Chain Amino Acids. The powdered variety does contain Sodium, which is a mineral and can help with hydration. So many products today add in a ton of vitamins and minerals. If you are using a multi-vitamin this is not only unneeded but can become dangerous depending on what vitamins and the amount of each that you are taking. By eliminating them, this product becomes safe to stack with pretty much any other supplement without worry of overdosing vitamins and minerals that are not water soluble, meaning more than the recommended dose simply leaves our system and won't cause us any harm.


There are no stimulants, including caffeine in this product. People that are sensitive or intolerant of caffeine can rest easy when adding this product into their routine. Caffeine is responsible for some very nasty side effects including jitters, increased heart rate, anxiety, crash, and headaches. When we take too much these symptoms become even more apparent. Something else to take into consideration is the fact that many other supplements contain caffeine and if you do decide to stack them you can be getting way more than you need leading to adverse side effects and there can even be serious health issues if taking too much for too long. You won't need to worry about that when stacking this with your pre-workout or caffeine pills as you won't be jacking up the caffeine content.


The nice thing about such a simple formula and the lack of proprietary blends is that we can easily see there are not filler ingredients being used here. Fooling you into thinking there is more of a product than there actually is or that the nutritional value is better means brands can charge you more money for an inferior product. By keeping things simple we don't have to worry about it. Evlution Nutrition wants to be the best of the best in the world of nutritional supplements, you don't work toward that goal by using filler ingredients.


One scoop is one serving and it is consistent of just over eight grams. This is slightly less than average. Each container yields about thirty servings. There is no variety in size which means you will be getting about a months supply with each purchase unless you purchase more than one. Now, this is if you are buying the powdered option. If you decide you want to try something a bit different, or that you just can't stomach the taste of this type of supplement you can order it in the capsule form. A serving consists of eight capsules. There are thirty servings per container here too. Either way, you decide to go you will get enough for a daily serving to last the month.

Side Effects

While there are no reported side effects of this product there are some that go along with all Branched Chain Amino Acids. When taken in excess or over long periods of time you may experience fatigue, loss of coordination, a change to blood sugar levels, or stomach upset. It is also advised that if you are Pregnant or breastfeeding that you should not use this type of supplement. There are also side effects that come from using artificial dyes like Red Dye #40. We aren't sure why brands still use coloring like this but number forty, in particular, has been linked to hyperactivity in children, aggressiveness, and even cancer. When deciding if this product is for you these things should be taken into serious consideration.


By adding this BCAA booster into your diet your body will get the essential Amino Acids it needs. This ensures your muscles recover quickly, and that your new lean muscle growth is protected and maintained. You will have your choice between a tasty variety of flavors, unflavored, or a capsule form that you don't have to worry about flavor at all. This product is quite basic making it simple to stack it with your favorite pre-workout or energy shot. While there is a potential for side effects, none have been reported which is a great sign that this product is safe. They are clear and concise about their ingredients on their labeling and brought to us by a brand that is trusted because of their impeccable quality.


We feel that the disadvantages of this product are few. They include artificial coloring that can lead to dangerous effects and quite honestly is simply not needed. There is also the fact that their powdered variety contains Sucralose. This artificial sweetener is to blame for the flavors that are gaggingly sweet and as mentioned before, the less than pleasant aftertaste you are left with. Realistically, these are the only downfalls and they can both be easily avoided by choosing to give the capsules or the unflavored variety a try.


In terms of cost, this product is very affordable. You aren't getting any extras but you are getting a solid Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement. Adding this to your daily routine won't take a bite out of the budget but is that the only thing that we consider while talking about value? No, value also encompasses the quality and effectiveness of the product. The ingredients used are very high-quality and it is quite effective which raises its value. While there are negatives that could decrease it, the negatives are easily avoidable and therefore quite moot in terms of overall value. The current customers using this product agree that when investing in Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000, you are getting a product that you know works, from a company you can trust.

Bottom Line

Evlution Nutrition has really proven to the world that what they strive for is what they achieve. Wanting a supplement that works well and doesn't cost a fortune is no longer a dream. On top of that, you have such a variety in flavor, consistency, and options for stacking that you really can't go wrong. This product also carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If within thirty days you decide that this is not the right BCAA supplement for you, you can return it for a full refund. When a brand trusts its products enough to let you try it at no risk to yourself or your budget it helps breed confidence. We are sure if you give it a try you will be pleased with the result.